The Anchor

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this anchor pulls me down.

Submitted: April 30, 2011

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Submitted: April 30, 2011



Im in a fog right now.

the whisper of a wordless song is leaving my mind blank.

its this sort of song, this slow chime, that leaves me empty.

why would i drain myself, why would i

surrender myself, to a song?

Its a craving. I crave to fill my mind,

even full of empty nothings,

i sit alone.

unhealthily worshipping these weapons,

these songs, these thoughts.

i have had unhealthier cravings though.

the craving for my knife to bite deeper,

chew harder.

the craving for these pills to digest faster,

to take me away sooner.

so i sit, alone.

filling my thoughts with my cravings.

to surrender, to empty, to bleed, to relieve, to die.

and suddently these tears feel worthless.

better spent on a starving child,

or a mother, who has lost her baby,

to the cold ocean, the burning bullet, the kiss of a fatal disease.

 and why should i sit alone, and weep?

because sometimes, being alive for me,

is like being dead for an optimist.

frightening, lonely, and dreaded.

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