Thanked the stars

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A lover feeling lucky to have her love......and all she can do is thank god and luck

And you were

Smiling in the moonlight

Never would you

Know how grateful I

Am to the day which

 Gave me you

Never had I known,

 Love’s such a delight

 Never knew happiness,

 Before being washed by

Your holy presence,

I watched you

 All night and you

Gave me every joy, but I'd

Only give my

Love which's brighter

Than the moon,

And only for you

Oh then I thought am

Not worth you, you

Saw my fright

Very lightly you

Came closer and said

Ever forever until

The sky fall I will

 Need only you

 So I too smiled at you

 In the moonlight

And thanked my stars

 For gifting me you; I

Never had believed

 In miracles before one gave me you

I looked at d stars and

Thanked god for

 Giving me you


Submitted: May 18, 2015

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