Final Flight

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This is a story about Peter Pan and the lost boys.

Submitted: February 07, 2014

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Submitted: February 07, 2014



Final Flight.  

Chapter 1.

There I was. Waiting for the school bus, Thursday morning. My best friend came up from behind me. Ava, long light brown hair, hazel eyes, curves, and long legs. She had all the guys falling for her. Unlike me, I have red medium hair, blue grey eyes, and was a little bit shorter and curvier. "Hey, Scarlet!" Said, Ava happily. "What are you so happy about? It's a school morning." Scarlet said looking at Ava like she has four eyes. "Oh nothing, I just saw the cutest guy!" Ava said, jumping up and down. Scarlet looked at her really quick. "Who?!". Ava looked at Scarlet embarrassed and said, "I don't even know his name." Ava started laughing and her cheeks began to get really red. Scarlet just looked at her and rolled her eyes. "Every time I see you, you always talk about a guy you just saw. But this one has to be good, 'cause I've never seen your cheeks that red." Chuckled Scarlet as she crossed her arms across her chest. Ava smirked, "well.. This guy was really cute!" She said the word really in a high pitched voice.  "Well, what did he look like?!" Yelled Scarlet.  "Uhm... Well, He had dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and he was ripped!" Said Ava, giving a wink at the end. Scarlet just rolled her eyes and walked in the bus. Ava followed after her and yelled, "I call seat by the window!"..  "Ugh! Okay." Scarlet said when she sat down beside Ava.  "Hey, you know I haven't heard YOU talk about a guy in a while..... You're not uhm.. You know .. A le-".  Scarlet's eyes became really big and interrupted her. "No!! No!! Of course not! .. I just haven't seen the right guy yet.. I guess.. But I'm defiantly NOT that!!" Scarlet just shook her head as Ava started laughing. "I'm just joking!!" Ava said as she stood up. Scarlet and Ava got off the bus and walked into school. Ava walked slowly to her locker. "You better hurry up before we're late for class!" Scarlet said laughing. "I don't even wanna go." Said, Ava pouting. Scarlet and Ava walked into class and sat down at their desks. "Turn to page 219, everyone." Said Mr. Owen, as everyone flipped their pages. "Turn to page 219, everyone." Mockingly said Ava in an annoying voice. Scarlet held in her laughter.  Quickly class was over. "Wow. That class was actually fast." Said Scarlet while walking into the hallway. Ava nodded and said "I know! Now it's lunch time!" She clapped her hands and walked to her locker which was right beside Scarlet. Ava and Scarlet shut their lockers and walked to the cafeteria. Scarlet and Ava got the usual, grilled cheese and tater tots. Ava and Scarlet sat down at a table and ate, looking around. "You know, I heard that some new kids were going to transfer here, next week." Said Scarlet while eating a tater tot. "Really? Are any of them boys?" Said Ava almost jumping out of her seat. "Now, how should I know that?" Scarlet said, making a face. Ava shrugged and stood up.  Scarlet and Ava were finally in their last class of the day. As soon as the bell rung, Scarlet and Ava jumped out of their seats and bolted to the door. Ava and Scarlet got their bags together and walked outside to the school bus. Ava got in after Her and Scarlet finally got the window seat for this time. "Hah!" Chuckled Scarlet while she sat down. Ava just stuck her tongue out at her like a little kid. The school bus finally got to their stop, and Scarlet and Ava got out and walked home. "See ya tomorrow butt-face!" said Scarlet, as she's walking up the sidewalks. "See ya ass-wipe!" Yelled Ava walking up the sidewalk. Scarlet got walked inside the door and she's usually home alone at this time. Her mom is always running late from work and her dad, she doesn't have one. She doesn't know who or where her dad is. She ran up to her room and plopped down in her bed. Scarlet sat up and dug through her bag to get out her homework. Ava got home and her mom is usually making supper at this time, her dad is always at work, her older brother is always in his room listening to music, and her little sister is usually on the school bus on her way home. Ava sat her bag on the table. "Hey honey, how was school?" Said Ava's mom. "Meh, school is school.." Ava shrugged and walked upstairs to her room. Ava sat down on her bed, got out her phone and texted Scarlet.  Scarlet was in her room doing homework. Her house quiet as usual, she heard something downstairs like a doorknob shaking. She sat up and walked out of her room slowly into the hallway. She looked over the banister, to see a completely empty living room, but the she kept hearing the noise. "What is that?" Scarlet whispered to herself. She walked down the steps slowly and quietly. She walked through her kitchen and stopped to look around. Scarlet stood there for a minute and the sound stopped. Just then, her phone went off from a text. Scarlet nearly jumped out of her skin and walked to the table. She picked up her phone and opened the text. "Thanks Ava..." Scarlet said to herself.   Ava walked to her closet and looked for something to wear for school tomorrow. Scarlet texted Ava back telling her that she is freaked out and she wants someone over there with her. Ava ran downstairs and put on her shoes. She opened the door, walked to Scarlet's house and knocked on Scarlet's door. Scarlet let Ava in and told her what happened. "Really? You brought me over here for that?" Ava said not amused. "I'm sorry! But when you're home alone, and you hear noises.. Ugh! you would get freaked out too!" Scarlet said embarrassed. Ava just shrugged. The next morning, their alarms went off and they got ready for school. Scarlet wore a zombie tee, dark skinny jeans and converse. Ava was wearing a pink top, dark skinny jeans, and flats. Scarlet and Ava were waiting for the school bus. "I like your shoes." Said Scarlet looking at Ava's flats. "Thanks! I love your tee!" Said Ava smiling. "Thanks! Oh hey. 3 more days till the new kids come to our school!" Said Scarlet grinning.  "I know! Hopefully there are some cute guys!!" Ava said with a wink. Scarlet and Ava walked into school. They walked to their lockers, got their books and headed off to class. Finally school ended and  the weekend came. Scarlet and Ava bolted out the door and walked to the school bus. Ava and Scarlet hopped off the bus at their stop and walked to Ava's house. They walked in and ran up to Ava's room. "So what are you going to wear Monday?!" Squealed Ava.  "I don't know.. Probably this shirt.. But it's kinda stinking so I'll just perfume it Monday morning. Why?". Scarlet said not caring.  Ava looked at her like an idiot. "Really? The new kids are coming that day!! I mean what IF it is boys!".  Scarlet rolled her eyes, and said "Doubt it."  Ava laid out a black tank top with dark skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and black combat boots. "How's this?" Ava said looking down at the clothes. "I like it! You stole my style bro!" Scarlet said while she stood up. Ava shrugged and laid the outfit on her chair and sat down on her bed. The weekend passed quickly. Scarlet wakes up and gets dressed into a dirty zombie shirt, dark skinny jeans, and grey converse. She runs to her bathroom and puts on makeup. Runs downstairs, grabs her bag and walks outside. Ava gets dressed into her outfit and puts in makeup. Ava meets up with Scarlet and they get on the bus. Ava and Scarlet walk into class and sit down. "Alright, everyone we have some new students." Said Mr. Owen, standing up. Ava almost jumped out of her chair while Scarlet was bored, resting her head on her hand. Mr. Owen, walks to the door and opens it. And six boys walked in. "Everyone. This is, Thomas, Nick, Dace, Colin, Cade, and Peter." Mr. Owen said holding open the door for them. Ava nearly fainted, when she saw Cade. "That is the guy I saw Thursday morning." Ava whispered to her.  Scarlet looked up directly at Peter, he had light orange/brown hair, big green eyes and he was tall. The boys walked to their seats. Ava and Scarlet looked at each other. Finally class was over. Scarlet and Ava stood up and bolted to the door. Thomas, Nick, Dace, And Colin waited until Peter told them to get up, like always. Unlike Cade, he stood up on his own and walked out of class. Peter looked at Cade and stood up. "He's obviously getting a talk later." Grinned Peter, as he motioned for the boys to get up and walk out. Scarlet and Ava looked over at them. "Oh my god! I didn't know that ALL of them were going to be guys!" Squealed Ava. Scarlet looked at her nervously, "I know! And I look horrible! This shirt hasn't been washed in a week!" Scarlet whispered. Ava just have a gross face and saw Deuce walking up to them. Deuce, he had blonde gelled up hair, big blue eyes, and all the girls fell for him.  "Hey Ava."  Scarlet looked at him ".. And Scarlet..." Scarlet rolled her eyes and started walking away so they could have their time alone. Ava laughed "hey! Deuce, shouldn't you be at football practice?" Said Ava looking at him. "Nah. It's the same thing everyday anyway. Plus what's the point anymore." Deuce just shrugged and Ava nodded, while listening. "Anyway, I was wondering if you would go out on a date with me?" Smirked, Deuce. Ava almost fainted from excitement. "Yes! Yes I would love to!" . Deuce just smiled. "Great I'll pick you up around 8:00?"  Ava nodded and they both walked away. Scarlet was jumping up and down with Ava, excited for her. Cade was at his locker, looking at Ava. "Why, do the pretty girls always go for the no good douche bags?" Pouted, Cade as he looked at Peter. "Well, in elementary school. They said if a boy is mean to you that means they like you, I guess girls still believe in that" chuckled Peter. Cade just gave him the death look, slammed his locker and started to walk away. Peter grabbed Cade's right shoulder and pulled him back, having a really tight grip. Cade always has a red mark there, from Peter. "We need to have a talk.." Peter said while pulling him back.  Cade just let him and looked up. "I'm going to be late for class, just let me go." Said Cade. Peter let him go and told the other lost boys to follow. Scarlet and Ava were in class. Peter and the boys were in the back. Peter giving Cade the death look the whole time. Cade knew he was going to get punished, he thought of what happened to Thomas last time. And now, Thomas listens to everything Peter says. Cade didn't want Peter to do that, so finally after class when they were in the hallway, Cade listened to Peter. Peter thought what has gotten into Cade? For him to actually listen to me? Cade nodded and walked away. "Thomas! Colin! Follow Cade and make sure he isn't up to something." Peter said, wondering. It was 7:50 now and Scarlet and Ava were at Ava's house. Ava was wearing a pink top that shows a little bit of her stomach, dark skinny jeans, and flats. "Wow." Scarlet chuckled. "What?" Ava said while crossing her arms across her chest. "Nothing, I just can't believe that a guy asked you out! I mean that never happens." Scarlet laughed. Ava laughed and pushed Scarlet out of her chair and finished putting on make-up. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Scarlet stood up and ran down stairs, Ava waited in her room all excited. Scarlet opened the door and it was the pizza guy. "Yes! Thank you, my good sir!" Said Scarlet while she handed the pizza guy, money. Ava came down the stairs, thinking it was Deuce and slid in front of the door. "You're late. It's 8:02" Ava said while she opened up her eyes and started running up the stairs screaming, falling a couple of times. Scarlet looked at Ava and back to the pizza guy. "Sorry.. I didn't know she was going to break down the door. I usually tie her down pretty good, in her closet. Oh well. Thanks again!" Scarlet laughed as soon as she closed the door. The pizza guy ran to his car, started the ignition and left. Scarlet put the pizza on the table, while Ava came down. "Oh my god! That was so embarrassing! And why did you get a pizza anyway?" Asked Ava. "Well, I need to do something, while you're gone. I'm gonna be bored bro!" Scarlet said while taking a bite. Ava shrugged. Deuce knocked on the door, finally. Scarlet got up, wiping the pizza crumbs off her face and walked to the door. "Hey Av- . You're not Ava.." Scarlet wanted to punch him then, but she didn't say anything, she let the door open and walked back to her seat. Ava stood up and walked to the door, smiling. "Wow.. You look.. Amazing." Deuce said while checking her out. Ava smiled and walked outside with him. Scarlet shook her head and thought something is NOT right with that dude. Meanwhile, Deuce took Ava to a really nice restaurant for their date. About two hours later Ava called Scarlet. "Hello?" Scarlet said. Ava was crying on the phone, Scarlet thought oh no. "Are you okay? Where are you? I'll pick you up! And I will tear that son of a bitch apart!" Ava told her everything and where she was on the phone. Scarlet ran up to Ava's older brothers room. "Ryan, your sister just got dumped! And  the douche left her on a curb! You need to drive us there!"  Ryan got up really quick all angry, and ran downstairs. "Get in the car!" Scarlet and Ryan got in the car and drove to where Ava was. Scarlet rolled down her window. "Get in. Are you okay? Why did he do that?" Scarlet and Ryan said. Ava kept sniffling. "He wanted me to go to London with him and his family. And I said no, and he threw a tantrum. He kept on saying you would want to go, if you really wanted to be my girlfriend."  Scarlet shook her head. "What an ass."  Ava nodded. "But.. Uhm.."  Scarlet turned to look at Ava. "But.. What?"  Ava looked up. "Well, after he threw the tantrum, he grabbed my wrist and threw me at the concrete ground." Ava starts crying again. Scarlet and Ryan got this big angry feeling, like they wanted to go to Deuce's house and throw HIM on the ground. When they got home Scarlet spent the night at Ava's house, and they got up together for school. Scarlet and Ava had matching red tank tops on and dark skinny jeans. Ava and Scarlet walked in to school, and walked to their lockers. Peter and the boys, walked down the hallway to their lockers. Ava and Scarlet looked over at them. They saw Peter grab Cade's right shoulder really tight, and saw him telling him something. Peter looked over at Scarlet. She looked away quickly, and Ava laughed. Peter just smirked and motioned the boys to walk into class. Ava looked at Scarlet. "I wonder what that was all about? And I think he was totally checking you out! Thank god it's you, 'cause I'm SO done with boys!"  Scarlet looked at her "I doubt it.. And right! Tomorrow you'll be talking about another boy." Scarlet chuckled. Ava shook her head. "I don't know.. He looked at you and smirked! And trust me! I'm done!"  Scarlet looked at her and gave her a death look. "That doesn't mean anything. And sure." Scarlet said, while walking into class. Ava followed. There were only two seats left. One by Cade, and one by Peter. Ava sat down beside Cade, and Scarlet sat down beside Peter. Scarlet got out her notes and looked over at Ava.  Cade glanced at Ava, and looked back down at his papers. Peter was texting, Thomas, Colin, Dace, Nick, and Cade, giving them orders. Thomas stood up. "May I go to the bathroom? Mr. Owen." He nodded and Thomas ran out of there, followed by Nick, Dace, and Colin.   Mr. Owen didn't pay any attention. Cade didn't answer his phone, and did his work.  Peter started to get angry. Ava looked at Cade and bit her lip. Peter wasn't believing what he was seeing. A girl, liking a lost boy? That's just insane! Maybe Peter was jealous. He thought. Cade looked over at Ava and smiled. Ava looked quickly down at her papers and smiled. Scarlet was watching her and Cade flirt. "I knew it.." She said under her breath. "Knew what? Who is that? Why does she like him?" Peter asked to Scarlet, sitting up. "Uhm.. Do I know you?" Scarlet asked. "No! But that doesn't matter right now! Who is that! Flirting with one of my bo-... ...Friends?" Peter cleared his throat. Waiting for Scarlet to answer. "Okay? Uhm.. Well, that's my friend Ava. And I don't know. Maybe she thinks he's cute."  Peter just glared at Cade and Ava. "Cute, huh?... That's just non-sense! I mean how can she flirt with him?!" Scarlet looked over at Peter. "Looks like someone's jealous." Chuckled Scarlet. "I AM NOT!" Peter yelled, while he stood up quickly and bolted out the door. Scarlet just watched Peter walk away. Cade looked over at Peter. He stood up, and walked out after him. Ava watched Cade leave and thought why do the new kids always follow Peter? Scarlet looked at Mr. Owen, seeing if he was even paying attention. As always, he wasn't. He was on his iPad, playing angry birds. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Cade said following Peter. "You! And you CANNOT talk to me like that!" Peter pushed Cade into the lockers. The language teacher, Mrs. Wilson, ran out of her class and saw Peter clenching his fist while Cade was on the ground. "Boys! To the Principals office! NOW!!!" Mrs. Wilson said, while pointing down the hallway. Cade stood up and Peter walked down the hall, not waiting for him. School was now over and Peter and Cade were sitting in chairs, in the hallway outside the principals office. Scarlet and Ava, walked down the hallway, past Peter and Cade. Ava looked at Cade and smiled. Scarlet rolled her eyes and smiled. Just then, Peter watched Scarlet smiled and walked away. "That's the one." Peter said smiling. Cade looked at Scarlet and back to Peter. "Are you sure? She doesn't look too motherly.." Peter shrugged. Peter and the lost boys, need a motherly figure. To cook, clean, and take care of the boys. "Wow... I can't believe you.." Cade said while shaking his head. "What?" Asked Peter as he glared at him. "You just want a girl to cook, clean, and take care of us! Back at home! Do you not even want to feel what love is like?" Peter shrugged. "What's the point? I mean come on, that means I would have to hug and kiss her everyday. Yeah. Uhm.. No thank you!" Peter chuckled. Cade just glared at him. "You're unbelievable." Peter rolled his eyes. Mr. Grey came out of his office and motioned Peter and Cade to come in. Peter and Cade stood up, walked into his office, and sits down. Mr. Grey sits down at his desk, looking at them. "Alright. Listen up, boys. I don't want anymore fighting in my school! Got it?" Peter just stared at Mr. Grey, angrily and Cade nodded. "I SAID Got it?!" Mr. Grey yelled while slamming his hand on the table, looking at Peter. 
Peter nodded slowly even though he didn't want to. Scarlet and Ava was walking home from the bus stop. They walked into Scarlet's house. No one was home except for them. They sat on the couch and did homework. Just then, Peter knocked on Scarlet's door. Ava sat up and walked to the door and opened it. "Uhh... Wait aren't you the new kid at school? Uhm.. P-" He tilted his head. "Ya mean Peter?" Ava felt like an idiot. "Peter! Duh! ....anyway what are you doing here?" Peter looked inside the house. "Well, I was wondering if Scarlet was here?" Ava smiled. "Oh yeah sure, hold on. Scarlet! Someone's at the door  for ya!" Scarlet raised her eyebrow, and stood up. She walked to the door and saw Peter. She got butterflies in her stomach quickly. Peter fake smiles at Scarlet. "Hey! Whatcha want? Let me guess, homework answers?" Peter laughed and said, "No, I just wanted to say that I was sorry for earlier today. I didn't mean to take it out on you." Scarlet nodded, "Its fine, I get it. What was all that about anyway?" Scarlet said and she crossed her arms across her chest. "Nothing, just one of my b- .. Friends didn't listen to me." Peter said, clearing his throat. Scarlet nodded slowly, looks at Ava and back to Peter. "Oh... Well, I should get back on my homework.." Scarlet said waiting for him to leave. Peter nodded and started to walk away. "I'll see you at school tomorrow." Smirked, Peter. She nodded and closed the door. "Ooooh!" Ava said as she sat back down. "What?!" Scarlet asked as she walked back to the couch. "Oh nothing...." Sighed Ava. "I don't think it was anything like that, Ava!" Scarlet said, shaking her head looking down at her homework. Ava shrugged. The next morning, Scarlet and Ava woke up and got dressed. Scarlet wore a black sweater, dark skinny jeans, and black combat boots. Ava wore a blue sundress and flats. Scarlet and Ava were at their lockers. Peter came walking down the hallway in a new black leather jacket. Cade was at his locker and he glared at Peter. "Probably stole that.." Said Cade under his breath. Peter glared at Cade and turned around to look Scarlet. Ava looked at Scarlet, to see if she even noticed, Scarlet was busy trying to open her locker. Cade watched Ava and Scarlet walk into class. Peter looked at Cade watching them. "Ava's not even into ya, man! ." Laughed Peter, grabbing Cade's right shoulder. Cade pulled away and ignored him. Peter watched Cade walk away, Peter tried so hard not to grab Cade by his shoulder and throw him across the room. When they all got in to class, Mr. Owen walked in with a tall, seventeen year old boy that had black shaggy hair, and bright green eyes. "This is our new student, Killian." Peter and the boys looked up really quickly. "..Killian... Hooks.. Son?!" Peter said to himself really quietly, gritting his teeth. Scarlet looked up and saw Killian smile at her. Did he just smile at her?! ... Did Killian really just smile at Scarlet? Peter thought. Scarlet smiled back, being friendly. Ava looked at Peter to see his reaction. Peter looked pissed off. Class ended. Scarlet and Ava walked to their lockers. Killian walked up and looked over at her. "Hey, I'm Killian, I'm new here." He said, holding out his hand. Scarlet looked up. "Yeah, I saw you in Science class. I'm Scarlet." Scarlet said, while shaking his hand. Peter was at his locker, across the hall watching them. Killian smiled. "Scarlet? I like that name. Well, I'll see ya around." Killian walked away and Ava nudged Scarlet in the arm. "Ooh, I think someone likes you!" Ava yelled. "Shhhhh!" Screamed, Scarlet, while hitting Ava on the arm. Ava shrugged and they walked into class. Scarlet sat in between Killian and Peter. And Ava sat right beside Cade. Killian looked over at Scarlet, and Peter glared at him. She smiled at Killian, and he passed her a note. Peter was watching them, getting angrier and angrier. Scarlet opened the note and it said "Would you like to go out on a date with me?" Scarlet grabbed her pen, wrote yes and passed it back. Peter saw the note and saw what she wrote. He was so mad. Killian smiled. School was over now, and Scarlet walked to her locker. "What were you and Killian writing about?" Asked Ava, walking up to her. "Nothing... Just he asked me out on a date!" Scarlet and Ava were smiling big and jumping up and down. Killian was rolling his eyes, and then Scarlet looked over at Killian. He faked smiled. Peter was watching all of them, while whispering something to Colin. Killian walked up to Scarlet. "So, how about this Friday?.. You know, for our date." Scarlet nodded. "Yeah sounds good!" Scarlet smiled. "See ya later." He said, walking away. "We need to go shopping!" Ava said smiling. "Why?! My clothes are fine for the date." Scarlet said, while putting her books in her locker. "Have you seen your closet? Everything is pretty much black or grey in there!" Ava said crossing her arms. Peter couldn't believe what he was seeing. Killian.. Hooks son! Liking Scarlet? What?! "This cannot be happening..." Said Peter looking at them. "What's wrong Peter?" Said Colin, walking up beside him with all the other lost boys. "Killian, Hooks son! Is talking to Scarlet..." Peter said, while he grits his teeth. "What did he say?" Thomas Asked. "How should I know that?! I'm all the way over here!" Peter yelled, getting mad. "I'll go ask." Shrugged, Cade. "Hey! Whatcha gals talking about?" Asked Cade, walking up to them.  "Nothing just Scarlet got asked out by Killian!" Squealed Ava while Scarlet was smiling. Cade just walked away and told Peter, knowing he was going to be mad. Peter looked at Scarlet and felt like he wanted to punch something. He stormed down the hallway and walked into class.

End of chapter one! I hope you guys are enjoying this story! I'm working very hard on it and hopefully my next chapter doesn't take as long as this one did. :)

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