Rose Hathaway and the death of Louise Anne Harriet.

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A detective story.

It is upon a stormy night that I am called upon. The police up in London are having a somewhat difficult time solving a case. The crime had been committed some time ago and so far, just fewer than ten detectives have tried to find the killer.

Normally after three detectives have tried to solve a case it is dropped. This case is different because the victim is Louise Anne Harriet.

Louise Anne Harriet was, upon her death to give her son her fortune of seven million pounds. She gained this money by working as an actress and receiving a large sum of it when her mother and father died.

Naturally the suspicion falls to her son. However, no detective could link him to the murder. Also, no other suspects arose.

Upon arriving in London I rush to make my way to the police station to collect the files of all of the evidence the other detectives had come across. I am also to meet my apprentice for this case, Dimitri James. He is a well known apprentice. With his help, detectives have solved over sixty cases even though he is only on his second year of his apprenticeship course. 

After a brief introduction I travel to my hotel to read through the many files I was presented with.

Upon inspecting the files I discovered why the other detectives had such a difficult time trying to find who committed the crime of murdering Louise.

She died on the 13th of June 1864. Her cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head. She was not robbed.

In her hand lay seven dark hairs. The hairs were neither hers nor her sons. There is no record of marriage in the house but that does not rule out a husband. I believe that the other detectives ruled a husband out as no one lived with her except from her son (Nick Harriet). He would not verify whether or not Louise was married.

Her next door neighbour is dark haired and of around fifty years of age but his wife gave him an alibi for an hour either side of the murder. Their alibi is that they were shopping at the time buying new clothes for the baby that they were expecting in the fall.

After a good nights sleep I awoke to the sound of Big Ben chiming seven o’clock. Although I know that I have a day’s hard work ahead of me I am quite looking forward to this task as I enjoy a challenge.

Following a quick breakfast I found myself travelling to a house named Beech House. Its name was simply devised as a beech tree lay resident in the front yard.

Louise was buried two weeks after her death but the house remains untouched. As I step inside the front door it is almost as if I can see the drama unfold around me. Almost a perfect replica. Apart from the masked man.

As I walk past the mirror I see Louise’s reflection, brown eyes with chestnut hair hanging past her shoulders. Her lips curved upwards into a knowing smile, her eyes subtly gazed down to her left hand where on her ring finger a ring was glistening.

As I blink and step past the mirror the reflection disappears and I continue with my case. Upon further investigation I conclude that there is only one picture in the house where Louise is wearing a ring.

“Hey, Detective Hathaway. Have you seen this?” Dimitri asks me.

 “Rose, please call me Rose” I request as I walk over to where Dimitri is stood to find a box. The box appears to be old and wood with an intricate design carved on the top. Inside a letter addressed to a Mrs. L. A. Harriet. This letter was sent from a Mr. Edward Harriet.

The letter simply states that Mr. Edward Harriet request a divorce from Mrs. Louise Harriet. The letter is dated only two weeks prior of Louise’s death. I interpret this as plenty motive for Edward to kill Louise. Also it proves my theory that she was married. The only question remaining is does Mr. Edward Harriet have dark hair?

I decide that my next task is to talk to Nick, who lives only around the corner. As I start walking a theory of what might have happened starts to form in my head. It goes something a little like this;

Edward wanted a divorce from Louise but Louise might have disagreed. Upon hearing that Louise would not sign the divorce documents, Edward might have been enraged and gone to confront her about it. He would not have meant to kill her but suffocating in his own anger Edward could have gone to far and out of sheer rage put a bullet through Louise’s head. Panicking, he most likely removed any trace of himself he could find in the house and fled. He also most likely told his son to deny that Louise was married. The only problem now was proving my theory. Wrong or otherwise.

I step up to Nick’s front door just as I draw up my theory. As I ring the bell someone ambles down the stairs. A man of around fifty years of age with dark hair cautiously opens the door. Without warning my mouth uttered the words “Hello. Edward.”

As I sit down in the Harriet’s living room Edward begins to speak, the words of a man with guilty conscience.

“I did kill my wife” he begins “I wanted a divorce but for two weeks she did not sign the documents. As more time passed the angrier I became. I went over to confront her. I could stand no more of her foolish ways. The documents lay untouched, as if no one ever meant to sign them. When I questioned her she simply said she was busy and she would get round to it one day. I have always been one to anger quickly. After being married for six years I knew my wife. She never meant to sign those papers. The only other way I could think of to marry my new fiancé was if I became a widow. I had taken my gun with me because killing Louise was a fantasy I had for months I just didn’t think I would ever be brave enough to do it. My hatred of Louise had been growing strong for over a year. I barely thought twice as I pulled the trigger. I packed all of my stuff, anything to indicate that Louise was married. I figured if I left no trace then no one would ever suspect me. I guess I was wrong.” As Edward finished speaking Dimitri stepped forward and arrested him.

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