Terror in the Nile

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A woman sits near the bank of a river, quietly waiting for the right moment.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



She looked at her watch and realized there was just five minutes left. Crouching upon the damp long grass, Yassa watched the stretch of the Nile River in front of her like a tiger. "It should be here now." She muttered. Yassa looked ahead of the Nile and saw the cerulean ferry vividly visible on the water. After a few anxious glances at her watch, the ferry had drawn near enough for Yassa to make out a few details on the side of the hull. The ferry was called 'S.S. Menes'. Yassa lifted her head up to analyze the sidebars of the boat where packs of American tourists were looking out to the hazy horizon with the cameras around their necks. The sun was beating down on the back of Yassa's neck. Her whole body felt as if it were being baked in an oven.

Yassa checked her watch again, and then reached into her pocket. She took out a small black mobile phone. She searched through her other pocket and got out a small piece of paper, "Here it is." She said to herself. The heat was getting intense, beads of sweat started to form on her nose and forehead. A sudden gust of wind blew away the piece of paper in Yassa's hand. "Argh!" she grunted and lunged for the paper, catching it just before it touched the surface of the dirty brown water. Yassa edged closer and closer to the muddy banks of the Nile, not taking her eyes of the ferry as she crawled.

She lifted the binoculars from around her neck and raised them to her squinting eyes. The binoculars gradually focused on the crowd of tourists fanning themselves with their brochures because of the extreme heat. Yassa became aware that a school party was on board. Leaning against the side bars was a familiar figure, she slowly zoomed in.

It was her twelve year old daughter.

Yassa dropped the binoculars as though they were white hot. "No." she breathed.

It felt like her insides were being torn out. Yassa looked down at her black mobile phone which lay stationary on the ground next to her, she looked up at the ferry again and saw her daughter laughing amid her friends. The happiness on her beloved daughter's face made her heart sink deeper and deeper. "I won't let her go," she whispered, "Not for this."

Yassa absolutely regretted the day that she agreed to carry out the detonation of the bomb lodged in the ferry. She knew this was a treacherous thing to do but she needed the money for her daughter's surgeries. One missed operation, and she risked losing her to osteosarcoma, a cancer in the bone. Yassa took the phone in her trembling hand. She dropped to her knees and said to the sky, "What am I going to do?"

Her eyes were starting to fill with tears. Yassa was about to breakdown when suddenly a strong hand gripped her from behind. She spun round quickly and was relieved to find that it was only her associate, Rahim. "Why are you not detonating the bomb?" his impatient voice seemed to be getting louder and louder by the second, "The plan was to blow up the ferry at 1pm, the time the American president delivers his speech in Cairo, two minutes have passed! Why has it not been blown to bits?" Yassa kept looking at the ground, gripping onto the phone, "I can't." she muttered, "What did you say?" said Rahim in a dangerously low voice. Yassa looked Rahim straight in the eye, "I am not going to detonate the bomb." Rahim glowered at Yassa, his face was contorted with anger. Then unexpectedly his lips curled into a cold menacing smile, "Well if you are not going to ignite it," he slowly advanced on Yassa, "I will." Rahim made a dive for the hand in which Yassa was holding the phone. She darted away from Rahim's grasp falling into a mudhole, the phone slipped from her hadn the moment she fell, landing a few meters from her. Yassa made a dash for the phone snatching it away before Rahim could.

He charged at her causing them both to fall onto the slippery banks of the Nile. They both wrestled through the muddy grass while the sweltering hot sun stung their faces. Rahim grabbed Yassa by the neck, "Give me the phone, NOW!" Yassa felt her throat being constricted, she had no choice. She helplessly released the phone in her hand. Gasping for air, Yassa sat up glaring up at him, "It's over," she thought, "I have lost." Just then she remembered the small piece of paper in her pocket. "Rahim," she said, "Do you not need the number for the bomb?" Yassa waved the piece of paper over her head. In the blink of an eye, Yassa was under Rahim's foot, "Hand that over, Yassa." said Rahim, towering over her. Yassa grinned, her head was on the edge of the river. Rahim bent over to seize the paper when Yassa kicked him swiftly with both her feet.

Yassa watched him hit the water. A strong current carried Rahim down the river.

She checked her watch - 1.12PM. She picked up her binoculars and focused in on her daughter. There she was, safe and standing among her friends, watching the president give out his speech in Cairo. A single tear of happiness rolled down Yassa's cheek.

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