The warrior Alessandra

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The life of Alessandra who after Kira died has taken on the fight to change the world and make it a better place.

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



Memories are powerful things. They tell your past and some memories if given to the wrong person can destroy you. I found out the hard way. My best friend she betrayed me. It was a cold dark night and I was traveling alone she had ridden ahead to check out the situation. I didn't know that she sold me out to the wrong people lucky for me I was quick enough to escape with my life.

"Hello, there Alessandra." I hear the familiar voice that used to sing to me I look up and see her face. "Why did I have to be so stupid as to believe that I would meet another Kira?"

"How have you been Alessandra?" I hear something that I can't quite figure out what it is. "I'm fine, I think I'm better off without worrying about a young girl." It looks like I just hit a nerve. But there's something else like she regrets having  betrayed me. Except, I know better when I found out that it was her I almost killed her, instead I heard Kira in my head "You can't let  your anger get the best of you. You should let the person suffer their consequences from their actions. Everything will end up better later." I remember her telling me that it wasn't ok to kill just because I was angry something I'm glad she taught me before she was killed.

Kira, beautiful Kira she I met her when I was younger she saved me from death as well as my brother and the few villagers that were left from the Order of the new world burning. My brother Xenon was in love with her except he had hurt her before I was born and she eventually forgave him it just took a lot for her. Kira, always told me that if you had love of some sort it might just be enough to save the soul.

"Are you thinking of that pathetic girl Kira? She died in vain. I don't understand why you cared so much for her." I look at her trying to find a weak spot for an instant kill. "Yes, I think about Kira because she was twice the friend you ever were, and I learned so much from her that I couldn't learn from you. She wa struly my best friend."

I realized why Kora had done what she'd done it was because she was afraid I would leave her behind. she felt that she couldn't live up to the standard that Kira had in my heart. "You're jealous of Kira." I state matter of factly. "You were afraid that you wouldn't live up to Kira. I understand now that all you wanted was to have a place in my heart even though you have no idea how much you meant to me." She looks guilty then she bursts into tears. "I was afraid that I'd be forgotten, so I tried to being evil and ratting you out. i was foolish as soon as you got away they tried to kill me."

Kora felt she wasn't good enough because I was always telling her how much Kira meant to me, what she didn't know was that I was happiest when we fought together as a team. "Listen, Kira has always and will always mean the world to me but when we fought and when we knew everything about each other I was happiest. I wasn't fighting alone knowing that if I died I would be remembered. I fought with you by my side because I knew that you'd keep fighting for the same cause I was fighting for." I look at her  and she breaks down completely. "Will you ever forgive me?" I look at her and realize the truth. "Yes, I will  forgive you because we are and always will be friends." I smile at her and realize that I meant every word I just said.

Together we walked away from the one point in the past that was heartbreaking. We had finally made up and we were off to fight another battle. 

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