War, Is it Ever Ok?

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Speech about the Second World War during Anne Franks time.

Submitted: August 17, 2010

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Submitted: August 17, 2010




Recently, I visited the house in Amsterdam where Anne Frank and her family hid during the 2nd World War. I enjoyed looking around the rooms where Anne and her family hid. It was interesting but sad because they had to be so quiet otherwise they’d be discovered.

Anne Frank wrote this in 1944 when she was hiding in Amsterdam from Germans.

“What’s the point of the war?

Why, oh why can’t people live together?

Peacefully? Why all this destruction?

…Oh, why are people so crazy?”

Are we still this crazy now?

Will we ever learn from the past?  As Anne Frank’s father said, “To build a future you have to know the past”.

But there’ve been good conclusions from bad conflicts.

A war many years ago brought peace to Switzerland.

Swiss brothers fought on opposite sides in war and Swiss families didn’t like their own people fighting and killing each other and decided that Switzerland would become neutral in wars.  

The Swiss weren’t in the 1st or 2nd World War.

Today, to keep this peace, there’s a Swiss Army who act as peace keepers in places like Kosovo.

While in Switzerland, a friend of mum’s told me today there is a mix of full time and part time Swiss soldiers.  Every Swiss man over 20 serves full time in the Army for 6 months and then part time for 3 years.

Anne Frank was born and brought up in Germany. During WW2 when Hitler invaded Europe the Frank’s found Jews were leaving.  The Franks stayed but later escaped to the Netherlands. When conditions for Jews got bad, they decided to hide in the annex at the back of her father’s Warehouse.  

Jews were made to wear the Star of David and went to Germany as slaves in concentration camps. Anne wrote in her diary about experiences and feelings that she and her family had while hiding.  Late in 1944, Anne and her family were discovered and went to camps in Germany where.  Anne’s sister Margot died of typhus in early 1945. Anne died a short while later.  Her father survived the war and came back, found and got Anne’s book published. Her diary became famous.

There are millions of us on Earth so we’ll have disagreements. Little problems that are easy to solve, to political problems that can lead to war. Conflicts can solve problems but also ruin friendships and destroy lives. 

Yet today wars continue in Africa, Angola, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Tibet.




Where‘s this all leading?

Conflicts are everywhere and can start from anything.

School -bus - home - streets

Bullying, fighting.

Who’s right?

Who’s wrong?

Is it worth fighting for peace?

People should have freedom; feel safe.

Respect others. Because if not, it leads to War, Is it Eva ok?

NO IT IS’NT! and nobody should be in similar situations to what Anne experienced.

I’ll end with a quote from a lady who knew Anne when she was in a concentration camp.

“All discrimination, whatever form it takes is evil and the world can go to pieces because of it.  So we have to make sure that it will never happen again.”


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