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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

after 3,000 years, chennuru is back and searching the king monad's son who has the elemental dragon of fire inside him.
3,000 years ago the baby was sent to a portal that links to the future. Chennuru waited 3,000 years and now he begins the search for the King Monad's son named Nour.






Harris : “hey Charlie,! Charlie” under the sink fixing the pipe

Charlie : “dad?” walk to the kitchen and stand behind Harris

Harris : “can you help me out here boy?, the fucking pipe is broken” stands up.

Charlie : take the sealing clay in the table. “maybe this can help”. Kneel down and put the clay circle to the leaking area of the pipe.

Harris : “I didn’t think about that” light a cigar. “is it good?” exhale the smoke and cough.

Charlie : “yeah, I think so” stands up. “I think its fine, cant hear water drops”

Harris : pop the cigar. “well, what can I say?” exhale the smoke and chuckle.

[bell rings at the counter]

Charlie : “just a sec.” go to the counter. “Good morning”

Man : leans the counter. “dude! Two family size pizzas with extra pepperoni, alright?”. Take a toothpick. “and four large coke”

Charlie : “right a way mister”

Man : “hey dude, don’t call me mister,” put the toothpick in his mouth. “I’m not that old”

Charlie : “sorry” smiles. “dude!”

Man : chuckle “yeah that’s right, dude!” point his finger to Charlie and roll his eyeballs. Leave and go to the table with his friends.

[laughing sound]

Charlie : puts the two pizza inside the oven. “dude”, chuckle and close the oven and turn the timer.

[door opens]

Stacy : walking in “fuck you” looking outside and close the door. “stupid guy”. Walk to the counter. “good morning Charlie”

Charlie : “seems like not a good morning to you”

Stacy : “what?” laugh. “yes it’s a good morning to me. I finally took that useless piece of slime in my body” laugh. “look how stupid he is” pointing a man outside kicking the garbage.

Charlie : looking outside. “poor man”

Stacy : “poor man?” put her bag under the counter. “that stupid poor man just did make a fool of me. I saw him last night kissing a girl, well that girl looks better than me”

Charlie : “pathetic” eyeballs to stacy

Stacy : “I know Charlie” nods. “I’m just a girl looking for mr. right”

[oven clicks]

Charlie : “really?” opened the oven and take the pizzas and put it to the counter.

Stacy : “look at that!” staring at the table on the left corner.

Charlie : slicing the pizza. “what?”

Stacy : take the trey. “give it to me boy, I am the waitress” chuckle. “I think I found mister right”. Quickly put the pizza and coke to the trey.

Charlie : “good luck for the new victim”

Stacy : “damn you!” laugh and walk to serve the pizza.

Charlie : “go get it” laugh

Stacy : yell “shut up!”

[Harris go to the counter]

Harris : light a cigar. “Charlie, aren’t you late for school?”

Charlie : look at the clock above the door. “hell! I think I am.” Take his bag. “got to go dad” run to the door. “bye stacy”

Stacy : “bye freshmen”


[alarm rings]

Charlie is running quickly to catch his class. As he reach the room.

Charlie : knock “excuse me, sir?” walk in

Teacher : look to Charlie. “yes?, who are you?”

Charlie : “Charlie sir, Charlie Evans” walk towards the teacher and hand his registration form.

Teacher : reads the form. “okay Charlie, find yourself a seat”

Charlie : “thanks” walk to find a seat.

[Jacob block his foot and Charlie fall down]

[everyone laugh at Charlie]

Teacher : “silence!” helped Charlie to stand. “Jacob”

Jacob : “sir?”

Teacher : “I’m warning you. Doing stupid again and I will kick you out of my class”

Jacob : quick chuckle, “sorry sir”. Give high five to his seat mate.

Teacher : to Charlie “you alright kid?”

Charlie : stare Jacob. “yes sir”

Teacher : “alright, go sit there” pointing a vacant seat.

Charlie : sits “jerks”

Erin : “hi I’m Erin” giving a hand to shake.

Charlie : “Charlie” shake hands.

Erin : “nice to meet you Charlie, hope we could be friends”

Charlie : “yeah, sure, nice to meet you”

Erin : “awesome” smiles

[teacher continue to discuss]


Charlie looking for a seat carrying a trey with snack.

[sound “Charlie, here”]

Charlie : turned around and saw Erin. Walks to Erin and sits. “hi!”

David : “hey man! What’s up?”

Erin : “Charlie, this is David by the way”

Charlie : “hi! What’s up!” bite the sandwich

David : “look who’s coming” eyeballs to three guys.

Charlie : chewing “jerks”

David : “they are crazy man!, assholes of the school”

Erin : “just losers”

Charlie : “just jerks”

Erin : “wait” take a paper out from her bag.

David : “what’s that?”

Erin : smiles “there’s an audition for the stage play on Friday, I want to audition” smiles. “sounds fun ayt?”

David : “oh Romeo, my Romeo” teasing Erin. “save me my Romeo”

Erin : “hey stop that, you’re not funny”

Charlie : to david. “you look stupid” chuckle

[they laugh]


Charlie take a book out of his locker

Someone push him and he slam to the lockers

Jacob : hold Charlie in the shoulder and turn him. “what did you just said to us?”

Charlie : confused “nothing”

[people look at them]


Jacob : push Charlie harder. Jake and Brett hold Charlie’s arms. “I heard you called us jerks freshmen”

Charlie : frightened voice. “no, it’s not you guys” eyeballs looking around.

Jacob : “don’t make us a fool idiot” punch Charlie’s stomach.

[crowd yelling “fight! Fight! Fight!”]

Brett and Jake push Charlie down to the floor.

Jacob : “next time, watch your words freshmen” they leave.

Charlie : “jerks” eyeballs on Jacob walking away.


Charlie’s bedroom

Newscaster : [on TV] “a building in la salle street is in rage fire and the fire fighters are desperate to control the fire as it is raised in sixth alarm. The guard said a man with a super power did the building on fire. Is it real? Are they exist and living among us? Or he’s just crazy.” Laugh.

[phone rings]

Charlie : take the phone “hello?”

David : on the phone “hey man!, it’s David, were going out, you wanna come?”

Charlie : scratch his had “nuh! Maybe next time”

David : “come on man!, this is fun, don’t be such a kill joy”

Charlie : thinking “where are we going?”

David : “James throw a party at his house. Come on man! Look at you window”

Charlie : look at the window and see David and Erin waving their hands. “okay, just a minute”

[Charlie stepping down the stairs]

Charlie : “mom?”

Grace : at the kitchen. “over here sweetie”

Charlie : go to the kitchen. “mom” eyeballs around. “I’m wandering if I can go out with my new friends?”

Grace : turn off the faucet and turn. “sweetie, of course you can. You’re not a little boy anymore. I can see that you grown up” smiles.

Charlie : “thanks mom” smiles

Grace : “but remember what I keep telling you since before”

Together : “don’t do stupid things” they laugh.

Grace : “okay sweetie, have fun” go back washing the dishes.

Charlie : “bye mom”. Walk away

Grace : “I love you”

Charlie : love you too mom”


Charlie, David and Erin walking

Erin : to David “do you love me?”

David : shocked “what?”

Erin : “if you love me, then we will fight for our love” they stop.

Charlie : “what’s going on?” eyeballs to Erin and David.

David : to Erin “are you serious?”

Erin : “of course not, I got the script for the stage play audition” chuckle. “just practicing”

David : “don’t say that words again. Unless you really mean it” raising his eyebrows.

Erin : “shut up!” they continue to walk.

Charlie : “it looks real. I think you cake pass the audition.”

Erin : “I hope so”

David : to Erin “what if I court you? Do you think I have a chance to own your heart?”

Erin : “in your dreams David” chuckle.

Charlie : chuckle. “busted?”

David : “not funny”

Erin : “come on!, hurry up guys”


[grace is watching TV while eating popcorn]

Grace : laughing “he is crazy”

[door knocks]

Grace : “Harris, is that you?” laghing. “come on in, its open”

[no answer, still the door knocks]

Grace : “Harris?” stands up and put the popcorn on the couch. “Harris is that you?” walk towards the door.

[the door knocks louder, its sounds like someone is kicking it]

Grace : “Harris?, you’re freaking me out” she reach the door and hold the knob. “that’s not funny Harris”. Quickly open the door. No one is in there.

[she step out and eyeballs around.]

Grace : “stupid trippers”

[step in and close the door. As she turned, a man wearing black cloth is standing behind him]

Grace : “who are you?”

[the man choke her and lift her up]

Man : big scary voice “where is the baby?”

Grace : catching her breath. “wha.. wha.. what baby?”

Man : “I know you had him, I waited over 3,000 years looking for that baby. Where is it?”

Grace : gasp “I.. I don’t know what are you talking about.”

Man : “where is the baby or I’ll kill you”

Grace : choked voice. “get off me”

Man : mad voice. “you stupid” throw grace to the living room

[grace slam to the center table]

Grace : moan trying to get up. “who are you?”

Man : take off the cloth and reveal himself. “I am Chennuru”. He move quickly in front of grace and holds her hair tight.

Grace : “let go of me” holding Chennuru’s hands.

Chennuru : “where is it?”

Grace : yell “help!.. help!”

Chennuru : “shut up!” slap grace’s face. “just tell me where is the baby and I will let you go alive”

[the door opens and Harris go in]

Harris : saw the scene “what the hell!:”

Grace : yell. “Harris!, Harris help”

Harris : reaching the gun above the door “dammit”

[an iron sand floating and circling Harris]

Harris : “what the..”

[the iron sand molded into a metal strips and lift Harris to the ceiling and it ties him up, then a man came inside]

Grace : “Harris” shaking her body trying to escape.

[Harris is yelling but his mouth is covered with metal]

Chennuru : “William, kill him”

[iron sand appears in Williams right hand and it is molded into a sword connected to his arms. He point the edge to Harris’s neck”

Grace : yelling so loud. “noo! Stop!”

Chennuru : shouted “where is the baby?”

Grace : feared voice. “he’s not here, he’s not here” start to cry.

[William cut Harris’s neck and blood shower on the floor]

Grace : scream loud. “noooo!!, Harris!” cried out loud.

[dog barks outside and police mobile stops in front of the house]


Police : looking at the man in the door. “hold it right there.” Pointing a gun to it. “put down your weapon, put your hands to your head and get down.”

[the man close the door]

Police : “get out o there now or we will shoot you”

[light appears inside the house passing trough the window and blinding everyone outside.]

Police 2 : “what the hell is that?”

[the house explode]

Police : “get down” they cover down as the pieces of the house is going everywhere. When the dust fades.

Police 2 : stands up slowly. “where the hell they go?”

Submitted: April 15, 2012

© Copyright 2022 loucho09. All rights reserved.

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has a good monologue, was confused at 1st but understand it now :P

Sun, April 15th, 2012 1:16pm


thanks. . I'll keep practicing. Lol.

Sun, April 15th, 2012 9:58am

Ann Sepino

Hey! Please tell me when the next chapter comes. Looking forward to it (n_n)

Wed, April 18th, 2012 6:18am

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