The Doors of Fate

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A college student takes a ride on a subway train. Everything seems normal since there were only 4 people on the bus, including the driver and herself. Until a middle-aged woman gets in convinces her to get out and explains something... rather eerily revealing.

Submitted: April 10, 2013

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Submitted: April 10, 2013




Everyday, people riddle busy streets to go to work or school and more, one these people is Luigi, a college freshman on his way home, out on vacation. It was a noisy night in the Grand Central Station, but on his way to the subway station the noise breaks away and silence sets in. Waiting for the train, Luigi, being  a guy who dislikes this dark, eerie silence, felt calm to hear few people talking on the other side of the station, eventhough the station he is in is filled with nothing but dust and darkness. But at last the train arrived in a matter of minutes. But oddly enough even the train had almost no passengers on it, Luigi thought it was just probably because it was late at night. When he came aboard the train there were only 4 people on the train,  an eerie man, a young lady, the driver and himself, but just before the doors of hope closed, a woman, presumably middle-aged came aboard the train next to Luigi. Happy Luigi was to see the innocent woman beside him. As the train rode off the station, there was still this eerie silence. Luigi looked around the train only to see a man, he looked like he was carrying something behind him, but the man's eerie smile at him made his eyes look away, and a young woman whose hair covered her face. She was looking pale, but she looks like she was just sleeping, considering the fact that she was leaning on the man's shoulders, the driver also catched his eyes, looking the same as the sleeping woman, pale, this was in Luigi's curious mind. The woman next to him was completely different, she had greyish hair, a dark blue overcoat, a small hat on her side and a purse on the other, almost made Luigi feel like he was in the 1950s. At this point Luigi didn't know who looked stranger among the now 4 people on the train, but it was obvious that something was very wrong in this train, and Luigi's gut feeling agrees,  but he just didn't know what. When the train reached another empty station, the woman got out with haste, dragging Luigi's hand with her, now Luigi knew it wasn't his time to leave yet but the woman murmured to get out of the train, she said he won't forget to thank her if he left with her. Out of shock and off course, the wrongness in the train, Luigi left with the woman. As the train left, Luigi saw the driver not moving at all, as if the weird man was the one controlling the train and not the driver. But once the train left, the woman with Luigi looked relieved. He couldn't blame her since Luigi himself felt the same. Until the woman asked the Luigi what he saw. Luigi answered exactly what his mind saw in the train, "nothing too unusual except the man, the woman, and the Goddamn driver not moving at all!!" says Luigi with a hysterical face, "My taughts exactly..." says the woman, but she explained to Luigi why they looked that way, the young lady's nails were dark, it looked dead, she also looked considerably pale, also with the driver, whose hands were dangling on the side of his seat and not on the controls, but Luigi still didn't understand, then the woman said: "Don't you still get it!? They're both dead! The nails! the skin! Even the damn body language says it all! And the man with the stupid grin was the the star of the show!" Luigi couldn't believe what she said, but then again, it seemed very true. The man carried something on his back, which could be the cause of it all. Luigi thanked the woman repeatedly saying that before those doors of fate were sealed, she came in with calming appearance and caused a hopeful atmosphere throughout the entire trip, eccentric as it may sound it was true. The woman then offered Luigi a taxi trip to his parent's house. It was revealed the next day that the man had necrophillia and was on medication. His weapon was an ice pick, which stopped blood from dripping out just long enough for the next victim, he killed 3 more people in the same train that night, with great silence and secrecy, one by one. It was an unforgettable night for Luigi, and without that woman on the train, his name would've been included in the news. He appreciated the little thing that the woman did which gave him another life to live.

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