the proud and the few, and the motionless too

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hopefull doubt

i was born just a man just a slave

and from the begning i knew the end

i knew the path i would follow

but now empty and a hollow

i fall to my knees

and i beg the lord please

take me away

show me a new day

in which the sun sets

but the stars still burn bright

in which i can see my own path

but still feel the coolness of night

in which i can take her hand again

and press it to my lips

feel the warmth of her breathe

with my hand on her hips

i've got get out of here

i've got to run far far far far away

to a place i cant hear

her songs and the beauty they say

every thought every motion

every simply and devotion

is chained by the thought

that we'll be together again

descend; back to the place i once knew

back where the proud and the few

and the motionless too

know their way out

Submitted: September 03, 2010

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