Seanta Clause 2012

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The North Pole is melting and it's a disaster for Christmas worldwide, as Santa's enclave is being pulled apart by the whether. Or was that Weather?

Whether or not you believe, you will be enchanted with the courage and faith that ended up resurrecting our whole world, as Santa and the children of the world find solutions.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



The Santa Clause Solution

The problem had gotten completely out of control and Santa was at his wits end. The North Pole was melting and it was no longer safe to live there: All the reindeer but two, Donner and Blitzen, had fallen through the cracks in the ice, broken knees and legs, and two reindeer were just not enough to pull the sleigh full of toys! Even worse, the elves were disappearing, getting lost on floating icebergs, and now all the elves were scared to leave the house. But the house was cracked in three different places, the toy workshop had four huge gaping holes, and the wind was whistling through the eaves keeping everyone awake. Toy production had nearly ground to a halt because everyone was too exhausted from lack of sleep, sluggish from lack of exercise, and no one was out gathering Alpine moss for supper- for Santa this was the worst: his elves were getting to the end of the food stores that he and Mrs Santa had been gathering for hundreds of years! He had to do something.

So Santa wrote a letter to all the children of the world and told them that he was very very sorry but there was to be no Christmas this year. He told them that he and Mrs. Claus and the elves would need to move to a new home in Greenland, somehow, because the North Pole was melting, and melting very fast indeed. He did not have enough money to buy the new home, let alone the workshop, and no one would buy the North Pole house because of its damaged condition, and the impending further glacial melt. He asked the children of the world if they would prevail upon their parents’ good wishes for future xmas’ ever to occur, to forego all presents this xmas, and send all their money to Santa to move the North Pole crowd all to a Greenland Santa property.

The word went out to all the kids who visited Santa at the shopping centre, at the mall, and in the department stores. The department stores were particularly worried about this year, as business had not been good and everyone was counting on a good xmas buying season to break even. The letter was published in the New Yourk Times, in the Loandan Daily, and all the languages of the world in their own newspapers worldwide, the Tibetian Chronicles, the China Cup, the Afripan Sizzler...

At first the parents thought it was some kind of joke. People gathering at the water coolers would snicker and laugh that Santa could just out and cancel Christmas! “Just what will they think of next, “ someone said, “The Easter Bunny revoking Easter???” “Hahaha” they laughed, “Impossible!”

But very shortly the scientists across the world published the research and showed the pictures to prove that Santa’s story was in fact actually true: The North Pole had been melting for a long time, but suddenly it had started melting much much faster, and penguins, polar bears, and pandas were all threatened as well.

It was a very wise child named Genevieve who put it most succinctly: “We have to stop Christmas until we can save Santa and if we don’t do it NOW, we may lose Christmas forever and ever, amen!” It became a rallying cry, and children of all ages all over the world, all each and every one, decided to forego Christmas and ask nothing of their parents or Santa, except to help Santa as much as they possibly could.

Money poured into the North Pole post office, and Santa was able to buy a huge compound in Greenland, charter twelve airplanes, and move the entire North Pole operation and all its inhabitants, to the new Greenland Clause Village. Because of the great generosity of a few billionaires, Guesthouses were able to be built, and Schools for the Elves so that they could make better more sturdy and clever toys.

And it was Genevieve’s sister Avalon who made Christmas 2012 even more fun than before, when she suggested that the kids fix, clean and wrap their old toys, and each find a younger child who they could give them to. Avalon knew how nice it felt to give to others, so with the children doing the giving this year, the children were happier than ever before. This was a change in Christmas that the children of the world were happy to keep, even after Santa was restored to his old toy delivery station. So the toys in the future were fewer from Santa, but more from other children, and the toys from Santa were finer and sturdier, because they needed to last much longer to be handed on to other children in the future.

The scientists wrote long letters to the grown-ups in the newspapers, on the internet, in Facebook and Twitter. They said that it might be possible to stop the melting, which was also flooding the oceans with too much water, submerging several island nations, and ruining most of the worlds beaches. They said that the earth needed to cool from the inside, and we needed to stop covering it with roads and parking lots paved with cement and asphalt. A very smart scientist named Sean Cullen, from Taos, New Mexico, had discovered a compound which could be hard, but allow the earth underneath to breathe, like a cotton t-shirt allows the skin to breathe better than polyester. As it was made without petroleum, but with hemp, a plant that’s easily grown in farms, basements, and under grow lights, a new industry was developed which replaced all the worlds roads and parking lots with Heavyhemp.

In addition, a very smart scientist named Stephanie Barberra, created a kind of hovercraft that had never been seen before, which was powered from magnetic cables under the road, and controlled by electromagnetic connections to a master computer, which the driver would dial into with their mobile Jphone, the next generation of iphone. People had a lot less stress because they didn’t need to drive, only dial in their destination and the craft would be safely computer driven, electro-magnetically repelling other vehicles from crashes.

All the cement and asphalt that had been pulled up from the roads and parking lots was piled and used like building blocks to build parking structures and housing skyscrapers, cheaply and very sound-proof. All the homeless people who liked to make noise in the street were moved into their own compartments, and every building had a huge community room with weekly lunches, dances and music classes. The Earth was able to breathe and cool down, and eventually the North Pole froze over again.

Even department stores and malls started to prosper as never before because they became whole villages, complete with solar farms on the roofs, and hemp and food farms in the basements, and crime was dissolved as everyone had more jobs, more money, and more fun than ever before.

Santa Clause stayed on in Greenland, however.

©2011 Loanda Lesser Cullen aka Lorna Culling

Chapter II How Santa became Emperor of the World

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