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About books and my experiences with them.

Submitted: September 26, 2010

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Submitted: September 26, 2010



Ever since the age of three I started to recognize them. Every evening before I went to sleep an adored parent would come and perch beside me. While my mother read to me about fairies, I gradually fall asleep. Mum quietly closed the book and left me in peace.

Yes, Books are what I have come to discuss.


These entertaining objects are made up of words on paper, bound together. They can appear in many different shapes and sizes including books fitting on the palm of your hand to ones containing up to 1000 pages.

They are either compacted with words or illustrations. A single sheet within a book is called a leaf, and each side of a leaf is called a page.

Books can be written in first person (biography about oneself) such as Mao’s Last Dancer by the man himself “Li Cunxin”, second person (he or she) and third person (him or her).


The word book comes from

Old English "b?c" which itself comes from the Germanic root which is cognate to "beech". It is presumbed that writings may have been carved on beech wood. Originally words were not separated from each other and there was no punctuation. Texts were written from right to left, left to right, and even so that alternate lines read in opposite directions. The technical term for this type of writing is 'boustrophedon,' which means literally 'ox-turning' for the way a farmer drives an ox to plough his fields


Books are a part of my everyday life and are my way of relaxing as they carry me into another world away from reality. Every time I read I am learning a new range of vocabulary which helps me immensly for my subject english at college.


I consider myself a bookworm and have the bookcase to prove it.

That bookcase planted in my room is always blooming with new books.

I walk into a book shop and what do I say? I haven’t read that book…Mum?

Novels have always enticed me and I love the way the words in a book are put together making my mind run wild with imagination. If it wasn’t for books I think lots of people wouldn’t know what they now know today.

Reading is one of the key skills recommended for success in language.

I remember when I was about 6 years old and I was trying to read a book with only 5 words per pages. It was getting frustrated that I couldn’t read the words. Looking back now I find that I have learnt a lot reading books.

If I hadn’t of kept reading I would probably still be struggling to read that same book today.


So far I’m reading Emma by Jane Austen which has a genre of romance.

Jane Austen’s writing skills are extraordinary and inspire my will to write my own novel. A book written by her named “Pride and Prejudice” is one of my favorite novels. The language in her books is full of eloquence, politeness and chivalrous characters such as this section out of the book


“I cannot be otherwise than concerned at being the means of injuring your amiable daughters, and beg leave to apologize for it, as well as to assure you of my readiness to make them every possible amends-but of this hereafter. It you should have no objection to receive me into your house.”


In my eyes the language is difficult to comprehend as sentences are verbose and unorthodox to our abrupt way of communicating today.

Our generation’s way of talking is very direct and to the point for example a segment out of “Storm breaker by Anthony Horowitz”:


“Snake was the first out. Then Fox and Eagle. Alex would have been the last to leave the room, but just as he reached the exit he found Wolf blocking his way. “Tough luck, Double O Nothing,” Wolf said. His voice was soft, almost kind. The next thing Alex knew, the heel of Wolf’s palm had rammed into his chest, pushing him back with astonishing force.”


Anthony’s series are filled with intense adventure, spy and mystery.

If I had to tell of what books were most amiable for me I would be unable to.  All novels I lay my hands on make me feel as though I am really there watching over there extraordinary plots.


From books movies have been created by actor’s portraying the storyline and showing it at cinema’s and televisions in your living room. Without novels people all around the world would be ignorant of any such creation and the effect it has on humans during successive years. Illiterate would become a word universally acknowledged with concern.



I am grateful to my parents for introducing literature to my life and convincing me to pursue my reading.

Remember great adventures are worth the wait you’ve just got to persuade yourself to read and find out what the plots all about. Eventually reading words will become a useful habit and an advantage on your part.

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