Crimson Color

Poem by: Lotuspatel451


Love and death.


Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



She could feel the pain

Even though it was forgotten

As her world came crashing down

Like autumn leaves

In a wave of crimson color


She lived a life that was far to short

She let her hopes and dreams be smothered

By a man that broke her heart

When he left her for another


Until her world had fallen 

So much farther

From the one she used to know

It was nothing like the cards now dealt 

Destruction predestined long ago


And as her blood falls softly like

Angel's footsteps upon the floor

Her heart begins to beat much harder 

More erratic than before

Each drop of blood baptizing her 

In an ocean of never-ending sorrow

As she begins to contemplate

A world without her 

A world with no tomorrow

A world without the death she always seemed to crave 

A world without her heartache 

For that was now sealed within her grave

Where she will lie and wait 

For her one true love

Forever Cupid's slave


With her last shallow breathe

Her leaf found its final resting place

In the dark abyss of time

Lost in that cold puddle of death

That once was her life


And as they covered her

The sheet changed from white to red

In death she was the masterpiece

She failed to paint upon the canvass in her head

Her life now nothing more than black stains upon this paper

Written by a poets pen

A rhyme of love long lost

And the death that never should have been....


© Copyright 2017 Lotuspatel451. All rights reserved.

 Crimson Color

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Love and death.
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