The Incontestable Truth

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A non mathematical theory of universal perception.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



Floating on a spec of dust in a bowl of other floating dust, is Earth. Our world is just one of countless others in a dark snow globe. Here, we base our concept of time on a scale relative to us. We do this because the math is convenient, for the true great vastness would be beyond our comprehension.
In fact, our parent universe conceived us 13.8 billion years ago and we were born 9.3 billion years later. Over 4.5 billion years, we have grown to what we are now. What have we done? Not much, really. It’s no matter, however, everything around us has already happened and is thusly, inconsequential.
So, how can I know that? Well, all matter existed before the Big Bang, compressed into a marble sized space. We are matter, just the elements that make up us had not been formed. Our matter is a part of our solar system. The carbon that makes up our genus was forged during Earth’s formation, thus we were created and evolving from that moment.
Time is a funny thing. If you were to sit outside of the universe and look upon it, it would appear as a faint pulsar. That is because the universe would be continually exploding, expanding and collapsing at variable, but similar rates. The closer you got to it, the slower the pulses would be. Eventually, you’d get so close that it would seem to not pulse at all.
Look at a wave crashing on the beach. It encroaches the sand and it seems at times that it is going to keep going. But soon enough, the water retreats back to the ocean proper. The universe is no different gravity is constant and the continued expanse is only sustained due to the synoptic (dark) energy. Eventually, gravity wins and all is still adhered to the synoptic energy.
We are on a trough in a pulse of the universe here on Earth. It’s a matter of argument as to how fast the pulses truly are, but I imagine that it’s relative to the speed of light, or slightly greater. This would explain why you can’t exceed it.
Investigate a radon particle. Upon entering a sunbeam at the top of your kitchen window to the moment it hits the floor is only a few moments. However, there is quite a bit of activity on that particle. What was a few moments for you was a millennia for life upon that particle. If you lived upon it when it was at the top of the window, you would most likely die long before it hit the floor.
So what of life? Is there meaning if time is so easily explained away? Yes, of course. Nothing in the universe is wasted, nothing is truly destroyed or lost. Our bodies merely change phase to the Earth, from which it came and our collective synoptic energy joins the others around it and both become used for something else.
This should be sobering. You are over 4 billion years old, that’s neat! We share a kinship with other animals and even a dish strainer! That’s more special than you may realize. It should make us focus on the important things, rather than vain things. It should tighten our personal relationships with the Earth and our universe. It should charge us to make for a more meaningful time on our little trough, within a spec of dust.
When you die, you as you know yourself will be lost to antiquity, but that which makes up you will live on for all eternity as a functional part of the universe. What other things will we become a part of? What other things will we do? Who knows, but it will and has made for a great and infinite adventure.

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