The mysterious music

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Saumya rushes to find out the mystery behind the ghostly flute-music. But after she returns, her friend Shundor realizes a horrible truth............

I and my friend Saumya had many eccentric goals in life. And one of those was to see a real ghost before dying. Though I and Saumya had much in common we differed in our views about the paranormal. While I was something between the sceptic and believer, Saumya would at no cost believe on life after death. But still she was equally enthusiastic to accompany me in my ghost trips.

“While travelling with you I give you this golden chance to make me believe that something like these ‘boogie-boos’ indeed exist. And overall we have visited fifty ancient havelis, twenty spooky mansions, thirty-three closed factories, sixteen cottages...”

“But-” I cut her short, “that day is not far when you will be able to convince me that there is nothing such as ghosts.”

Saumya grinned as if she knew already had proved it, “now my dear friend, it’s not my fault if you don’t believe in facts.”

“When you already know that then why do you follow me?” I asked a bit annoyed.

“I don’t mind harmless adventures”, she said finishing her ice-tea, and “also I like the places you choose for your missions-and we could have enjoyed a lot more had you selected some nice hotel instead of dilapidated buildings with cobwebs to reside in.”

“You cannot deny we indeed had some spooky experiences-”

“Oh, are you talking about that incident of Kolkata where there was a stupid scratching on the door with nobody but us in that abandoned haveli? I have already said it must have been some rodent.”

“The noise was certainly not at the bottom of the door but middle...”

“Then must be a flying squirrel”, Saumya chuckled.

Our latest (supposedly) haunted destination was a particular forest officer’s residence in Duars. One fine day, we boarded the train for it.

“What’s the tale about this one now”, Saumya asked me without any interest.

“Surbhi used to be my junior in school days and so knows my hobbies well. And she has moved to these strange quarters close to the dense forest where often you can hear some kind of flute being played out of nowhere.”

“ we are going to live in some kind of proper hygienic residence this time without the risk of being under wobbly ceilings and walls? Thanks a lot, you indeed did a favour.”

I smirked and stared outside the window at the running trees and hills.

Duars had a pleasant weather for welcoming us. And we spent a wonderful morning the next day of our arrival with Surbhi who took us for a walk in the nearby weekly haat. We got to know the case (or fable as per Saumya) by the locals there.

The unearthly flute-music came from the ancient mango tree which was eighty yards away from Surbhi’s quarter. “Long back people had burnt alive this woman who was allegedly a ‘witch’ and practised dark arts. And before dying she had vowed never to leave the village alone until she had finished her revenge and while burning she was playing this tune on the lute which you can still hear sometimes; we don’t even dare to go near it after sunset.”

“Oh how extraordinary for you folks who don’t even move out of the house after sunset”, Saumya yawned and muttered slowly so that the vendor couldn’t hear her.

“So the soul is still seeking revenge or something like that?” i asked

“God knows what she is after, memsaab”, he said, arranging his vegetables, “the people who murdered her are dead long ago.........still you can hear the music. Want some potatoes memsaab? Very fresh and at cheap rates......”

“That’s true Shundordi”, Surbhi told me as we walked back home, “many a times I and my husband have heard it. Not very far away from our homes ourselves. And I must admit it did give us the chills.”

We even went to see the tree where the poor woman was killed so cruelly. It looked like any other old tree with huge branches trying to touch the sky. It seemed like those peace-loving saints who would certainly be quite annoyed to shelter some disturbed soul.

“How come the tree didn’t get burn while the woman was being burnt?” Saumya asked as we returned back to our quarters as the last rays of the sun started to disappear.

“Yes that’s strange too. Everyone says that her spirit entered the tree and continued to live on in it after her mortal body was destroyed,” Surbhi replied. All this time while we were watching the tree I had this unfriendly feel of being stared at by someone unseen, someone dangerous.

“Ah! Enough of these fairytales; let’s get real now. What’s for dinner?”

Biriyani”, Surbhi replied happily and our mouths watered.

After a delicious dinner we retired to bed. I and Saumya were in one room while Surbhi and she husband in another. Our room’s window faced the forests (and of course the wicked tree).

“Seems like a storm brewing up”, Saumya gave the weather report.

“Yeah, pretty strong winds.”

The leaves rustled noisily outside as the winds grew rougher. We shut the windows tightly and turned off the lights.

I must have been asleep for several hours when the growing noises of the storm outside woke me up. I lay quietly in my bed while Saumya beside me was still slumbering.

I heard the roaring thunder, the wild music of the swinging trees, branches and leaves, the raindrops hitting our wooden-window.

“Well, no flute-orchestra though”, I thought. But I had said it too early because almost instantly a very soft but eerie whistle of some flute being played somewhere in the forests echoed outside. My eyes widened in shock and horror. In such weather it certainly was crazy for someone to play the instrument in the dark forest. As the moments elapsed, the sound grew bolder just like my heartbeats which, also, grew louder. And the time came when it became so clear that it seemed as if the player was just outside the window in the garden, urging us to open the windows.

And then-with a bang the carefully closed windows flung open and flapped wildly in the angry winds like flags. I gave out a little scream and sat up. Saumya was already out of bed and hurried towards the main-door.

“What’s it Shundordi?” Surbhi entered our room followed by her husband anxiously, “where is Saumyadi going!” and we reached the hall just to find the unbolted door.

“Oh no,”i muttered, tensed as the world was lighted up by a bright streak of lightning.

Several hours later when the storm had been reduced to a light drizzling, Saumya came back dripping

“Oh we had been so worried” “how can you act so foolishly?” “It was really very unsafe” we all chanted at once.

But she calmly replied, “Give me a towel, will you?”

We sent back Surbhi and her annoyed husband back to bed. And I was quite ashamed that Saumya didn’t give any proper apology for this bizarre behaviour to them.

“I was so excited to hear that tune. I thought finally I was going to see a ghost....” Saumya told me while closing our bedroom’s door.

“And so you ran out like a fathead in this weather”, I completed her sentence. She grinned back shamelessly at me to my heavy disgust.

“But, Shundor, won’t you ask me what i see? Don’t you want to know what happened there?” Saumya asked me in childish excitement, “oh no, wait, i’m not going to tell you all this. You yourself are going go there now and find it out all by yourself.”

“Now?”I asked, shocked.

Her face turned stern, “what, you had been after ghosts all these years and now when you have got to see something like this you are not ready? I didn’t expect this from you. Thought you are more enthusiastic about all this than me-no don’t ask me about what I experienced-you say are you going go there now and find it out yourself or not? Look mate you won’t get another chance as this. And I don’t think it’s alright to wait until morning light. Look the rain has ceased too what are you waiting for now?”

My heart throbbed with the excitement of finding the unknown, I rose, and “won’t you come with me?”

“Yes, after you.”

I got up quietly without waking up anyone else and stepped outside. The drizzling was over by now though there was still lightning now and then. Without waiting for Saumya I reached up to the door of the garden and it was then that I saw some vague dark shadow running towards my direction waving its hands at me. But it was very far away. The next moment the surroundings became brighter due to thunderous lightning that seemed to shriek in agony. And in that light I saw the shadow which had been many yards away from me was suddenly just inches away from me and in that lightning its face was clear to me.

It was Saumya.

Waving her hands wildly at me she was forbidding me to move any further towards the direction where she was coming from, where there was that haunted tree. And her face was more horrible than the ugliest imagination of the worst nightmare ever seen by anyone alive. A flute had been pushedthrough her gaping mouth, its other bloody end coming out from the back of her skull. Her bloody face contained her widened eyes which had seen their worst and last fatal scene; and it was evident she didn’t want me to meet the same fate. And so she was repeatedly and suddenly appearing from the forest pathway, covering the long distance impossibly in the wink of an eye and when she got close to inches to me, she would disappear and emerge at the far end of the pathway again in a glimpse, just to run in the same way towards me again.

The world round me seemed to be spinning wildly. With difficulty I turned to look back at main-door of the house.

When I was leaving, Saumya was standing exactly there......but now instead there stood a hideous skeleton if a human.

“You killed my friend, witch!” I screamed in despair. But then I felt my senses go numb. My vision blurred. I felt my head hitting the ground though I didn’t feel hurt.

Before passing away I heard something- perhaps the thundering.

Or was it the ghostly crackle of the evil soul?

Submitted: May 03, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Lost knight. All rights reserved.

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pen masterrr

Ur story is nice, can u read my work 'the pickpocket'

Sun, May 3rd, 2015 5:52pm


wow! u wrote a wonderful piece indeed!

Sat, May 9th, 2015 7:13pm


I struggled to get in to this story as it seemed to distance itself form the story it was trying to tell. I would guess that English is not your first language and so you have my respect for writing in what is not your natural tongue. I could not write in any language other than English. The story has merit, but I felt either you should have developed the characters more or developed the atmosphere more and left the characters to the reader's imagination. I also feel that there was too much conversation for a short story. I hope you found these comments useful. Keep writing, and I hope you will check out more of my work, and I will repay the compliment. ~EoM

Mon, May 4th, 2015 3:35pm


Thanks so much for your valuable feedback!

Sat, May 9th, 2015 7:14pm

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