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I am writing a story based on star trek

Submitted: May 14, 2010

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Submitted: May 14, 2010



Here is the opening of the story based on a role playing game to make you more familiar with what I'm talking about I will paste relevant items here as teaching aides. Currently I am a Lieutenant in the local star trek fan club but for the sake of this diary I will be returning to the academy to first complete my command training. Here is my first lesson paste.


All Starfleet Officers must attend Starfleet Academy and complete a minumum three year officer training course, however, some courses may last much longer.

Most students enter the Academy at age 18, after graduating 6th Form (Advanced Level Qualifications). The Academy consists of two primary campuses, the first and most major being in San Francisco, Earth, and the second on Starbase 1 in Earth orbit. There are, however, many other affiliated campuses spread throughout sector 001 and across affiliated Federation planets.

All students who apply must have a certain level of learning prior to selection and admission. This includes being able to speak, read, and write fluently in Federation Standard, as well as having good Mathematics skills. Starfleet Academy is very selective, however, and maintains a limited enrollment. All students who apply for either Starfleet Academy or the Starfleet Marine Academy must pass the Officer Selection Committee. To do this, they are to attend a three-day long selection period and perform aptitude tests, take a full medical, attend an interview with two Starfleet Officers and show that they have leadership potential by attempting to complete several leadership exercises.

After selection, Cadets are then passed onto the Department of Initial Officer Training (DIOT), which is approximately 50km from the main Academy campus in San Francisco. Details of this course can be found be clicking the appropriate link below. Basically, this course converts a civilian into a member of a military force. After this 24 week course cadets are then dispatched into their selected course. These courses may include a cadet cruise which is usually aboard a Starfleet Exploration Vessel, however, cadets can choose to take an additional cruise if their course does not include it (or in addition to the one provided), details of which can be found in 'The Cruise' section.

Upon completion of the Academy Training, cadets are commissioned as Ensigns and details of their results and performance are sent to all vessels with positions available. The Commanding Officers and Executive Officers aboard the vessels can then request a particular cadet to be assigned aboard their vessel, even before the cadet has received their results. Upon receipt of their results, cadets are posted by request (or by default) to a Starfleet vessel or station anywhere in the Alpha Quadrant. These vessels can be of any type ranging from Science Vessels, such as the Oberth Class, to Exploration Cruisers such as the Sovereign Class.


At the time of this writing I have just graduated from Terranova Prime Basic military prep school and I'm pleased to announce that I graduated first in my class and have been accepted to Starfleet Academy beginning with initial officer Training at the rank of full Cadet.

Personal log supplemental

I am preparing to leave for Starfleet Academy where I will be entering the Initial Officers training program phase. I have 3 hours to prepare to disembark before arriving at the academy (currently it is 5:08pm Sunday May 9th 2010) for training tomorrow(at current earth time 9am tomorrow morning) I disembark tonight at 8pm for a cloaked shuttle trip to the academy.

Please note That I have some starfleet training but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to go on inactive duty but I have returned to service and Have been granted reinstatement of my basic Officers training school certification from the last time I was in training. For the current time I will be under the supervision of the Academy Commandant my personal friend Commander Shelby Annette Davis and her daughter Commander Elizabeth Mcdonald who while I am off duty I will be in temporary residence with under special permission of the Processing Committee Chief Admiral Natasha Mcsport currently posted at Starfleet HQ located at Starbase 29 here in the Alpha Quadrant.


Welcome to the Department of Initial Officer Training (DIOT) at Starfleet Academy. DIOT was created to transform civilian citizens into military personnel and to prepare them as well as possible for their future in Starfleet and in the Federation's Military Element.

Initial Officer Training takes place during the first 24 weeks of the Academy. Cadets are accommodated in the DIOT Centre approximately 50km from the Academy. Accommodations are of low grade, with up to 4 cadets sharing rooms and communal sonic showers.

The following information displays the activities taking part in each section of the IOT.

Transition to Military Life (Weeks 1 - 4)

Whatever their background, all cadets undergo a 4-week induction phase, in which they make the transition from a civilian to a military lifestyle. During this phase, cadets are taught the basics of military life by the resident Starfleet Marine Corps Training Staff. They are issued with all the kit they require; they are taught the rudiments of drill, weapon handling and first aid; and they begin the rigorous physical education programme, designed to make them fit not only to complete the IOT course but to meet the demands of modern military life.


Leadership Development (Weeks 5 - 11)

The majority of this phase of training is taken up with theoretical and practical leadership. Considerable emphasis is also placed on the development of teamwork. The leadership syllabus begins with lectures and classroom-based exercises where the principles of leadership are learned. The training then moves outside, where the theory is put into practice, starting with a series of static exercises in the local area, and moving on to more dynamic and challenging scenarios in unfamiliar areas.


Leadership Camps (Weeks 12 - 13)

Field Leadership Camp (FLC) is the culmination of the Leadership Development phase of training and takes place at a more distant training area.During this period the cadet’s leadership exercises increase in complexity and last up to 3 hours. As well as field leadership exercises, cadets are also tested in ‘executive’ roles, with responsibility for Squad deployment and the day-to-day running of the camp.


Academic Training (Weeks 14 - 17)

As part of their initial training, cadets undertake a variety of academic studies. These can be broadly categorized into:

Operational Studies

Essential Service Knowledge

Written Communications

As well as expert tuition from the Department's specialist instructors, cadets are given lectures from outside agencies, both Service and civilian.


Practical Experience (Weeks 18 - 21)

Starship Management Simulator

Cadets are given the opportunity to exercise their newly acquired skills and knowledge in the Starship Management Simulator.Within a carefully designed scenario, each cadet will play the role of an officer on a typical Starfleet vessel, reacting to inputs by staff, to deal with situations as they arise.

Outdoor Activities Centre

A week is spent at an Outdoor Activities Centre in Scotland undertaking adventurous activities under the guidance of experienced instructors.Activities are seasonal, but may include hill-walking, climbing, canoeing and skiing, amongst others.

Station Visit

To bring much of their training alive, cadets spend one week attached to an operational Starfleet station, where they can observe every facet of the way in which the station works.They are accompanied by their flight commander, but where possible they will be attached to an officer of their chosen specialization to gain an awareness of their everyday work.


Exercise 'Peacekeeper' (Week 22)

As the culmination of their training, cadets take part in a week-long exercise, ‘Exercise PEACEKEEPER’, which simulates deployed operations. Cadets carry out tasks in a challenging environment, fulfilling executive roles in a simulated Combined Operations Centre. The Exercise is similar to those conducted in preparation for war or peacekeeping roles by the military at large and requires the application of all the previous 21 weeks of training.


Graduation (Weeks 23 - 24)

As a fitting conclusion to 22 weeks of intensive training, the Graduation Parade takes place in front of the magnificent backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge (week 23 consists largely of parade preparation). Families and friends are invited to share this memorable day with the graduating cadets, who then progress, as commissioned officers of Starfleet, to specialist training for their chosen branches

Please note that during my training on Terranova Prime I was given training in Federation Standard the basic language used in Starfleet. A brief description of this Course follows along with a description of Officers training School program.

Federation Standard (Language): Although some cadets enter the Academy already fluent in Federation Standard, this course brings all future officers to a creditable standard in the language.

OTS allows the student to learn about the real world of Starfleet and prepares the individuals to become commissioned officers. It is a prerequisite for anyone becoming a CO or XO of a Shakedown chapter or an already established chapter and is also a prerequisite for anyone wishing to take OCC

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