And, The Warlock

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The next in the "And the..." Series. It pickes up where the other one left off. Haha. Alexander Lore is your average Warlock but he's got this one Item that makes him a target by the government. His Magically modified gun. You could say that hes the western version of a Warlock..

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



Hi.. My name is Alexander Lore, but your going to call me Alex. I'm just your normal average cowboy. The only thing that makes me diffrent is the fact that I am a Warlock. Yeah now I'm interesting right? Tut, I'm also being hunted down by the government because I've got a special modified gun. It's my pride and joy. What my gun does is it compresses my magic and shoots it.. The thing is though it makes the bullets the element that I choose. Like take this for instance..

"Alright Necromancer put your hands up or I'll shoot!" I said with ice in my voice. Now What I'm soposed to do, is try and convince this guy that I'm on his side.

"Damn it, not again." Said the Necromancer. He tossed his hands up like he was going to be cuffed. 

What freaked me out was the guy started to laugh.

"You really don't want to piss me off today. Want to know why?" The Necromancer said. With the same Ice in his voice as mine.

"Flatter me Necromancer." I said. Mocking him using the same Icy voice.

"Well, Lets see, My boyfriend got in a fight with me over nothing, Thease two girls here are dead because of you. And now I'm going to get there revenge on you." The Necromancer said. With the same icy voice. "Do my bidding." The Necromancer said as he turrend arround. The two corpses where starting to move. There eyes where blod red. There teeth razor sharp. It was a gastly sight. I took aim at one of there heads. I thought of the element fire. I rased my gun and shot. Coming out of the berral was a bullet that was burning bright blue. Blue is the hottest part on fire. It went right in to the second one's brain. Then it occured to me what the Necromancer said. 

"Hold the phone, What do you mean there dead because of me?" I said lowering my gun.

The Necromancer looked shocked to see me. "Lay to rest my love." The Necromancer said quietly. The first girl's eyes went from red to hazel and then the light went from them. She colapsed to the floor. "My name's Leigh." Leigh said. Putting his hand out to shake mine. 

I took his hand. "Name's Alexander Lore. To you it's Alex." I said not wanting to let go of his soft yet strong hand.

"I guess I can trust you.. Soul protect off." I said again. A blidning light of colors surrounded me. I was now wearing my pure white cowboy hat. A black leather jacket along with a holster for my gun. A white button up shirt. Some black denim jeans and leather cowboy boots. In my hat I had an ace of hearts in one of the sides.

"Soul protect off." Leigh said calmly clearly thinking the same. A flash of black light surrounded Leigh. His V-neak turend in to a Black tux with some wierd loopy cross thing on the front of it. His jeans turnd in to black dress pants, and his black sneakers turnd in to black leather dress shooes. He has thease dark brown eyes that have a hint of mystery in them. He looks sexy and stuning. I want him. Simple as that.

"So, Alex.. Let me guess, your a Warlock, A strong warlock at that. Your being hunted by the government. And you need help." Leigh said seeming to know what I wanted.

"Yeah that exactly. The thing is though, the government isn't just after me.. They're after a Pyromancer named Abigail, A Shamen named Cataleana, Another Necromancer named Aaron, You and me... We need to get them togeather." I said hopeing he would know where at least one of them are.

"Well, I've met Abigail. She likes to be called Abi, she ran when thease two died. I don't know anyone by the name of Cataleana. And Aaron is my boyfriend. I know where he is. He's in Necro-City. The city of the dead." Leigh finished with a hint of anger.

"Well let's go to Necro-City!" I said with glee.

"Pff easy for you to say. Who said I wanted to go and find that bastard anyway?" Leigh said looking really pissed.

"I did, Now move." I said pusing him out of the cabbin.

"Ugh fine, fine. Stand back." Leigh said. As I backed up to lean agenced a tree, he rose his hands in to the air. As he did that he said some wierd chant. When he finished there was a gate where the cabbin was.

"Welcome to Necro-City. Now.. If I where a bastard who got in a big fight whit my boyfriend where would I be?" Leigh said alloud in an extramly pissed voice. Clearly knowing the answer he walked to the end of the road. We where standing in front of a gay bar. Leigh pushed open the door.

"AARON JAMES CONWAY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT MAN!?" Leigh screached. Apperently Aaron had his hand down some guy's pants and was in the middle of makeing out with him by the bar. 

© Copyright 2020 Loretta Jane. All rights reserved.

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