Red Roses

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Once upon a time, there was a precious little prince. His friend, the princess of the red rose was always at her side.

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



Once upon a time, there was a precious little prince. But then one day, his parents died suddenly, leaving the boy all alone. And the poor little prince, who couldn't remember his past was seen by a nearby farmer, Gregory, surrounded by debris. The strange man sent the poor little prince back to his house, where oddly enough Gregory kept calling the boy Joshua. The poor prince accepted Gregory, despite him being led in captivity. Gregory's love for the boy was warm and strong, yet over-protective, thinking he was his old son. The poor prince was left all alone, trapped in his own buried memories, until he met someone through the basement windows in his room, Wendy, whom the boy befriended, but Gregory was over-protective of the prince and forbid him to go outside, but this didn't stopped them, Wendy sent secret letters to the prince and he would reply back, something Gregory seemingly ignored. Then one day, Wendy had thought of a brilliant plan, to set her dear friend free from Gregory's captivity, so then the plan was made into action, Wendy came back to the window as quickly as she can just as she promised, back to the boy's presence. She left the window and snuck in the house, setting the boy free from his room. Wendy left the house, taking the boy with her and leaving behind the worried Gregory. At last, Wendy was no longer alone for his newly found friend was always by her side. Together, they ran away from the gingerbread house and in to where Wendy resides, The Rose Garden Orphanage, where she let the boy stay. Although not fully accepted, the boy was allowed to live in the orphanage, but the boy was despised by the other children and the adults alike, but at least he was not alone, for Wendy, his friend was always beside him, she was the only one nice to him, and together, they were the best of friends. Wendy loved red roses, and so did the prince, because of the prince’s growing affection for Wendy, he made a promise to her, “Through everlasting true love, I am yours”.  The prince promised to never leave Wendy’s side nor would he ever turn his back on her, a promise he will never break, this did not change how everyone looks at the poor prince, however, everyday seemed to have no change. But there came the day that the prince heard a cry, a cry he heard in a rickety shed, he followed the noise and came inside the shed, there he found a puppy, he seemed alone much like the prince, he named him Brown and made him a collar, the prince made the same promise he did to Wendy, to protect him. Once the little prince introduced Brown to Wendy, she developed an immediate disliking to the dog. “Why would we need such a filthy creature with us?” at first the prince didn’t understand but he seemed determined to keep Brown with him, to Wendy the dog was still filthy but adorable. Soon the letters the prince would make to Wendy turned from flattering poems and promises to a source of misunderstanding, the prince gave so much attention to his new companion and this made Wendy jealous, in fact she even kept a companion for herself, a rabbit she named Peter just to get the prince’s attention to her, but to no avail. Soon Wendy’s jealousy festered, and she stopped sending the prince any more letters. Then she spread a rumor in the orphanage about a stray dog, coming to kidnap children, which caught the attention of even the headmaster, who saw it as bizarre and silly, still the prince seemed to ignore her, which made Wendy even mad at Brown. Then one day, she arranged a meeting within the orphans in the attic, this time the prince also came, because his dear companion was missing. Then in a state of shock, he saw his loyal companion in a sack, lifeless. All his fear had come true, when his other dear friend came, Wendy. Knowing exactly what happened, the prince stood up in anger, she slapped her dearest friend, until she fell to the ground, in front of the other orphans. Heart-broken and humiliated, she ran away, crying, soon the prince to left the attic, with no emotion. As the night struck, one the orphans, Diana saw Wendy coming back the Orphanage in a jiffy. The others came outside, presumably to tease Wendy, soon the prince got himself together and decided to approach Wendy, but instead of finding her, her found the lifeless bodies of the orphans outside the Orphanage, now his true fears have come true, he couldn’t find Wendy but what found the prince was the real stray dog Wendy was talking about, he was none other than Gregory, but before he could think, Gregory, in a blinded rage, chased the prince. Halfway through the horror, the prince saw a weeping Wendy at the entrance, now Wendy, realizing what she had done, kneeled before the prince and apologized, handing down Gregory’s gun, whom she took before she escaped with the prince before, “Because you were so stubborn, because you didn’t love, I bought stray dog here, but I… I am sorry for what I did. Here take this dangerous thing, only you can stop stray dog now. I’m sorry.” But before the prince could make any move, Gregory dragged Wendy into the orphanage, killing her. Now the prince was left alone again, not knowing how to use the gun, Gregory took it from the prince before he could. But instead of shooting him, Gregory, still thinking he was his son Joshua, apologized to the prince, and then shot himself, after the horrific fight the night turned into sunrise, realizing it took him the whole night. But the event opened the prince’s mind. The final piece of the puzzle in his fragmented understanding, Wendy was never poisoned with jealousy, Joshua was Wendy’s dearest friend, but Joshua turned sick and bedridden, eventually passing away, and Wendy couldn’t do anything to help. Joshua’s death led to the insanity of his father, Gregory taking the prince and pretending to be his beloved son, and Wendy, never wanting to lose her dearest friend again made the promise of the red rose to the prince, Everlasting True Love, I am Yours. But what was done can never be bought back. “The orphans didn’t deserve to be forgotten. But I’ll remember you all, for even the slightest good things you did, my loyal companion Brown who welcomed me every morning, and most of all, my dearest friend Wendy whom I promised to be at her side, but lost that promise the moment I ignored her for Brown. Thank you all for the wonderful memories.” The prince vowed to never break a promise ever again. And as the prince left, he seemed very much alone once again. But deep inside his memories the essence of his friends remains. Somewhere in those memories, he himself and his dearest friend Wendy, sits on a ground surrounded by red roses, promising to never leave each other’s sides, the promise of the Red Rose. By keeping his dearest friend in his memories protecting them until he dies, the lonely prince will never be alone, ever again, an Everlasting True Love. The End

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