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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: The Black Power Pantheon

A poem created to remember the great gifts that Black People have given to the world despite overwhelming odds. I want everyone reading this poem to learn something new. I encourage you to use
Google if a line doesn't make sense to you. If I got you to understand something new today, I've done my job. Inspired by Amiri Baraka's "Why Is We Americans?"

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Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



In Homage to Amiri Baraka’s “Why Is We Americans”

Let us give water back to the earth and to back Africa and

Back to the Ancestors whom have come before us that we

mimic in our every pop and lock and dab and dougie that is

engrained in the soul. Or maybe our DNA? Your replication is mere child’s play. Rather

basic I do say.  You are the anonymous lovers

Of all styles born of Ebony and

Then coated in Ivory like singers

Lost in a mighty Zulu jungle where the Lion Sleeps and

Where Solomon Linda watches skilled dancers

Lindy Hop in Harlem and

Then sees skilled thieves Lindy Hop in Hyattsville. Poets

Who ask questions like “Why Is We Americans” and

Then get snaps from Rose Armitage like she isn’t the problem. Like Drummers

Who jam on Djembes and

Just don’t get the context; Similar to actors

Like Joseph Fiennes who just don’t get the context and

Chooses to evade criticism like runners

On that Usain Bolt Stride and

I could continue but I think the point is clear; We were elegant

Before you even got here. So you can mix up our stories like The 5 Heartbeats

Or be Childish and Clap for all the Wrong Reasons (Of

Course you will because fish don’t climb trees.) So the

Lesson is simply this: We’ve come to paint your Ivory Towers Black again with the power of the sun’s

Melaninating flame.

© Copyright 2020 Louminescent. All rights reserved.

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