Nanook and the Blind man

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A myth.

Submitted: October 05, 2011

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Submitted: October 05, 2011



Long ago in an isolated village in the mountains there lived a boy ; his name was Nanook. In the village everything was quiet and happy, as it should be. Then one fateful night a beastly creature controlled by an evil sorcerer terrorised the village, ridding it of its crops and food supplies.

Rarely was there a council meeting held in this little village; but on this occasion a council meeting was indeed held. 'The Elders' gathered and discussed how they would overcome this problem. As the meeting progressed the elders decided to consult the witches of Horuk, supposedly they were over one hundred years old and were some of the wisest beings on earth. Then Isor, the wisest and oldest of the group spoke. “Witches, we come to consult on your vast knowledge of prophecies and spirits, what do you suggest we do?” In reply to Isor the witches simply chanted these words simultaneously : “The man who is ridden of sight will save us from this awful plight.”

The council, who were not as wise as the witches, decided against 'this nonsense', they decided to send a young boy to track the monster across mountains and through swamps to its lair and where it was keeping the village's precious crops and food. Then the boy would slay the foul beast and the village would have no more food problems from the monster again. After many discussions the council came to a decision, the boy that was chosen to embark on this epic and dangerous journey was Nanook, he was courageous, he was quick and most of all he was clever.

Quickly, Nanook got up out of bed the next morning and took his golden eagle, Ahrin out of his cage and went outside. “Good luck Nanook!” were the cries that met him as he emerged from his house. As he approached the witches tent they came out to greet him and wish him luck. They handed him a scroll, sealed with a wax seal and a blue ribbon, it was very pretty. They also gave him a silver dagger, the dagger was covered in symbols and patterns. It was the perfect fit to Nanook's hand, the right shape and size, it was as if it was meant to be. “Both will reveal themselves when the time is right” they chanted in croaky, sinister voices. Nanook thanked them and then turned and left.

Finally Nanook set off on his journey, he was ready to go and he was well prepared too. He had his rations and his dagger and scroll, he also had his golden eagle Ahrin who was there to protect Nanook.

Nanook walked down the dusty soil path towards fate itself, he scuffed his feet and talked to Ahrin. “Do you think we will be able to slay this foul beast Ahrin?”

Squawk!” screeched Ahrin

I will take that as a yes then,” joked Nanook to himself. He could now not see the little village any more, he had gone over the big hill.

Then suddenly he came to a vast river, it was as wide as a house and flowing very fast too. Nanook needed a way to get down the river. “Ahrin, what should we do?” yelled Nanook trying to keep his voice hear-able through the roaring of the rapids. Quickly, Nanook looked around for a hint or helping hand, then he remembered the scroll and dagger, he took out the scroll and broke the wax seal, it crumbled into the foamy river and was devoured like a lion ripping up its' prey. He rolled open the scroll, to his utter disappointment the scroll was blank. “What use is that?” he moaned.

What use is what?” a voice suddenly came out of nowhere.

Who's that”, said Nanook, “where are you?”

You're holding me you nitwit!” replied the voice claiming to be the scroll

Ahhhhhhhh!” howled Nanook

It's OK, there is nothing to be afraid of, I am here to help you on your journey.” said the scroll “I am Evek the Gods' messenger. I am, at the moment in the form of a scroll, my task Is to help you. But I must only help you six times, so be warned, do not ask for help unless you are in dire need of it.” explained Evek.

Well, I need a way to get down the river rapids, I need to rescue my village.” replied Nanook a bit more sure of himself now.

The bold boat will guide you.” riddled Evek.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere a little canoe appeared next to Nanook. He and Ahrin hopped into the little canoe and he put the scroll on his knee. They pushed themselves off from the riverbank and the little canoe rushed down the river in a pool of foam.

As they approached a sandbank Nanook got ready to jump, he placed the scroll safely in his belt and leapt from the canoe. He then skipped across the rocks and reached the opposite side. Then he continued walking.

All of a sudden a fearful forest loomed up ahead. The trees were as tall as mountains and the leaves were russet red. He crept through the forest, being cautious of where he stepped. He had read stories of people going through the forest an getting caught in animal traps. The forest was dark and creepy, he didn't like it one bit, so he started running. Then suddenly he found himself encircled by some enchanted trees. It was as if they were alive! They came closer and closer, Nanook screamed and called the scroll for help “Evek help me!” he shouted. Then the scroll started to glow. Suddenly, as the trees were getting closer Ahrin grabbed onto Nanook and flew off,it was as if he had gained some sort of magical strength, Nanook suspected it was Evek's doing. He soared above the human-like trees and flew off towards the edge of the forest. Then Ahrin landed. He ran, and safely emerged from the other side.

Nanook started to wonder whether this task was going to get harder. Then he saw a giant mountain towering above him, it was placed right in his path so Nanook started to climb.

Struggling on, Nanook suddenly spied a little dark cave, he ran towards it and found that it was actually rather large inside. He shouted and his voice echoed many times. Nanook decided that he would take the chance and hoped that the cave was a short cut across the mountain. As Nanook was walking cautiously through the cave a swarm of vampire bats swooped down and started attacking Nanook. He flapped his arms about in a panic and again called upon the scroll to help him. The scroll transformed Nanook's cotton cloth clothes into body armour made purely of gold and platinum encrusted with diamonds. The bats hit his armour and bounced off. Nanook was saved again. Then Nanook emerged from the mountain and continued on his journey.

As Nanook and Ahrin came up to the next obstacle they were suddenly stopped in their tracks. In front of them was a desert. It was vast and windy, the sand was in their eyes and Nanook was just walking across the sandy hills when suddenly a little scorpion scuttled across the sand, it burrowed into the sand, then it jumped back out again along with two other scorpions, The scorpion stung Nanook and he fell to the ground. Then Evek transformed into a phoenix and cried onto the sting. As most people know phoenix tears have healing powers and Nanook was healed instantly. Evek transformed back and Nanook moved on once more.

Cautiously, Nanook approached the next challenge and he saw over the top of the hill, an Indian style temple. He knew that this temple was owned by 'The Sultan', the most powerful man in the area. The Sultan was greedy, he worked his servants too hard an had too much money to use. Nanook approached the temple and he walked inside, the temple was deserted. Then The Sultan appeared and started shouting at Nanook in a language that he could not understand. The Sultan was chasing Nanook and then he sent his guards on him. They were gaining on him and Nanook started really sprinting. Nanook was running through the hall when he saw a set of curtains. He closed the curtains and the guards knocked into them, Nanook escaped from the palace safely.

Finally Nanook approached the sorcerer's tower where the monster was being kept. He made his way into the chamber and the monster appeared out of nowhere. It was sleek and black like a serpent. It had foul breath and it stank of rotting bodies. The monster had blood red eyes and claws as sharp as razors. It had wings like a bird but large padded paws like a lion. Its skin was rough and bumpy to the touch. And its roar was ear-splitting.

Suddenly it started charging for Nanook and as he realised Evek could only help him one more time he asked for help. “Evek please help me!” he shouted.

Then his silver dagger which had seemed like no use at the start was transformed into a silver sword. It was encrusted with rubies and sapphires, as bright as the sun. Nanook drew his sword and said a prayer to the gods before charging in and slashing at the beast with his weapon. “Graaaaaggghhhh!” the beast emitted a bellowing roar loud enough to pop a persons ear drums. The beast clawed at Nanook's skin, but the gold armour protected him from harm. Suddenly as Nanook needed help Ahrin swooped over and clawed out the monsters eyes. He could no longer see. The monster was screaming in pain and Nanook was stunned by this sudden act.

Then just as Nanook had the monstrous beast cornered and begging for mercy it changed into a human and Nanook realised that the beast was the sorcerer himself. “You evil slaughtering beast!” Nanook yelled at the bedraggled man lying in the corner. “My village is starving because of you!” he bellowed loudly.

I was hungry, just like you.” he explained “I did it to stay alive.” he cried. Nanook realised that he was right, the sorcerer was just like him, fighting to stay alive. Then he realised something else. This man was blind, was he going to end the famine? Maybe the witches of Horuk were right after all.

Would you like to come back with me to my village and live with us?” Nanook asked “you could help farm the land and not steal any food, in exchange you will get some of the crops and a house to live in, we will forget all of this that has happened.” Nanook explained

I would be forever grateful” said the blind man. So the sorcerer transported Nanook, Ahrin , Himself and the now useless scroll back to Nanook's village. They all greeted the villagers and they threw a party and feast to celebrate the homecoming of Nanook and Ahrin and the change of heart of the blind man who was once the sorcerer.

There was lots of good food to eat and music being played around the village. Everyone was happy, and years later the village are still living in harmony and everyone including the blind man have good food and water to eat and drink.

So it turned out that the witches of Horuk were right, the blind man did save the village, but he just needed some help getting there. Now Nanook's village live in harmony with the blind man and they have many good farming seasons. The villagers are fed well and Nanook is now the village Chief. The children of the village still do hear the story and will pass it on to their children and so on, the story of Nanook and the blind Man.

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