The story of Elizabeth Chang.

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*This is for a contest hope you like* Elizabeth Chang was never normal. Odd things always seemed to happen to her in the shadows. They just seemed to be attracted to her as if she where commanding them. This also seemed to happen when she was near fire the flames would be drawn to her too. This is how she realized she was an Elementest.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



I, am Elizabeth Chang and I live in a small town called Palmcoast. It's in the sunny state of Florada. And I am an Elementist. Like most people who go to MHS (Massacur High School.) It's normal to have an element power. Mine are Shadow and Fire unlike my bratty cousin Rob who got Water and Shadow. God I can't stand him. Always gloating at how good he is at everything it really pisses me off. Any way, I found out that I was an elementist when my cousin pushed me in to closet. When I came out the shadows where flowing me like snakes. It scared him so to death. Any way, I've got to get to a match agenced Jaz Proud she is a puny 9th grader who is best friends with my cousin Rob this will be so fun.

"LADYS AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO THE MASSACUR HIGHSHOOL ARENA! TODAY WE WILL HAVE OUR GOOD BYE SENIOR V.S FRESHMAN MATCH TODAY! OUR CONTESTENTS ARE, ELIZABETH CHANG USEING FIRE AND SHADOW AND HER OPONET IS JAZ PROUD USING EARTH AND LIGHT! LET THE MATCH BEGIN!" Coach Black was yelling. In to a microphone. Takeing my place across from Jaz who is a short girl with blazing brown eyes and long brown hair. I say, "Hi, ready for the match of your life?" I asked nicely

"No, not really." Jaz said norvously and started to shake.

"Dont worry you will get the hang of it soon enough." I said with a reashuring look, and smiled at her. "Charge Flare!" I yelled. When I said this I ignated the air behind me and ran right for her. Just as I reached her she yelled 

"Earth Wall!" Jaz shreeked she put her hands on the ground and a wall of earth came out of nowhere. Me being smart I jumped over the wall and let the fire trail down behind me. The fire was all over the place makeing the shadows dance on the ground.

"Shadow hold!" I yelled. One of the many dancing shadows on the ground came and took hold of Jaz's shadow not letting her move at all.

"Shadow Rise!" I yelled again. When I said this my shadow was animated along with hers and they walked to me.

"Shadow Absorb!" I yelled once more. The shadows that I animated where absorbed in to me giveing me strenght.

"Conbination attack: Black Flash Fire!" I yelled. When I said this I conbined the shadows that where still dancing from the fire and the fire all around and began to charge right at Jaz once again. I jumped right when I got to her face and she was burned and nocked out ending the match.

"I'm sorry I ended it like that I hope I didn't burn you to bad!" I said as I was running out of the arena. Today was my last day at MHS and now my brat of a cousin can rule it all he wanted to. So glad I wont be here to see him mess up what I had going on here. Oh well, It also sucks that Coach Black is quitting letting Coach Gray take his place as new announcer coach. Like I said good thing I wont be here!

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