And, The Elemental Gun.

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*This is a side story to the And the series.* In "And the warlock" We find out why the government is after Alexander Lore, Because of his sixshooter elemental gun. What we don't know is how it was made and who it was made by. This is about the only living Technomancer in the world. Jackson Lore. Yeah Jackson or Jack as he likes to be called is Alex's twin brother. There mom Veronica Lore was a Technomancer. The legend goes is there can only be One Technomancer. When the mother or father who has the ability to use Technomancy dies the son or daughter who has shone no ability to use any other signs of being a warlock or a Necromancer, Pyromancer, Witch, or Elementist becomes a Technomancer. Easy as that. Well on with the story... *- THIS WILL BE BROKEN IN TO TWO SHORT STORY'S-*

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



Hey, my name is Jackson Lore, but you're going to call me Jack simple as that. I'm the second son of the great warlock Victor Lore and the one and only Technomancer Veronica Lore. My twin brother is Alexander Lore, he takes after dad in being a warlock. Right when the life draned from mom's eyes I became the only Technomancer, because I didn't know how to use soul protect and what not everything mechanical came flying tword me. After that my entire right arm was gone and in it's place was a clockwork arm. With all the gears and metal pachwork to boot. After that I became a Steampunk I ended up getting a gage of a steampunk key in my left ear. Yeah I'm gay by the way. The key is really diffrent because it's all metal patch work and the key part is a cog that has two diffrent sized spikes. Two of them are large and the middle is smal. At the end of it is a smaller cog attached by a chane. It's epic. I've got a old Victorian style for clothes. Tan slacks and a white button up with a black vest over top. A simple look. When I'm in soul protect mode I've got a mechanical right arm that's just pure silver. I've usualy got cowboy boots on. And just a lether vest on. I've got rock hard abbs so it's okay and dad dosen't mind nither does Alex. Pretty shure Alex is Bisexual too. The latest test that Alex has put me up to is to make a Elemental gun. I've got most of it put to geather but usualy he comes barging in and messes up my consentration and it all falls to peces.

The door slamed shut as Alex walked in to my room. "Damn it Alex what have I told you about slaming my door?" I questiond him as I spun around in my spinny chair. I shot him an Ice cold glare.

"Sorry bro maby you'd have better controle if you where out of soul protect." Alex said clearly knowing what to do.

"Psh not that easy bro I'd still need full consentraton on the gun to do that, and with you here it's kind of hard to do that." I said getting pissed off. I swear if he starts a fight I will poisen him.

"Again, sorry bro, I'll leave." Alex said as he backed out of the room.

"Soul protect off." I said figured I might as well get this over with. I'll do it faster with it off any way. Patchwork mettal surrounded me. My mechanical arm became my other mechanical arm. With shiny golden cogs as an arm and then a mettal patchwork hand. Ah now that's the stuff. My tan slacks stay the same and I get my white button up under my black vest. Nothing special. I've still got my gage in. Alright back to the gun. I start moving my hands around the mechanics and the gun starts to form. After five gruling houres I'm finally done with the stupid sixshooter revolver gun. 

"ALEX! GET IN HERE NOW!" I yelled from my room. Not even a second goes by before he barges back in here.

"WHAT?! WHAT IS IT!?" Alex is yelling. Getting ready to blast any one and thing with a spell.

"Bro, relax. I know you know how to do that. I've got something for you." I said getting excited.

"Oh really?" Alex said calming down some. I moved my hands and the gun came floating off the desk. Alex put his hand out and the revolver fell right in to his hand. 

"How does it work?" Alex asked. 

"Alright think of an element. Fire. Then shoot. Easy as that." I said tryomfintly.

"Okay.." Alex said. He pointed the gun at my dartbord on my wall and shot the gun. A shining blue bullit came out of the berral and it hit the targit perfictly. Granted it caught on fire but it still worked. He pointed again and this time a clear bullet came out of the berral. The bullet hit the burning target and the fire was put out. 

"Watter." Alex said clearly seeing that I was confused.

"Ah.. Now get out of my room I have my own weapon to make." I said pushing him out of my room. "Good riddince." I said again. I sat back down at my desk and drew up with plans for a steampunk bow-and-arrow. The bow would be patch work mettal. The arrows would be metilic rods with sharpend spiked cogs at the end, and the arrow holder would be patchwork also. I got to work on it and in six long houres they where finished. Granted it was three in the morning but I was done. After taht I went to bed. Then it hit me. I would have the arows dipped in various poisons. Ha the Idea was brilent!

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