Morning 3am

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Sana,Milan and Dia decide to use an Ouija board never believing in anything such as the supernatural.
but soon there 'fun pass-time' takes the shape of their worst nightmare.
What happened to Milan after she left the room?
Where Sana actually was?
What Dia found out in the trunk that night?
Read on to find out all these answers...........

Morning 3 am.

The time when it is said that spirits are at the peak of their strength. And so the girls thought this was the best time to carry on their experiments. (Though deep in their hearts they knew the main reason was that they were used to staying up at this time of the day, seeing they never went to bed before 9 am in the morning during holidays. But that’s a different story)

Dia and Sana were in their 1st year of the college and now since they were away from the disciplined life of their homes, they were always in search of some adventure to make each day of their hostel life as special as possible. A dark rumour of someone’s suicide exists in every hostel with theirs being no exception to this universal rule.

“..........yeah-and the next day they found the girl hanging by the ceiling fan. The authority tried their best to hush up things......and the room was locked forever with some holy stuff written on it to purify the place and pacify the sad soul.....superstitions-humbug”, Milan banged the desk with her notebook as she rose to leave the canteen. He had been narrating the ‘famous-spine-chilling’ tale of room no.-36 in D-block of their girls’ hostel in an I-don’t-believe-in-these-stuff tone. And that very evening the girls were walking in the corridors of the D-block of their hostel searching for that room. They realised the closer they moved towards it the lonelier the place got. No more laughing or jokes or boarder was found near the locked door with the mahamrityunjay mantra written on it in red. Their hearts were throbbing in excitement and the next moment they jumped in fright for their was a sudden load shedding in the block. Dia and Sana stumbled out of the place in the dark and when in their room they looked at each other terrified, panting.

“Did you........... hear that?”


“Well, these stupid girls do scream every time there is a power-cut”

“Oh Dia!” gasped Sana “but did you not notice the scream was coming from inside.....from someone inside the room”

Dia had also noticed that shocked....but she blamed all of it on their frightened minds, “C’mon-we can’t really believe in stuff like this being science students......”


And it was then Milan knocked their door asking them if they were interested in Ouija boards as she was carrying one.

“Where did you find it?”Dia asked staring with wide eyes at the thing in Milan’s hand

“Got it from my brother. They used to do such things for time pass in their college years. Let’s find out what happened to that bitch in that room..........hey, you guys not going to freak out-c’mon”

Sana and Dia exchanged looks and then nodded. It was better to be haunted by some depressed soul than getting taunted later by this tomboy Milan. And so their séance started at 3 am as decided. The room was dimly lit by a candle.

“Is someone here?”, but the coin under their finger did not move. Milan repeated her question; and this time the candles in the room were extinguished by a sudden cold wind that entered their room

“Oops! We forgot to shut the windows”, exclaimed Sana as she hurried to close it. And it was then that she saw a girl down in the open area between their hostel and the main door in the moonlight, in a crouched position. Sana assumed it to be another unlucky broken-heart sobbing after a break-up (which was the usual picture every night. But before she could move away her eyes that girl looked up towards her. It was a pretty face with swollen eyes and tears running down her cheeks. Certainly the face which could win anyone’s sympathy. But unfortunately the pathetic face was placed on a neck which was bent sideways at a horrible angle; to keep the neck in that manner would need bones of elastic. Horrified at this sight, Sana quickly backed away from the window, tripped and fell over the table with Ouija board on it.

“Hey watch out!” ”OUCH” “be careful” “damn-this darkness”


And then there was momentary silence. It was Milan who gained her senses back and lit her torch, “seems there’s a power failure again. Dammit! It’s the second one today; the lights are not working. And what’s wrong with you Sana!”She snapped at the pale girl, “oh-look you lost the coin....and in your messy room with lights gone it’s not even possible to find it in the dark.”

Sana slowly rose to her feet helped by Dia who immediately knew something’s wrong with her friend, “Milan let’s go to bed tonight....we’ll search for it and return it to you tomorrow.”

“CERTAINLY YOU WILL!!” Milan roared in anger and without another word left the room, not caring for the lights to return.

As she made her way to her lonely room downstairs an eerie sense of being glared at filled her. And the rough girl was soon trembling and swinging her torch sideways to catch the someone....but she knew there was no one following her as she found no one. The rooms did contain people fast asleep, but to her at the moment the whole place seemed to be as lifeless as a graveyard. She felt as if she was the only one alive in this darkness that surrounded her. She wanted to go back to her friends’ room, but her ego encouraged her to move on towards her own room. She flashed the torch behind her and saw someone run away inside the corridor which she had just crossed from the top of the staircase. Milan’s heart was in her mouth as her legs carried her as fast as possible away from the vanished person atop the stairs to her own room where she locked the door and hid under her sheets, teeth chattering in fear. Her other roommate had gone home due to a bout of jaundice.....and Milan was missing her for the first time since she left.

The electricity wasn’t back yet. But she felt some noise above her head from the ceiling fan

“What!” she flashed the torch above her head and felt her senses go numb. From the fan was hanging the corpse of a pretty girl by the broken neck which had been tied to the fan by a thick rope. The lifeless eyes looked into Milan’s tearful eyes. Before losing her senses in fright Milan caught those pale lips smiling at her.


Next day was the lazy Sunday. Dia went to Milan’s room to return her the coin. The door was unlocked but nobody was inside. She shrugged and kept the coin on the table and left.

“our room is indeed the most unhygienic place to reside”, moaned Sana looking at the messy table, bed and floor-full of paper pieces, biscuit crumbs, long strands of tangled hair etc.etc,

“And that huge trunk of yours-you never really use it. It’s a useless piece of metal occupying more space in the room than we do!”

“Now, don’t you blame my trunk for falling like any afraid duck yesterday night”, Dia retorted back

“i told you am not a coward. I would like to see your face when you see someone sitting like that after such a day”

“Ah-c’ was some of your wild imagination that’s it...”

“fine-anyways”, Sana tried to calm down, “let’s give our room a nice cleaning after i finish my nap.” And she rolled over on her bed and was soon snoring loudly. Dia softly closed the door and went to the library.

After several hours when she returned, Sana wasn’t in the room. The last golden rays of the setting sun filled the room. Dia opened her cupboard to take out her evening-dress and fell back screaming.

A girl was crouching at the bottom of the cupboard.


Sana found herself lying on the floor between the open cupboard and a horrified Dia.

Dia helped her get up and took her to the bed, “hey what’s wrong with was a very bad prank indeed!”

“Whoa?” Sana stared at her friend with half-open eyelids, “ I was sleeping all this time.........maybe sleep-walking”, and without another word fell asleep once again.

Dia still startled stared at her mate. She never knew Sana walked in her sleep.

As the week rolled on Sana’s behaviour grew stranger. She would simply nod her head passively when Dia tried to talk to her. And in the room, she would spend hours staring out of the broken window looking at nothing. Dia initially had tried a lot worthlessly to find out what was wrong

“Sana, didn’t you say that you want to tidy up things? How about today?”, Dia asked though she already knew there won’t be any cheerful reply

“Hmmm....”Sana sighed.

Dia tried once more, “the drain below is stinking a lot since the last few days....thinking of complaining about the broken window to shut up the odour.”

Sana remained oblivious.

“Hey,I think you need a doctor-”

“Stop bothering me” ,Sana replied in a monotonous voice while Dia slowly turned away, controlling her tears.

Her best friend’s sudden, weird behaviour, and Milan’s sudden disappearance from her room( which has become a sensational mystery for the entire state) after that dark night-Dia wondered if there was a connection between these incidents and that séance, “no how can it be such stupid fables....let’s try sleeping....uuggh,this odour-need to do something about that broken glass tomorrow.

Morning 3 am.

“Dia......” Sana was woken up by a soft, familiar voice

“San?” she whispered half-asleep then rose up and gasped “S-A-N-A!”

She was standing outside the window....just outside in level with their window which was in the ‘second-floor’. So at least it was evident that she wasn’t standing-but ‘floating’ outside the window.

Dia’s senses went numb with fear. She could not feel her body; she forgot the walls that surrounded her. All she knew was her eyes were staring towards Sana. But then facial features changed and instead of Sana’s face there was another pretty stranger’s face. Each moment felt like years. They both stood staring at each other. The girl outside probably wasn’t breathing but Dia certainly couldn’t breathe.

After several years it seemed, the girl finally raised her hand and showed Dia her huge steel trunk at the corner. Dia’s body moved without her command as if in a trance.

Slowly and noisily the huge lead was lifted and with widened eyes Dia looked at Sana’s rotting body inside. In a flash she turned towards the window....but there was nobody there now. The darkness, eerie silence, the odour from her dead friend; alas it was the odour of her dead friend all these days.

But Dia didn’t have the chance to be surprised that she was residing with a phantom disguised as her friend while her real friend lay dead in the trunk. Neither did she get the time to mourn her mate’s death. Nor did she get a chance to faint after seeing a true spirit for the first time in her life. Because before that Sana’s dead bloody decaying hands pulled Dia by her hair inside the trunk.

The last thing Dia saw was the darkness where both of them would now live together forever.





Submitted: May 03, 2015

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