So I Stroll On ...

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I look around and I dont like what I see.

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012



Why am I here?

As I stepped back I could see everything. The rotten ground, grubby children, homeless people. There all just sitting there? I could not believe my eyes. As I carried on walking through the streets of this place I kept thinking to myself; How can they live like this? This is awful I dont know why they haven't done something about all this.

The dirty, polluted air made me choke. I couldn't see anything hence my eyes were red and watery. Despite them being like that, I carried on walking through this street. Children sitting on the pavement looking ill, people throwing their waste out on to the streets, pollution filling the air, dying children. This isnt anything I'm used to. But who am I to judge? Everyday I have to scavenge to find my own food. I guess im just like one of them. One of the homeless people. That have no money, no food, have to beg.

As I walk further and further I get pushed and shoved. Im only small, whats wrong with that? Everyone on the street looks dead. They dont seem to move unless I come near them. They just slowly move away. I guess no one really likes me. Im too shy to talk to anyone despite my friends come and go. I wonder to myself; Why do people avoid me like they do? I guess im not like them anymore. I try my best to fit in but they just push it away from me...

So I stroll on, leaving everyone staring at me. The muddy, grubby ground squelching beneath my feet. I have no were to go, the only descent place I've ever been is a little whole in the middle of no were. People judge me but I dont care. Im smaller then them, weaker then them, I dont look like them, I'm not them. Im living on the streets on London in this poorly condition. But I will get used to it. After all, I'm only a mouse ...


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