Immortalitas Avia

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This is a small poem dedicated to my late mother-in-law who was very close to our hearts.

Submitted: June 04, 2009

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Submitted: June 04, 2009



Immortalitas Avia - Immortal Grandmother
The World at first was endless space,
there only lived the creator, which is our Sun.
She is our constant guiding star,
that’s strong, defiant and never far.

In the hearts she has created,
she has taught love, respect and loyalty.
Without question she gives,
and unconditionally she loves.

There is our Moon that joined our Sun
He provided gravity with which life begun
He lives with the stars, with our Sun
Together united, with our Mum.

Our Sun is still and quiet
but strong and defiant.
She is small,
yet always stands tall.

We live in her shadow
following her guiding light.
We all aspire to achieve
the same great arms that never leave.

It is with gentle smiles we show our love and care.
It is with laugher we show our fun in her air.
It is with her being that we live in normal rotation.
It is because of our Sun and our Moon, that we’re in awe of their creation.

This day is a happy one,
all together to share more moments.
The husband, The wife, The Children and the Grandchildren -
all in the name of our wonderful Mum.

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