The Suicide Nightmare

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When I was at my lowest point I wrote this poem. I thought about all I had to live for half way through and made the ending sort or happy. I hope you enjoy

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



The razor smiled at the wrist the wrist said let me simile for you/ The razor kissed the wrist and said now u can smile to/ Inside my head I feel the alarm/ I'm dripping cold blood it's running down my arm/ People don't understand the reason I cry/ It takes some real pain to wish u would die/ I have brown eyes I got them from my father/ He gave me my black and blue face too why should i even bother/ With trying to live life/ I'll go to the bathroom with this dull knife/ The girl of my dreams don't feel the same/ I feel light headed my blood starts to drain/ Forget all the teachers who told me behave/ I'm weak like my father put me next to his grave/ I cut a little deeper im in so much pain/ It would be worth it if I could hit this vital vain/ My life would end like the pull of a lever/ I'm cutting to the bone my arm must be severed/ I'm done with life and being all tough/ Why am I not bleeding out fast enough/ I'm in pain but pain is now bliss/ I take the knife again and slash my other wrist/ My future is less clear than mud/ I look in the mirror it's soaked in blood/ Desperate to end life I climb in the shower/ Turn it on carve myself for another hour/ I don't wanna do this but my life is the pits/ But it won't get better no matter how much I slit/ Blood mixes with tears why won't I die/ I cover my eyes I swore I would not cry/ Before I leave the shower I must bleed myself dry/ I hope its up to heaven I fly/ Why try to deny/ I know I'll go to hell/ A blood vessel pops i start to yell/ Okay I'll stop I can't take the pain/ Deep scars on my arms I'll never be the same/  I feel so lame/ But i feel so empowered/ I still wanna die but I exit the shower/ I go to my room to look for a rope/ I hope I'll just hang myself and choke/ My life is a joke/ Maybe bullies will be happy after I croak/  In the bank of life I've made my final deposit/ I can't even find the rope in my closet/ I try to use a belt it won't hold me up/ I can't believe this can I get any luck/ I go to my parents room go get the 9 millimeter/ My life is overdo like a 10 minute parking meter/ I make sure it's loaded with the best ammunition/ It's now time to die this is my mission/ I hold the pistol up ready to blow out my brain/ This is it the end to all of the pain/ Finger on the trigger time slows down/ I'll die with a smile not with a frown/ I pull it an feel the bullet crashing through my skull/ It hurts even more than than the knife that was dull/ All I feel is peace and a sense of being tranquil/ Then i feel a vibration from my head to my ankle/ I'm in my bed it was all just a dream/ It was even more real than real life would seem/  Now I get up I have a new mission/ I'm going ask for help someone needs to listen/

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