Solar Flare - Renesmee's story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

14 - 15 years in the future, Nessy is a mature vampire and just graduated High School for the first time. This is what happens next. I have had loads of troubles getting the chapers put up and getting into a readable format and unfortunatly its still a working progress. I would like any feeback or help you might have.

Table of Contents


I had until this moment thought no place was more beautiful than the meadow in Forks where my parents had declared t... Read Chapter

Jacob - Empty

“Hey Uncle Jacob can we go and play with the Uleys today?” I heard his voice and snapped back in to reality I’d been sp... Read Chapter

Jacob - Billy

I know this is really long - i'm sorry it took forever to write - i hope you like it and please let me know what you think Read Chapter


I stepped lightly through the forest trying not to disturb any of its inhabitants. Turned slightly to look behind and saw Zafrina behind ... Read Chapter


Jacob was sitting on the floor in a bright white corridor, the tiles on the floor shone with harsh florescent lighting. His hair had grow... Read Chapter


We continued to run for so long I was actually starting to feel tired again, and hungry, it had been a at least 48 hours since I had eate... Read Chapter

guilty - jake

As I sat in the oatmeal armchair at my fathers bedside listening to faithful beeping of the heart monitor as confirmation that the machin... Read Chapter

decision - Jake

I woke slowly, I hadn’t felt Jaden move from my lap but he had, he was sitting on the bed, back to me again, whispering. I hoped sudden... Read Chapter