tear for the bloodied battle feild

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a saddend truth of the winner of a war if they really think about what happend

Submitted: April 14, 2007

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Submitted: April 14, 2007



 The horn sounded and we ran across the open field on foot and horse’s we meet them. Blood quickly spread across the ground as they fell their was not doubt who would be the victory of this battle or should I say slaughter. They begin to fall back onto their own lines they fell at are feet one by one. Slashing with grazed passion are king road forward seeking blood of their foolish noble watching their men fall they and their smug pride would not return to tell the horrors of the battle say for maybe their heads. His black armored devil horse drove forward thru the falling sheep dieing from his horse’s blade sharpened hooves and his spree.  It wasn’t long until that spree sprouted like lightening from the chest of one of the nobles. The others took it as a sign to run for their lives their own guard falling under the warrior kings horse’s steps, but the blackened arrows the spurted from the chest and heads of the nobles told me are king had more than one weapon about him. His bow so powerful know for killing the foolish nobles and kings for their disgrace of sending their men to die and they them self’s setting high as nice pretty targets for my king blacked are bladed bow to cut down. No he only rode to regain his spree his men catching up to him using the path he cut thru these foolish human who knew nothing of war of the power of a sword welded by a wolf but now they knew and would pay for their ignorance with their lives! After the battle cry’s fell away to the pain of soldiers dieing on the field before me king he raised his head to the sky and I knew why before us their was nothing but blood of fools how needn’t have dead had they just left their foolish king. Even as he pulled his blade from the dead noble he held back tears this battle had torn more of his soul by his winning by slaughter then him losing in one. “no child” he said “should have to reminder his father as a dead man on a field of killing” he then looked onward to the bloodied grass and turned away as I did to the pride of the victory lost to me but not the soldiers they need not think about such thing for soon they shall soon do it again.

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