A Puppy's Love

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An enigma of words that explained what a man felt for a woman that caught his lone eyes.

It’s a shame I could not interpret

The love I seemingly couldn’t regret

For you, the woman I can’t forget


I don’t understand this feeling

Of love, attraction and shining

Such a shame I lack understanding


Around my friends I feel like myself

Around you I feel like a tiny elf

Who would quickly hide under a shelf


Bound by my honor I can never be a stalker

For I am a silent knight and not a frightener

But when I see you, I wish I could look at you forever


Such an affection I have wouldn’t you agree?

Too bad I can never know if you too are fond of me

But in secret, just seeing you makes me happy


I know I sound like I love you

But trust me, my mind is just drunk with alcoholic blue

Listen, miss beautiful I have something to tell before it’s due:


Now I understand why I like thee

It’s just coming from my mind and not inside of me

Because of your beauty my mind is filled with glee


Alas this can never go for long

Persuading you to like me will just feel wrong

For it’s not truly love it’s just a beat of a gong


My love for you is truly just an emotion

A lovely feeling of a puppy’s illusion

Of loving you forever in the mind of a puppy’s delusion


So will discontinue my pursuit of you

For my love is not really true

But hear me, just like a puppy I will always be loyal and kind to you.

Submitted: April 03, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Louis Romeo. All rights reserved.

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U are a great poet..perfect fit of words and emotions :)

Thu, April 3rd, 2014 9:27pm

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