A Love Found

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A love story.

Submitted: May 31, 2009

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Submitted: May 31, 2009



I tripped and stumbled as I ran through the thick, dark forest but I never stopped. The sun hadn’t completely set yet but the tall green trees provided darkness even during the day. I ran on and hoped that he wouldn’t notice my absence. He was sleeping so that should have bought me some time. Just when I completely convinced myself that I was getting away, I heard a relatively close, unmistakable grunt that only came from him when he ran. Oh no…

I ran faster but I could hear that he was getting closer. The sound of his paws thumping the ground was not assuring. My heart was racing, my legs were exhausted, and the cuts and bruises were stinging in the wind I made by running. Too many times had I hit my body on a branch or root and too many times had I ran straight through low branches. The results were dreadfully painful. But I couldn’t stop now. No, I couldn’t.

I ran into a clearing and almost fainted from exhaustion. But when I reached the middle and almost dropped, I was knocked over by a big, strong, furry force. He probably jumped on his hind legs to tackle me so that he could catch me faster; I was almost grateful he did.

He turned me over and growled deeply—he was upset. His beady black eyes bored into mine as I panted desperately. Even though he was obviously angry that I tried to run away from him again, I could see the sorrow in his eyes. Why had he kidnapped me? Why had he taken me away from my resented family?

He swiftly hit me on the head and I was soon unconscious. The last thing I saw was he, changing from that furry wolf to a pale human.

* * *

I awoke in a dark, moist place. I almost didn’t recognize it as another cave. He probably switched to another more remote one since I kept running away easily from the other.

I sat up slowly and put a hand on my aching head.

“Would you like some food, Sophie?” I heard a deep voice as and turned around to face him.

I glared at him and he didn’t ask again. He was a strange guy, one of the only people who understood me, but I still hated him. He had no right to do what he did. He always knew my moods and was disconcertingly quiet. It’s been two weeks since my kidnap and I doubted that anyone noticed my absence.

I’d never willingly admit it, but I loved his voice. It was deep and romantic, but he always spoke timidly and barely above a whisper. He always talked to me gently no matter what I had done. Around me, he was always serene and kind. His voice and good looks made it hard to hate him, but I managed. With his jet-black hair, contrastingly pale skin, and icy blue eyes, he could no doubt obtain any woman. His other form—the wolf one—had shaggy black fur that hid him well in the dark. I've only seen his wolf-form when I ran away. Otherwise, he appeared human.

I silently pondered his demeanor towards me and wondered how his voice would sound if he spoke louder and with pride. It’s as if he’s almost ashamed of what he’s done yet has no regrets. The curiosity was burning inside of me, raging like a fire fueled by oxygen. With every breath, I got more and more curious. I glanced over at him occasionally, but he was concentrating on stirring a bowl of what he calls food. It was probably what he intended to feed me.

It became too much to bear; curiosity was too much to endure. I just had to ask. But first I should make casual conversation. What to start with? Of course! He never told me his name.

“Who are you?” I asked more icily than I intended.

But he smiled and answered, “James, but many call me Jamie.”

“Okay,” I said. I couldn’t possibly be any more casual and went straight to the point.

“Why did you kidnap me?” I asked with more contempt than curiosity.

He immediately lowered his gaze to the bowl and stirred it absent-mindedly. An uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Just when I thought he wasn’t going to answer, he did.

“I prefer the term ‘rescue’,” he said softly.

“What? Rescue?” I practically shouted and he flinched at the tone of my voice.

“Yes, rescue,” he answered even softer while bowing his head some more after he recovered from my sudden outburst.

“Rescue how?” I asked with contempt and skepticism.

“You were unhappy.” It was barely more than a whisper, but I heard it all the same.

Within that moment, I realized that he was one hundred percent correct. I was unhappy. Suddenly, intense feelings of guilt overtook me. I had no right to hate him—I should be thanking him.

I looked at him with nothing but sadness tainting my expression. No contempt, no rage—just sadness. But he did not look at me. He was obviously still trying to say something, but I didn’t have to wait long for him to muster the courage.

“You were unhappy… and lonely,” he said, then added in a whisper, “As was I.”

I looked at him now with something close to astonishment. No contempt, no rage; no sadness. The black veil of misunderstanding was lifted from my face and realization came with full force. He was right of course. I was unhappy; I was lonely. But he was too? How can that be? And how did he know how I felt? Was I as easy to read as an open book? But it didn’t matter now and I cast those questions to the depths of my mind. I looked at him and he was still timidly looking down. I crawled toward him on my hands and knees and embraced him; he tightly wove his arms around me in response. Never have I felt this way before.

* * *

I started becoming aware of my surroundings and felt a very warm object around and near me. How strange. The only warm things in this damp cave were me and…

I opened my eyes and saw Jamie. Then, yesterday’s events came flooding back to me: the embrace, the talk—everything. I remembered how were holding onto each other for such a long time and neither of us wanted to let go. I remembered wondering about him. Who exactly was he? It was so bizarre. He knew everything about me and I knew scarcely anything about him. That was when I started asking him questions on top of questions. There were so many things that made up his unique character. He shared everything with me except his history. “I’d prefer not to talk about it.” That’s what he said. I had strong emotions for him now, and I respected his privacy.

I slowly lifted his arm, not wanting to wake him. I wiggled out of our embrace and stood at the cave’s entrance. It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t resist going for a walk for some fresh air. Of course I didn’t plan on running away again. I was ignorant then, knowledgeable now. I wouldn’t dare sacrifice this. Not now, not ever.

I looked back at his peaceful slumber before I left. I hoped to come back before he awoke. Little did I know that I would not be back for a very long time.

* * *

He awoke with a start—he had a horrible nightmare: Sophie left again. He looked around to see that his nightmare became reality. Where was she? He called out her name many times, hoping that she was somewhere nearby but she never responded. That was when he started panicking.

He thought about the intimate moment they shared yesterday. Surly that was not a lie. Surly she was not deceiving him. He cast those thoughts out of his mind. No, it couldn’t be. He never fell asleep before her. He always watched her until she closed her eyes and then he watched her for a couple hours more. Only when he was positive that she was in a deep sleep was when he finally laid down for some rest himself. He recently learned that he didn’t need a lot of sleep; about two to four hours was enough.

He told himself to stop panicking and concentrate but he could not. Pessimistic thoughts entered his mind without his permission. She seemed so real yesterday. She was lying to him.

He shook his head violently. “No!” he bellowed. He was not allowed to think those thoughts. “Get a hold on yourself,” he said. Great. Now he was talking to himself. But it didn’t matter—it was working.

He tried to focus and pick up her scent. He hated how it took him more concentration than others to do this. Everything he had to do that was not human was harder for him than any others of his kind. Many, including his own family, said he had a curse; he believed it immensely.

He relaxed, closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply. In and out, inhale and exhale. Finally, he had control and he concentrated on catching her scent.

It was fresh, meaning that she recently left. That was a good sign. Maybe he could still catch her. But then another thought entered his mind: Maybe he should just let her go. He wanted to see her happy and if she was happy without him then so be it. But he needed her. Probably more than she needed him. He couldn’t possibly let her go.

He stood up, still concentrating intensely, and followed her scent to a small clearing in the forest. It was so tiny and there was a fallen tree in the middle of it. Based on what he picked up, she sat on the tree. It was strange because then her scent was nowhere to be found. Maybe he just needed to focus some more. He sat on the log and did the same routine as before but this time he was already aware of her scent. He embraced it, trying to find where her scent goes next but it was so hard. He resented his curse. How was he going to find her if he couldn’t pick up her scent?

Just when he thought all was lost, he picked up another, well hidden scent. This scent probably mixed with hers, completely blocking it out. He smelled the scent before but he ignored it—he was only looking for Sophie and not anyone else. This scent led north and his cave was west. Then, at that moment, comprehension struck him. She was kidnapped. Again. No, not again. He rescued her.

He immediately stood up and followed the scent. He pursued it for what seemed like an eternity but finally reached a huge house. No, it wasn’t a house. It was a mansion. But it was so creepy looking. It looked almost castle-like; it had stones instead of paint on the outside. He wondered what the inside looked like. Hopefully better than the outside.

He hesitated only briefly and then marched straight up to the mansion. He reached the door and then he called himself crazy. Was he seriously going to knock on the door? He regained his focus and concentrated on the scents. Now the two scents separated and Sophie’s was in the left of the mansion while her kidnapper’s was in the right. He backed up and looked for a way to get to the left and find Sophie. But then he reconsidered it. Perhaps he should go after the kidnapper. After all, it could happen again.

He didn’t know what to do; there were so many options. Then he decided that Sophie was the most important so he followed her scent.

He climbed, using the stone façade as hand and foot holds.

Finally, he reached the window where her scent was the strongest and burst through it. He would never forget the sight that awaited him. It was a man—the kidnapper probably. But… how? How was this possible?

He smiled evilly and said, “Well it’s about time. I expected you hours ago.”

His voice was like velvet; only a certain species had voices like that.

“Vampire!” Jamie shouted with immense contempt.

He said it viciously but the kidnapper only smiled.

“Yes,” he said and then paused. “I thought you knew.” He gave Jamie a taunting look. “There’s only one werewolf I know who can’t do things properly. You wouldn’t happen to be the infamous Jamie, huh?” He talked lightly but Jamie could hear the taunt with every word he spoke.

Jamie growled as a response and the kidnapper clasped his hands joyously and said, “I knew it. It is you! Gee, I never thought I’d get to meet a live cursed person.” Then he stood and bowed. “What an honor,” he said viciously with an evil smile. Then he regained his frivolous tone. “The human must belong to you.” Next he said with remorse, “What a sad little thing. So weak, futile.” He closed his eyes and shook his head sadly but then he looked up at Jamie with a menacing smile. “But her blood smells so good.”

It was obvious that this guy was insane and most likely low on blood. Most of Jamie’s kind considered vampires enemies, but he never thought of them that way. Now, it didn’t matter. He was talking about Sophie so cruelly. That was unforgivable.

Jamie quickly changed shape. Finally! It didn’t take him long! But he had no time to rejoice. He roared and pinned the kidnapper on the ground. The kidnapper was angry now—he did not expect this. They wrestled for what seemed like an eternity but then the kidnapper kicked him off of him and into the bed in the room. Of course the bed was destroyed but no one seemed to care about it. The kidnapper swiftly stood up and so did Jamie. Then, without a warning or indication, the kidnapper ran into him but they both remained upright.

“You dare defy me! Me! Julien!” the kidnapper bellowed.

That distracted Jamie and he stopped, giving Julien a great opportunity to overtake him.

“Julien?” Jamie asked with Julien pinning him. “The Julien? Gee, I expected you to be a little less insane.” Jamie rolled his eyes. This guy was supposed to be some famous vampire. He was crazy!

“Insane! I am not insane!” Julien shouted and this time it was him that was distracted.

Jamie went in for the kill. It was quick and probably painless. Jamie tore Julien’s head off and was splattered with blood. So he actually did feed recently. Jamie was glad that he did but then he thought about something else. What if that’s Sophie’s blood? He started panicking and came to the conclusion that if Julien had Sophie’s scent, then Sophie should have Julien’s scent. He hoped he was right.

He followed Julien’s scent and tried to open the door but saw that it was locked. This gave him hope. Maybe he locked Sophie in there. He unlocked the door and saw the most wonderful sight he could ever see.

“Sophie!” he shouted happily.

“Jamie!” I shouted back and ran to embrace him.

* * *

“Jamie, oh Jamie! I’m so glad to see you,” I said happily. Just when I was about to give up hope, he came. He came! I could barely believe it. But then, a bad thought occurred. “What about that guy? Oh no! He’ll find you! We have to leave now!”

“It’s okay,” he assured me. “I already took care of him.”

Then he did something completely bizarre. He gently pushed me away and checked both sides of my neck. After he examined both sides thoroughly, he sighed in relief. I was curious but didn’t question. I was eager to embrace him once again.

He hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, “Sophie, I love you.”

I was overtaken with joy. “I love you too,” I whispered back and squeezed him harder.

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