Loving Selena: An insight into the characters

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A better view on the inside characters of 'Loving Selena'.

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012





louie is pretty much your 23 year old average Joe, just working each day to earn a living. His career as a pencil pusher meant his social life wasn't all that glamorous. Relationships never came into the equation of his life because to himself there was never time for women. Rodin, a close friend, suggested that he should take a shot at online dating but it all went terribly wrong when the woman he had grown close to turned out to be a dutch woman attempting to marry him and use him as a green card into the country. After that, there was no hope.



Rodin and Louie have been friends since childhood and though most in Manhattan are shocked to hear his Irish accent, Louie can't seem to notice it anymore. He is 26-3 years older than Louie but never the less just as kind and crazy. Well, maybe more crazy.



Selena is a 21 year old professional model with the world at her feet and men biting at her heels. But their not the men that she wants, the men that she needs. Only she doesn't know how to tell them that and so, a bad relationship after another. She was incredibly desperate for her perfect hero but everyone she dated turned out to be slobs. Maria, best friend of Selena and trusted wing-woman decided that she had been worked up about men for too long and needed to let her hair down, have a drink. But what happened in Manhattan on that night wasn't the getaway she had expected...



Maria is the best friend of Selena. She is the more mature one out of them both them (Although she is 20 years old) and keeps her in line. She is the one who starts the life at a party, who speaks her mind without fear. She loves Selena as if they were sisters and wouldn't see any harm come to her.

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