leaders rise for the seconed time

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a werewolves coming back into life.

Submitted: July 06, 2007

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Submitted: July 06, 2007



Stewart man what do you want to do? These words escape me seconded lips but I play it as if I can’t hear him I am truly lost after taking out nine different packs with ease I have risen back into the old frame of world blood and all still follows. I look about me and see the face of my old seconded now with me again and I stand up tall “ lets run for a while today since we are still alive” I say and begin to shift it is quick painless and I’m on all fours running with my five behind me. I stop at a small spring allowing them to romp about they exchange friendly nuzzles of love new pack meets the old who again have blood on their paws. The sorrow swells and I can’t help but howl in pain for respect of the fact we are all still alive the sound drive me soul free of the human side for a little while. I spring from my perch and run thru their small group they take it as a sign and follow for tonight we are wolves that are running are land and nothing more.

Let me take you back a few weeks ago like some calling needed to be answered I took back my old mantel calling back my seconded and two others to my side from my original pack the next two came from families that still see me as strong enough to lead their son and daughter. I found myself jumping right back into the game having no foot hold beyond my name sake and that well only hold them off for so long. Who I hear asked the packs of bitten born that have risen to power in my absence. Now it is time for me to really show them what it is meant to be a wolf a full blood born are ways are not liked greed filled human turned to what they well always think a monster I will show them true wolf nature. At first it is as simple as stepping foot into their little bars, next I claim them running out the little fools used ass foot soldiers with only sharp words, the last step came as if a storm lead wolf judgment.

It was late on night when one of my local spots went under gunfire I do not think they knew wolves could move that fast in human form. With out even raising a gun we slashed them away me and my seconded deal with them are selves with are old swords rusted with far more worthy blood then these bitten born pieces of trash. The tears of my frightened mate brings back the look of power in my eyes and the aura about me fills the room again it is time to end these half-breeds rule over my lands forever. The first club burned as soon as I entered the seconded the bullets blared I moved drawing down on two straight thru a table my sawed of blast thru the watchtower above the dance floors windows always their to watch the deal that went down. I glared up at the frightened seconded the fool turn his back on me how dare he “ fuck his running” my seconded bellows as we take are fight out into the open into the empty night filled streets gun blasts and the flicker of swords blaze my path my seconded and the other four their show their worth every step of the way. We have to turn and run it didn’t take long power of these nine packs to arrive but are abandoned strong hold well leave them to dust.

One by one they come to the factory distracted by only the thought of us being out numbered the follow forming a mass killing squad around the building bring everyone out even the leaders of the last remaining seven packs fools they are but honorable to try and end it themselves. They enter their youth shows as the step into the open the first sniper round fires one by one they attempted the run for cover not knowing where the shooters are of the rifles or the heavy rail gun that split them to piece only leaving their leaders “their mine” I claim appearing after the hail storm of bullets ends.

With a hope I am at the floor their guns point at and I drop me sawed of to my side and let the seethed sword lower to the floor “ are you wolves then fight me bare skinned show me your strength and maybe you live to rebuild what you’ve lost!” I said waving my hands about the floor covered with the remains of their pack members. I could feel it their leading strength swelled within them as mine had I tore m shirt away they removed their shoes suites and begin to shift I stood still in my human form it didn’t take long for them to tower above my 7 to 9 feet tall snarling dogs . I balled my hand into a fist a let a voice full of snarls out” you dogs are worthy f seeing a true wolfs come on!” with thus last words they sprang forward looking for blood for the lost of theirs. the first I caught in the mouth I twisted his neck mist flight fling him away from me like he was nothing the other I let his weight from his lounge break his neck as I held grasped the scruff as his neck as he passed by. The other six stopped fear filled their auras I snarled and ran forward the brown in front clawed at empty air I was above him sending my steel toed boot him in his temple killing him with it force the others fools stared in wonder. I moved on the fifth I slammed him in the chest grabbing his rib cage and I pulled outward a loud snap signaled the give of his bones his breath left him . The fourth slammed me into the wall as I held his sharp teeth open wide without a thought I spread the bottom jaw wide beyond tearing it free he meant to pull back but a flash my fist dug into his skull he slumped to the ground. With a death stare I looked into the eyes of the four remaining pack leaders I smiled the smell of blood brought out my old soul to bare now hardened killer under my look the recoiled in fear I would win with more then their blood I would win with their soul being under mine. Now I return to the forest flying by as I run with my pack behind me I couldn’t tell if the new wolves truly understood the world I would lead them in I knew me seconded and his men from my past they to knew the sleepless night spent from the horrors that was are old pack the lords pack. We leave it truly now behind new members call to me under my law they well fight to join and be truly honored by their strength again I well raise my voice in pureness to the moon mother saying look upon me and my pack bless them with strength and me with the wisdom to lead always. Onward we run I am ready to truly take back what I lost with my mate at my side and my blade clean of rust and ready to be covered red my fist ready to bleed and pain me once again thank you for my seconded try.

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