Is there something greater than life?

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I wrote this poem for a school assignment where I had to read it out loud in the class. People were very nice, and I liked the rush of nerves running through my body while reading it, so I decided to share it on here. The poem is about the night I lost my dad. At eight years old, these were my thoughts.

Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012



The night still young
The hall so bright
The room so filled with empty souls
The emotions filled the silence
A moment for us to appreciate
A lifetime was all he got

He was so peaceful
As he took his last breath
His hand turned cold
His eyes still closed
A moment asking why
A lifetime was all he got

In that moment it all flashed before my eyes
The laughs, the hugs, the kisses
The car rides, fastfood late at night
All I could recall was the happiness he brought to my life
A lifetime was all he got

I walked out of the room asking myself:
“Is there something greater than life?”

There must be, there has to be
He will always be remembered for what he did
In the lifetime that he got
The tears floated down my cheeks
A lifetime was all he got
But I was not old enough to realise

A lifetime is not enough


© Copyright 2018 Louise Rose. All rights reserved.

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