I Found Her in the Grocery Store

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Just a memory

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




I walked into the local grocery store last night to pick up a few last-minute things to make dinner. I really wasn't paying attention to anything; I guess my mind was just going through the million and a half things that I still had to get done. Then I turned the corner on the next aisle, and it hit me. ??

There was a fragrance lingering in the air that stopped me dead in my tracks. I would know it anywhere. It was a perfume called "Happy" that SHE used to wear. I closed my eyes and stood there unable to move. I tilted my head back and slowly breathed in this wonderful aroma that demanded my attention. ??

The fragrance entered my lungs, but was not confined there. Instead, it went straight to my eternal soul and conjured up the memories that daily life seems to keep hidden away. ??

Suddenly, there she was standing before me in all of her marvelous beauty. Those dark, mysterious eyes that I could get lost in for hours...that silky smooth skin that always beckoned to be touched.... those full, luscious lips, and that infectious smile. I could see her in my mind. I could feel the huge hug that she always gives me when I see her. Even her sweet voice, whose melody used to entrance me.... it was all there in an instant. ??

I refused to open my eyes, for I knew it was all in my head, and I didn't want to lose this heavenly vision. ??

Eventually, the fragrance dissipated and I was left standing alone in the aisle. Yes, I was alone. I entered the store alone, and I would leave it alone. The reality hit me, and with it a mixture of emotions that I'd not felt in a while.

It was a bit of jealousy, sadness, self-pity, and yet...there was joy. This magnificent girl was no longer mine, yet for just a moment, I was able to be transported back to a happier time in life - a time where I loved with all my heart, soul and mind. ??

I left the store after getting the few items that I had gone for, and I drove home still thinking about her, about us, and about why the world works the way it does. ??

And at the end of the day, I tucked myself into bed and marveled at the fact that I have come so far, yet still miss so much. 

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