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The innocence of children and the irresistible allure of ice cream on a hot summer day.

“Ice Cream Mannnn!”

An old carnie van painted bright rainbow colors slow-rolled a duplex-lined street. The whimsical Big Top musical chimes sold sticky, licky, dry throat relief. A clown-dressed driver was the frozen treat Pied Piper.

Vanilla and orange cream Popsicles. Raspberry red and green lime flavored swirls.  Chocolate cookie dough pressed into fudge-striped waffle cones.

“Please. Pleaaassse. Pretty pleasse.” Becca waited by the front door, her ponytail bobbin’ up and down with the excited bounce in her step.

Big day today in Soap Opera land; Vanessa had walked in on Lance and Laura, Victor and Jen were finally going to get down to some horizontal business, and Sasha was back from the dead.

Two bucks ought to shut her up for an hour. Connie fished her purse pockets and reeled in a five.  “Bring back the change.”

The screen door was thrown open and off Becca ran, yellow flip-flops floppin’, little legs haulin’, gap-tooth mouth callin’, “Ice Cream Mannnn!”

Turned out Vanessa walked in and walked straight back out. Victor couldn’t get it up. Jen didn’t stick around. Sasha really wasn’t Sasha, but Sasha’s long lost twin.

Time for her own treat, a pack of Lucky’s and a forty- ounce.


A quick peek inside a pink and Barbie themed bedroom. A dash into the backyard and a glance over a cinder block fence. Neighbor brats splashin’ in a kiddie pool, her own kid nowhere in sight.

“Becca!” Ice Cream Man! Connie’s heart thumped faster. The sun-scorched sidewalk burned the bottoms of her bare feet. “Becca!”

Heated mid-afternoon breeze blew silence down a deserted street. “Becca!”

On the corner, a yellow flip-flop and two halves of an ice cream sandwich melted in the summer sun.



Submitted: May 24, 2014

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