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t love should and can be like.....

Submitted: January 31, 2008

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Submitted: January 31, 2008




The stars

a light to hold onto

So far away

but still warm in our heart.

Beauty unrivaled.

Like flecks of tears-

tears of love-

or of joy.

Oh so many ways to see them.

Whether in spite for being so free

or in joy for being so clear.

If only to just lay here

on our backs,

and gaze up

at the scattered dimonds

tossed acrossed the sky.

Sparkling in your eyes

mixing with the blue,

and setting fire

one so deep inside.

It burns so tenderly

and so warm

you'll never notice.

As we look up at the blankets

of endless black,

covering us,

shielding us

from the pain outside.

Outside this moment

where war rages,

and hate consumes.

It covers us in protection.

AS it gives us our comfort

right upon this hill.

Here, nothing else matters besidesyou and the stars,

both so vibrant with beauty.

Awind brushes past,

blades of grass sway,

so softly-

so fluidly.

Your hair whips

around your face.

Illuminated by the glowing stars

of which is our only light

cast upon this hill.

You smile and all is lost

smothered by the soft curves of your lips..

laying here,

Ihave never felt more secure

nor more alone.

To see you next to me

i can feel the distance

between us.

Futher than the stars,

Further than anything

bound by a whim-

so feeble so taught.

So streched to the limit

couldbreak at the flick of an eyelid.

So close but still miles away...

Tell meyour wish.

The one upon the first star,

and i will grant it for you

no matter the cost.

For you i would sacrifice

what happiness i hold,

pass iton toyou,

and be content

just to lay here

with you and the stars

as my only companions..................

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