My dream is your nightmare

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Submitted: June 24, 2009

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Submitted: June 24, 2009



Today I saw britney in the cafe, she came over to me and asked if I was still dating anndy.I said yes.The from no reson she got in the a fight with me and got up and walked way from me.Tonight I'm going out to a party.At the party I was talking to someone from school then britney walks by me with my boyfirend.He was drunk.She started making out with him.soo I run up to her and started beating the crap outof the bitch.Then I started screaming "YOU BITCH!".Welcome to my life!Here is the gate way to hell! "Here we are bitchs!were on are way to my dream and my dream turns into your nightmare! Yup thats right My life is your nightmare!The other three bitches ran and got the prinapale. " come with me young lady!" she said. I got detension and i had to wright lines.I when home and the school had called my mom and she said I was grounded. No one ever believes me!! If no one loves me than my life is worth less. THe next day I saw anndy. "I need to talk to you" he said, " I am beaking up with you , sorry." "hope we can still be firends". I ran Into the bathroom crying my eyes out. I came out 15 mins later and I saw anndy with britney holding hands. I ran over there and beat the crap out of her again.I got introuble again. I went home and my mom said " if you don't stop your going to be sent away!" I ran to my room and I sliped and hit my head on my dresser and I lay unconsous. My mom heard a thub and came in my room. Blood every ever she screams in horror. She class 9-1-1 By the time they gotten to my house I was dead. My life now haunts britneys and when she dieds shes going to be very sorry!!

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