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Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012




Durango: Tommorow we are going to goodman arizona and run thru the town get exerise. There's another race this time not just for donkey's its also for dog's and coyotes and snakes etc. So Snarly and Clemento can enter the race fair and square. The race is tommorow morning

Dugger: I'll go tell him be right back and can i have extra flyer to give to them?

Durango: Be Careful Dugger.

Digger: Snakes i don't want to go i'll stay behind.

Durango: Your going.

Digger: Durango i'll go.

Dugger is on his way to find Clemento and Snarly

Dugger: CLEMENTO!!! SNARLY!!!!!

It's been 2½ and still hasn't found Clemento or Snarly.

Durango: I'm getting worried he should of been back 2 hours ago from Clementos and Snarlys.

Digger: I hope hes ok!

Mean while Dugger is lost he decides stay put so someone come and find him so hes does.


Mean while back at the donkeys place.

Durango: I'm go out looking for Dugger. Digger stay put case he comes back.

Digger: I will Durango.

Durango is now out looking for Dugger.

Clemento: What brings you out these's parts Durango?

Durango: Have you seen Dugger he's missing we sent him out 2 hours ago give you a flyer have you seen him?

Clemento: No! I haven't seen him but i will help you look for him.

Snarly: Me too i hope he's alright.

Durango: You go right Clemento and Snarly go straight ahead and i'll go right. Let's meet back here in 1 hour.

Clemento: Ok will do.

Snarly: Alright.

Mean while back with Dugger.

Dugger: CLEMENTO/SNARLY!!!!! where are you guys!!!

Mean while back with Search party.

Snarly, Clemento, Durango, search and search for Dugger.

Snarly: Are theses donkey tracks Durango?

Durango: I'm not sure you follow them see where they lead report back.

Snarly followed the donkey tracks.


Snarly: Dugger is that you. It's me Snarly?

Dugger: Snarly Where are you???

Snarly: Keep talking im almost there. There you are Dugger. How did you get way out here Dugger?

Dugger: I don't know.

Snarly: Be right back let me go get Durango stay put.

So Snarly went back to meeting spot.

Durango: Any sign of Dugger?

Clemento: No sign I didn't see him.

Durango: Where's Snarly?

Clemento: Not sure.

Snarly is finally at meeting spot.

Durango: Snarly did you find Dugger?

Snarly: Yes he scared and lost and shaking up.

Durango: Take me to him.

So snarly took both of them to see Dugger. And they are finally there.

Dugger: Durango/Clemento!!!!!!!!! and thank you Snarly for finding me and taking time out go get Others thank you too Clemento for trying to find me too.

Snarly: Your welcome Dugger i'm glad your safe.

Clemento: No thanks needed glad to help.

Durango: It's a good thing you stayed put didn't move when your ever lost alway's stay put til someone comes to find you.

Dugger: Good lesson, This for you Clemento/Snarly.

Clemento: Let me see what it is wow a race for coyotes and snakes looks like we both can enter Snarly. sounds like fun i'll be there. you in Snarly?

Snarly: Sure im in.

It's the next day the 3 donkey's and Clemento coyote and Snarly snake are getting loaded on to the truck they are ready to go.

They are now at the race. race is about to begin.

Annoucer: It's Snakes first.

Snarly at the starting line.

Announcer: ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO!!!!!

Snarly takes off and he out in front another snake is in 2nd Snarly about cross the finish line. he came in first won a metal around his neck and snake food.

Annoucer: Up next it is Coyote race followed by Donkey race afterwards all Coyotes get to starting line the winner wins month of steaks.

Clemento: That's my Que

Clemento and other coyotes are at starting line.

Announcer: ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO!!!!!

Clemento takes the lead and goes ½ mile and is about to cross the finish line. Clemento crosse's the finish line and wins and comes in 1st place and gets metal around his neck and 1 month of steaks given to him.

Announcer: Time for the Donkey race all Donkey's line up at starting line

Durango,Dugger,Digger are now at starting line ready for race to beginning.

Announcer: ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO!!!!!

All 3 donkey's took off the race just ½ mile and they all took off.

Digger was doing a good job keeping up they now torwards finish line.

Durango crosses the finish line 1st and Dugger comes in 2nd and Digger in 3rd. Durango got his 1st place metal around his neck and his small trophy and Dugger got his 2nd place metal around his neck and small trophy and Digger got his 3rd place metal around his neck and small trophy.

Digger: I'm shocked! what got into Clemento and Snarly they been good all day no cheating and they help you out without questioning it. wow impressed!!!!!!!!

Durango: I'm very proud of them too and Digger do you realize you did the race out being scared Snarly and went fast on your own no help and kept up what got into you Digger I'm proud and Shocked at you and Clemento and Snarly too.

Dugger: I wish there was away we could reward Clemento and Snarly.

Durango: Clemento and Snarly im proud of both of you nor cheating and helping me out Dugger was in trouble you halled it help out never thought see the day you two turn good.

Clemento: Don't get any idea's me turning good i just didn't feel like being bad today. One time i don't go bad day turn out perfect and i got 1 month of steaks for not cheating or doing anything bad. Don't expect me stay good all the time.

Snarly: It felt good to help others not expect anything in return and day was so much fun we have more of them.

Clemento: Don't get your hopes up Snarly.

Durango: Good to hear it's ok try something new once in a while then you normally do then you know feels like to be opposite of you with being yourself of course.

Digger/Dugger: Good lesson Durango.

Buford: Good Job everyone!!!!! Let's go home.

Buford loaded everyone on to the truck took off.



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