His Boat

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A romantic trip turns into a terrible nightmare...

Submitted: October 12, 2013

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Submitted: October 12, 2013



I always thought boat rides were bad, I was right.

He took my hand and told me it would be fine as he smiled that dazzling smile that always left me speechless, I believed him. He pointed out which boat it was, The Victoria, it was beautiful. I had never liked boats; they made me feel sick, like when you’re on morphine in the hospital. But he would be there, and it was his boat, I couldn’t disappoint him. He helped me to clamber onto the boat; I did my best to be graceful but I tripped and fell into his arms. I hated how the boat gently swayed, as if it was taunting me.

It wasn’t a big boat, but it wasn’t small either. It was big enough to comfortably fit about 20 people aboard? I don’t know. It had a small cabin with the controls inside, along with another for supplies and a small toilet ‘room’, more like a cupboard. It had a big wooden area on the front where he had a matted section and a small table and chairs. Everything was secured down for obvious reasons. At the back of the boat was a small glass area on the floor where you could look into the sea. It was like a dream.

He showed me to the front where I took a seat on the matted area, I couldn’t believe it was just the two of us, I smiled to myself. Immediately after leaving the harbour the boat started to sway a little more, as expected out at sea. While I waited for him to return to the front with me, I gazed out at the vast Ocean and longed for the land we had left behind. The sun was beating down on my back, my hair was down and now I wished I had put it up. I was already too hot sitting on the sticky blue mats.

When he finally returned he had his top off, he tensed his muscles with a grin and then dived into the water. I screamed at the water splashed me. Quickly, I pulled off my shorts and leaped in after him. I had purposely worn only my bikini and shorts so I could do so.

When I resurfaced, I looked round for him, he wasn’t there. Surely he couldn’t hold his breath for that long! I dived back under with my eyes open this time to see if I could spot him, no. Again I popped back up but this time I had a slight panicked feeling that was dancing in my stomach. Maybe he had climbed back up onto the boat without my noticing. I called his name and waited for a reply. Silence. I really started to worry now. “Calm down” I whispered to myself, “He’s probably on the boat!”. Hopefully.

I swam back to the boat and made my way up the few slippery ladder rungs. I called his name again as I carefully manoeuvred towards the cabin. I peeked round the door smiling. Empty. Oh help! We were out in the Ocean, no sign of land for a good 20 mile radius. I leaned over the outer bars of the boat and screamed his name over and over. All I got in reply was the sound of the water lapping up the side of the boat.

Suddenly I felt a great shove from behind and for one terrifying moment, I caught a glimpse of the attacker’s face, it wasn’t him. Oh how I wish it had been him, then I wouldn’t have to worry for his safety. But instead it was a tall, rough looking man that I had never before set my eyes upon. When did he get on the boat? When my body made contact with the water, every last wisp of air was knocked from my lungs. As I gasped for oxygen, salty water made home in my, now empty, lungs. It was hell. When I finally came to my senses, I threw my arms back and forth in attempt to resurface myself. But just as my fingers touched the air, I felt a strong shove back under. The boat, it was moving again!

I needed air, pronto. As the, what now seemed endlessly big, boat passed above my head, I started to feel dizzy. I had been subdued under water far too long. Adrenaline surged through my body and suddenly I was powering myself forwards, cutting through the water with ease. I was out from under the boat and finally pushed my head back into the air. I spluttered and gasped as I tried to claim the air that my body so desperately needed.

Once I had attended to my respiratory system, I violently threw my head around and spotted the boat as it swirled back round, heading straight for me! I did my best to swim away but it was too late. As the boat made impact, first with my head, pain, worse that I had ever felt before, filled my whole body. I was violently sucked under the boat and thrown away just as violently, if not more so, out of the back. I plunged down, deep into the menacing depths of all sea life’s home. My body was numb; I had no control of my actions. Even if I did, I had no strength left, so I sank.

As I made the slow decent, deeper by the second, my vision began to blur. Eventually I felt my hands hit the bottom, but my head hit something sharp. A rock. Although I hadn’t been moving fast, this was the second crack to my head and it hurt so badly that I managed a feeble scream that resulted in a few small bubbles floating from my mouth. As I lay there, my blood began to surround my head, but by this time my vision was almost gone.



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