Smile Sunshine

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Submitted: May 10, 2015

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Submitted: May 10, 2015



Take those extra long breaths,
teetering on the edge of unconsciousness...
You kiss my cheek and hug my body
and yet your breath freezes my wavering soul.
Why don't you want me anymore?
Why don't you love me anymore...
What did I do to you,
what did I do to you,
good thing I never trusted you.
Shove my heart away,
tear my very existence in two
when all I tried to do was love you.
You leave scars on my heart and mind
that transfer to my arms and legs,
just a little more agony to feed the red;
tell me who she is and I will make my bed.
Just a little more blind so I won't cry,
stab my back a little harder and just let me die.

The final script:
written on the back of the last game we played;
a Yahtzee scorecard,
you beat me again.
Now that was a lie;
the last game we played
was yours, my friend.
My soulmate to which there was to be no end.
Checkmate, you win,
I lay my king down and forfeit again.
A subtle burn to make her yearn
for the forbidden, the unspoken,
the unforgivable for the unforgiven.
Now you cry and now you frown?
Tell them all I ran away -
isn't that how you play?
Blame the dog bites on the sleeping cat;
for not a thing you do will bring her back.

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