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A young boy named Alathorof comes home from delivering letters to a neighboring village to find his family dead and a dragon attacking the city. Alathorof then finds out that he is the rightful heir to the throne of Thlorogan and sets out to kill the evil king and his dragon.

Submitted: June 07, 2013

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Submitted: June 07, 2013



The kingdom of Thlorogan, a mighty city with walls as high as the sky and as thick as a house, with houses made of beautiful wood, with enough to fit an army of ten thousand. In this kingdom lived a humble peasant boy, his name was Alathorof , he was a tall eighteen year old boy with long, wavy pitch black hair and blue eyes. His voice was croaky and he had a grim face covered in scars, for he had once worked in the kings army, which made him talented with a sword and shield.

It was a Saturday morning on the twenty third of September, Alathorof was delivering letters to a neighbouring village for his father. On his way home he had a queer feeling in his stomach. Ten minutes later he saw a group of civilians running away from something, “DRAGON!, DRAGON IN THLOROGAN!” they cried, Alathorof just kept on walking, as he did not believe in dragons. As he drew closer to Thlorogan he saw smoke and heard villagers screaming, then he saw a massive flying creature and what looked like a hooded figure riding it.

Alathorof finally got to the city gates, he now knew for sure that the great flying beast was a dragon and that there definitely was a hooded person riding it. Suddenly he saw a familiar face, it was his uncle “Alathorof!” he shouted, “take this sword and shield and follow me, I will explain everything when we get there!”, “get where?”, shouted Alathorof in confusion, his uncle just ignored him and kept running. They ran for hours and had to kill many a city guard on the way.

When Alathorof and his uncle finally stopped running they reached a great grotto covered by a huge waterfall, this is where they would stay for the weeks to come. “what is all of this about?” asked Alathorof, “the dragons name was Thorneg and the person riding it was the king of Thlorogan, king Thagrion” answered his uncle, “but why would king Thagrion attack his own kingdom?” Alathorof asked confusedly. King Thagrion recently found at that your father was the rightful heir to the throne of Thlorogan, he set out to kill you and your father, he killed your father and your mother died protecting him; and you know the rest” replied his uncle sadly. “I must avenge them and take my place as king of Thlorogan.” Said Alathorof.  

Over the next months Alathorof honed his skills with a sword and shield. “I think you are ready to face the king Alathorof” said Alathorof’s uncle.” I will set out for Thlorogan at first light” said Alathorof.

Alathorof slept uneasy that night, he had haunting dreams of the fight to come with Thorneg the dragon and king Thagrion. “Alathorof, some advice before you leave, dragons have a weak spot on their stomach, that is where you should strike Thorneg” said Alathorof’s uncle.

Alathorof arrived at the great doors of king Thagrion’s throne room. Alathorof opened the giant doors and the first thing he saw was the massive Thorneg, he was asleep so he crept up and stabbed right on his weak spot and as he died he let out a great yell of pain. Suddenly king Thagrion lept from the ceiling. Alathorof charged at him with sword and the king parried like he was smashing a bit of paper and then shield bashed Alathorof to the ground. Alathorof thought for sure he would die, then Alathorof bashed the kings knees with the hilt of his sword and king Thagrion fell to the ground. Alathorof stabbed Thagrion in the chest with his sword. It was done Alathorof got his revenge, king Thagrion and Thorneg were dead, and Alathorof was crowned king, he was the greatest that the kingdom of Thlorogan had ever seen. This great man later came to be known as Alathorof the mighty and ruled for ninety two years, until he died at the age of one hundred and ten.

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