Living Between My Two Worlds

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Submitted: December 11, 2009

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Submitted: December 11, 2009



The smile in my face is as bright as day the life I live is pure,

But a frown that is deep within my lips are struggling to stay hidden from the world I live in,

I dance in the moon light and play with my freinds with the laughter that fills my ears,

The echo is loader than the real thing that was once all mine,

They say you change as you get older,

But what if you change to this person only to change back to the one you are known as,

I came home to be loved and to love others, but as time goes by I feel I miss some days,

I scream and shout to the ones I love and think nothing of it,

I hug asn kiss for the love I feel is real,

You wish you could let the bad feelings go, but something won't let go or will you not let go of it?

Living between my worlds is like living on the edge of death,

One moment it's all over and the next your to happy to be alive anouther day,

When nothing is stable and everthing is mixed you wish it would all go away,

But when it leaves you wish you were dead,

The corner of your mouthis stuck and when it lose there's no reason to smile,

Someone comes along and the side of you is split,

But it all pulls togeather as one and you know the empty space has filled,

No one knows what happened, but it changed you,

Everyone hes there moments so do you,

But living between my worlds.....

Everyone comes togeather!

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