"X-MEN" (Draft/Unfinished)

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X-Men are powerful, but they are not just mutants that hide in the pages of comic books...theyre everywhere. Be on the lookout.

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



This one goes out for you....the X-MAN

Your heart may not be on the right side but you still loved her so wrong youve made it impossible for the next man

"Love"....HA thats if your a fan of the over-statement and can stretch your imagination far and wide enough to call it that

You have the power to manipulate, USE, ABUSE, CHEAT, BEAT, and MISTREAT..yet you have Magnetos power like a metal thats gotten too far,  shes always drawn right back

Its astonish how you posses that form of power, that administrative authority, that emperor-like rule

Cause what youve destroyed and labeled as trash, another man would treasure...its cliche but i swear this is true


Who told you...that is was ohkay to take a diamond, remove its shine and wear it down till it has faded?

We all know you, your galactis.. that black whole that consumes the brightness of a star..you are responsible for these with women with hearts that are jaded


This is entitled "X-Men" for a reason...its cause you really do have special powers but you dare be a proud fool

The only power that you posses, is over her..but she is responsible

Its solely because she allows you to. 



Louis Jay.


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