Self Awakening

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Just something I wrote today

The wind whispered shallow words that provoked my melancholy. The same words uttered through many hollow skulls. These words force muscles to form movement beyond emotional stiffness. The admittance and acceptance of fault. Life is always a blame game and the idea that our actions will haunt us like an unfriendly ghost forges our blazing denial. Denial forges actions pushed by even more denial. One such as me is within his or her nature to refuse admittance. Admittance does not justify nor should imply such. My life is depressing because I chose to mold it as such. I dipped my hands in the clay and broke the form impatiently before the figure could finish hardening. One such as me needed stability as many others need. Alas, I had not come to realize the turmoil of my mistakes. I was not blessed with the early foresight, nor did I have sympathy when i instead knew only apathy. I was a Godless child and I lacked a stable armature. I split my support system like a busted lip. I simply wish I could start over, and that is where the thought of suicide becomes a possible blessing in disguise.

Submitted: November 06, 2018

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