Tale of a swords men

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what I really think goes thru your mined after while of living such a life.

Submitted: April 14, 2007

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Submitted: April 14, 2007



The truth of death is displayed in our eyes. Across from me stand’s a swordsman that could hold my death in his hands or I’m holding his. Lost in a stroke of a blade controlled by such a simple movement… why? Better yet why should I even block his strike why not accepted it and die in peace under this killer’s blade. I will tell you why because I am not willing to fall without knowing he could take my life with his skill.

I have lived too long to just fall beneath this opponents blade. A nothing blade and I am sure that opponent has skill in anyway this death my death or his well come hard either way. Why shouldn't it life should be hard to take away it the only thing people cannot truly take away from you life the ultimate freedom.

so here I stand my blade slowly rising from its sheath I take my stance and I ready to be death or be taken by death either. Well it should be a good fight we both have the same thing to lose and at the same time nothing.

I take my stance now pulling the blade free and...

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