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Melina is on a mission...

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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Submitted: October 06, 2011



In the days of magic and sorcery many years ago there lived a girl, her name was Melia. She lived with her mother and her baby sister. In a dream she saw a house on a mountain that was as big as a small country (and as tall). When she woke her sister was seriously ill and the only cure was extremely rare. Her father had died many years earlier from the same illness, and her sister had been a gift from the gracious goddess Hera. That day word reached their ears saying that there was a talented Sorcerer by the name of Machaon. Nobody knew where he could be found, but Melia already knew where. Her dream had been a prophecy. 

The next day Melia ventured out to begin the long journey to the huge mountain from the prophecy. As she walked she kept noticing piles of leaves pointing in an arrow shape, every so often. She followed these arrows and soon found herself by a bridge going over an enchanted lake, if she touched one drop of the water bad luck would befall her forever. The bridge was as narrow as the trunk of a silver birch tree and had obviously been made for the mysterious leprechauns. It was engraved with swirly pattens like running water in a river. The lake itself was still and showed a perfect reflection of everything around it.

Melia saw that to cross it would take great balance and if she fell her quest would never succeed and her sister would die. Slowly she stepped onto the bridge. Careful step after careful step she shuffled across the lake until finally she reached the end. As she stepped on to the shore she tripped on a stone, stumbled backwards and was falling into the lake. She tried to grab something to stop her falling and was surprised to feel her fingers curl around a solid. She pulled herself up and found herself face to face with a leprechaun; he was short and had a grey beard and hair. He was wearing a green suit with knee high white socks and shiny black boots. She had caught a leprechaun as she fell. This meant that all the leprechauns treasure now belonged to her. The leprechaun was offering her a pot filled with gold, leprechaun gold the rarest metal in all of Greece!

With a pot of leprechaun gold she continued her journey, following the arrows, until she came to a forest, the most feared forest in Greece, The Foreboding Forest. The ForebodingForest was dark and dangerous and many people had gone missing in its enclosure. Cautiously Melia tiptoed into its boundaries, constantly looking from side to side. Soon she was in the darkness. She stood still waiting for her eyes to adjust and after a while her patience payed off. She walked  steadily forwards, the only noise being the rustle of leaves under her feet. As she walked she noticed it getting slightly lighter,barely noticeable at first but gradually getting brighter, until she walked into a clearing filled with the bright light. In the center of that clearing was a beast covered in beauty. It was a phoenix! Melia just stood there and stared. The creature trotted towards her with a cautious but proud step. It signaled to her that she should stroke him and without a moments hesitation her hand swept down his neck and back. Then Melia climbed onto his back, told him she wanted to go to a mountain as tall as a country and thats where he took her. By then they had become good friends and Melia had started calling him Inferno. As they approached the mountain they saw a little hut near the top. They gradually flew up and then they had landed. Melia dismounted Inferno and knocked on the door of the hut. The door creaked open and there stood a tall man with a long white beard.

“Hello,” he said in a deep, gruff voice, “how can I help you?”

“My sister is dreadfully ill and if she doesn't get a cure she will die. Please help me,” Melia explained, “you are the only one who can!”


“How will you pay me,” he asked, “if i don't get paved you don't get the cure for your sister”

“Leprechaun gold, I have a pot of it,” she replied.


The Sorcerer re-entered his hut and came out a minute later with a small bottle full of a silvery-blue liquid. 

“Unicorn blood!” he exclaimed. “Pour it into her mouth and she’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time. Now you pay me.”

As Melia handed over the pot of leprechaun gold, the Sorcerer handed her the unicorn blood. Melia then mounted Inferno again and was souring through the air back home. When she dismounted again she ran all the way into her house, poured the unicorn blood in to her sister’s mouth and waited whilst explaining every thing to her mum.

An hour later her sister sat up laughing.

“I have just had the weirdest dream,” she said, “Melia went all the way to a huge mountain on a phoenix, got some unicorn blood from a sorcerer and then flew back here on the same phoenix. How weird is that?”


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