Fedor Away

Fedor Away

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



This is the Village that has been cursed for many years.
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This is the Village that has been cursed for many years.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Fedor Away

Author Chapter Note

This is the Village that has been cursed for many years.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2013




Hey Guys I know this sucks but let me know what you think so far?


There is this village named, Fedor that is not known to many.

There lives a guy named, Louis Tomlinson all by himself.

His parents had died in a car accident, when he was 14, but now he was all grown up, 20 years old still living alone.

He hadn’t been talking to anyone in the village. Not just because he thought they were creepy and weird but because his parents told him not to. All that he do was go to school and come back home , he never spoke to anyone at his school.

Even when Louis’s parents were alive they did the same , not talk to anyone. Louis really didn’t know the reason why .

Nobody really came to visit from outside the village. Even when they did, they couldn’t leave the Village.

Fedor had been cursed many years ago, that’s the reason Louis hadn’t left this place, that’s because he couldn’t. The curse was unknown; no one knew who had cast the spell. That’s why this village was called Fedor; you faded away from the outside world.

Louis hadn’t seen the outside world at all. He sometimes wondered if it was as boring as this village. He sometimes cried, because he was so lonely. He had nobody to talk to.

But he did have things that he enjoyed doing, like reading a book, writing his own songs and playing the piano.

Chapter 1

It was spring time and Louis went outside like usually, to sit on the bench outside his house to read a book. There was nothing else to do since there was no TV, no phone or anything else electronic.

It had been quiet outside except for the birds chirping. But then Louis heard a voice. He wondered who it could be, since no one ever came to visit him.

“Who’s there?” Louis asked loudly.

Then out of nowhere a kid came from behind Louis and covered his mouth and quietly whispered, “Don’t scream please. I need your help. Please!!Please I need your help!!

Louis pushed the kids’ hands away from his mouth and said “Where the hell did you come from kid? And why would I help you? , asked Louis

“Don’t call me a kid, I’m 17. Anyway could you find me a place I could hide please? Someone’s after me, they want me dead or something. And I don’t wanna die so...please!!?” said the kid, almost tears coming out of his eyes.

Louis looked at the kid and thought about it for a second. The kids’ clothes had been really torn. Louis wondered why. Then he quickly replied, “Okay lets go. I got a place for you.” said Louis while walking inside his house. “Are you okay with staying in the basement; there are bugs in there though”.

“What?? You didn’t have to say that. I hate bugs you know.”

“Well you gonna have to deal with that kid.”, said Louis

“Could you please stop calling me like that? I have a name you know.” said the boy.

“Oh sorry,, but you never told me. What am I supposed to call you?”

“You don’t know me huh? Oh yeah you don’t, well I’m Harry ...Harry Styles.” said the kid nervously.

“Well then Harry, here’s the basement”, said Louis while leading Harry into the pitch black basement.

“Whoa it’s too dark in here. Is there like a light switch or something?” asked Harry

“Nope sorry”

“What?!! Not even a lamp”

“Nope!! No lamp, either. Why...Are you scared Harry?”

“Yeah of course I am, what do you think? It’s so…so dark and you said there are bugs in there. No way am I staying in there.”

“So you rather die?” asked Louis while laughing.

“Can you please stop with that Louis” said Harry

“Oh I feel bad for you, just stay in my room,There’s a lot of space in my closet. Let’s go’,said Louis, while going up the stairs toward his room , Harry following after him. “Wait!! How do you know my name? , I never told you my name.”, asked Louis

“Well I kind of do know you, I guess. But not really though”

“What do mean you know me, I’ve never met you before? I don’t even know who you are. Where’d you even come from? Are you from this Village?”

“Wow calm down please, I’ll explain everything later. Just let me stay here for a while” Said Harry.

“No, you’re a stranger and you know my name. Why would I let you stay? Tell me whatever you need to right now or else leave.”, said Louis , sounding a bit rude. “Well go on, I’m waiting….tell me”

“Well someone sent me here; they said your name and told me where you live. So I came here.” said Harry.

“Who the hell would do that? I don’t ever talk to no one in this village. I barely know anyone really close. Do you know the name to who she or he was?”

Well it’s a he. He never mentioned his name though.

Did you ask him?

Yes of course I did. He said it’s not important.

How’s that not important? Why did you even listen to that man if you didn’t know him?

Well it’s creepy but he said he knew I was coming and he knew my name. Anyway that’s not the important part though. I’m just confused about everything. What is this place?

Well my question to you is how in the hell you ended up here. Because this village is invisible from the real world.

I found this place myself. Now I wish I hadn’t. It’s because of this book I found in my mom’s library room. She...just died… a month ago and I was going through her stuff and saw this book called “Locked Up in Hell”.

Oh sorry bout’ that. So is that book supposed to be about this Village?

Yeah it’s creepy cause everything said in the book it’s coming to be true.

What do you mean?

Well there was a note I found inside the book, and it was in my mom’s handwriting. It was a list of things to do before dying. One of them was visiting this place. It was not checked so she hadn’t done it yet. So I decided to visit this place for her.

But how did you get in?

I actually read the full book. It said some weird stuff. And..

Weird stuff… Like What?

I don’t know it said a lot of things. Like the person who wrote that book was…I think her name was Jay Tomlinson. And that’s your mom isn’t it Louis?

What!!?? How do you know that?

That one man I told you about told me that.

Who the hell is that man, I better find out.

I said I don’t know him.

Ok whatever. Continue…

Oh yeah so the book was autographed and given to my mom. Here I have the book in my bag, I’ll just show you, said Louis while taking the book out of his bag and showing the page that was autographed.

But how’s that possible my mom died a long time ago when I was about 16. She and my dad died 6 years ago and this book was signed when?

Well it says the book was published 1 years ago.

What!!! How can that be possible she’s dead?

Well I don’t think she is .

Well I saw her get buried to the ground . I think I know that. Your just making up stuff aren’t you?

No am not…

Maybe it’s some other author that has the same name as my mom.

Ok then... Why does the book mention this place. Exactly this Village

Please just shut up. I know what my mom has written, I have read all her stories how’s that possible.

Ok just listen to me. I’ll tell you what the book is about. It’s really important.

Well the book mentions a guy living alone in a Village that has been cursed for many years. Well it was talking about you. The book also tells about how people in this Village can reach the real world. I think your mom found a way.

What you mean? She’s still alive?

Yeah maybe I guess. Well she’s gone from this Village and she’s in the real world according to the book.

What…give me that book, said Louis while grabbing it from Harry and flipping it through the pages.

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