Her Existance in Pain

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This is one of the first poems I ever wrote.

Submitted: January 10, 2008

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Submitted: January 10, 2008




There she sat, alone and in the dark.

Holding her life tight in her hands as its essence drifted.

She held it tight so it wouldn’t fall apart.

The man stood beside her, looming over like a shark.

On his face there was not a mark.

His hands were rough, and overused.

His touch it caused her pain.

Her life was slipping in and out of her hand.

The man his face was cold, without any emotion.

He took her life in his hands and laughed.

His laugh was mean and cruel

He wanted her to feel the ultimate pain

At first he took little pieces then larger

Her life was falling apart before her eyes

She grew weak with every piece he took

She gave her life one last look before the last piece fell into the unknown

It crumbled, without a trace.

No more life, nothing left

He took the bad and the ugly. He took the good and the pretty

He spat in her face as she screamed and cried

She was begging him to give her back what was rightfully hers

The door shut behind her and again she was in the dark

Tears rolling down her face, in her eyes she was a disgrace

In his world there were no worries

He held his head high without and shame

How could you … she screamed with pain.

He would not answer.

He was long gone never to be seen again.

Only to be remember as a true man

She is still there alone in the dark.

She is still fighting, to find her life, with the small scraps that remained.


Written By: AT

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