So That's What Heaven Smells Like

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Just a memory

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




It was one of those moments that will live forever.  It is frozen – timeless. 


She came into the store and stood there at the counter as the clerk attended to other customers.  Her beauty was breathtaking.  There was a pair of glasses pulled up on top of her head, and it held her hair back off of her face.  Never before had such a face captured his imagination.  The face of an angel.  Her dark hair was long.  It flowed over her shoulders and perfectly matched her dark eyebrows and her sparkling brown eyes.  It was as if she were a model posing for a magazine spread.  The pictures would have been perfect.  He stared at her form across the room. His attention was fixed on this magnificent girl, and he was unable to look away even for a moment.There, he thought, was a face to die for. 


She got an application for employment and leaned over the counter and started writing.  Her attention was fixed on what she was doing, yet she would occasionally look around to see what was happening.  Her eyes would catch a stranger’s, and she would smile.  It would later become one of his most prized memories and the constant focus of his desires.  That smile seemed to brighten her face until it became a glowing example of how perfection is never complete. 


He watched from afar and admired what he saw.  If I were only younger, he thought to himself.  His feet began to move without his command and drew him closer to where she was.  As he worked his way to a different vantage point, he could get a better view of her.  She was leaning over the counter writing, and her low-cut blouse immediately grabbed his attention.  Curves!  He stared at her as any man would and desired to see more of this beautiful girl.  Her skin looked so soft and young.  Her neck looked so inviting.  He looked closer and saw a necklace hanging down midway between her chin and her breasts.  It was a gold chain with a petite cross.  His guilt overtook him when he saw this.  You should not be looking at her that way, he told himself. Yet, he continued to stare.


The entire episode was only a few minutes in length, but it seemed to be all in slow motion.  It was just like you see in the movies when they show love at first sight.  Everything in the background faded to a blur, and only she was clearly in focus.  All attention was on her.  Her movements were accentuated, and the softness of the moment overcame everything else. 


Then as abruptly as it started, it ended.  The young girl stood up straight and handed the application to the clerk.  Her smile warmed the place again, and she turned and started to walk away.  Her hand reached up to her head and moved the glasses back down to her face as she moved towards the exit.  He walked rapidly now wanting to maintain his view of her, yet he was too far away.  She opened the door leading to the hallway and walked away.  His hasty dash for the door wasn’t fast enough, and he knew that he would not see her face any longer.  Yet he was still in for a treat.  As he cleared the corner, he was just in time to see her walking away.  It was at this moment that he realized that her perfection was not limited to her face alone.  This girl – this treasure of God’s kingdom - was wearing a long skirt that accentuated her curves.  Oh what a beautiful girl, he thought. That is beauty at its finest. 


In his rush to see her leave, he had almost ignored the fragrance that she left behind.  It lingered in the air wanting to be appreciated.  He had always been turned on by the smell of great perfume on a girl.  Suddenly, he stopped.  His eyes closed and he took a long, deep breath.  Ever so slowly, he inhaled the sweet essence of this muse.  He was hooked.  If I never get to see her again, I will have seen absolute beauty.  I will have witnessed perfection, and I will have smelled the fragrance of a heavenly creature here on Earth.

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