The forehead kiss

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Terrie is a very bright and beautiful chemistry student. After breaking off her engagement to Alex, she had decided to move to Cordoba to start afresh a new life in a new country. She had just enrolled in the small university of Cordoba and was studying Chemistry. She will soon come to the realization that though true love is as endearing as a forehead kiss, it is sometimes impossible to be with him.

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



The forehead kiss

(By LvaH)

Terrie was a very bright and beautiful young lady. After breaking off her engagement to Alex, she had decided to move to Cordoba. She needed to start afresh a new life in a new country. She had just enrolled in the small university of Cordoba and was studying Chemistry.

When Terrie first attended Cordoba University, she was a bit skeptical. That university was not her first choice but she needed to stay far away from Alex and needed to write a new chapter of her life and think about her future. Besides Cordoba was a nice town, and her godparents were there so she wasn’t really alone. Her godmother was working in an Art gallery and Terrie liked to hang out with her there. One day she met Nate, a very attractive artist painter. He was very charming, eloquent and intelligent. They spent the entire evening talking about art: Monet, Goya, and Picasso. He was a bit older than her but she didn’t care. She was impressed by his Art knowledge. That night he drove her home and told her that he wanted to see her again. She smiled because the feeling was mutual. So they started seeing each other regularly. He’d pick her after school, they’d go picnic in the park. Terrie was feeling good; Nate was helping her forget her failed engagement. After 2 months of constant dating, what they both dreaded happened. Nate got a job in Seattle in a very prestigious art gallery. Terrie was happy for Nate but she knew that this could mean the end of their budding romance. It was raining heavily that day and they were standing out in the rain. He didn’t want to leave like that. She saw in his eyes that he desired her but she didn’t want to take him upstairs. She wasn’t ready for that. She had vowed to God to preserve herself for her husband; but she was physically attracted to Nate. To cut things short and to tell Nate that she’d wait for him, she pulled him into a very passionate kiss then she pulled back. But Nate wanted more. They had never kissed before and he needed more, he needed something to come back to. But Terrie couldn’t give him more so she just walked away leaving him in the cold shouting her name and telling her how crazy he was about her. She smiled and went home to take a nice hot shower.

The next day she went to class and decided to focus all her energy on her school. She was very smart and had started to earn the respect of all her classmates as well as her professors. They even named her student body president. Nate was still calling her from Seattle and they’d spend hours chatting on the phone. She was really missing him. She was really bored and had no social life. Almost all the guys of her class had asked her out but she had politely turned them down. She thought she had strong feelings for Nate that’s why she wasn’t interested in anyone.

One day, as she was in class the rector came in to introduce two new students, Dwayne and Davis. As the chief of her class, she welcomed them. They were both exchange students. Dwayne was the one doing most of the talking but Davis was quiet and that intrigued Terrie. She furtively looked at him and noticed how neat he was. She told them that she hoped they’d enjoy their semester in Cordoba.

When she got home Nate was waiting on Skype. They chatted for a while and she went to bed. The next class she was informed that Dwayne had been transferred to another university. She had even forgotten about Davis until she saw him. When she saw him she smiled. She was happy that he had stayed. But as time went by, she noticed that Davis was always coming late to class or sometimes skipping class. She started resenting him and thought he was just one of those lazy students who just come to class to pick up girls. So one day when the professor suggested pairing her up with Davis for the final year project, she rolled her eyes and said “No! Pair him up with someone else”. The professor was surprised he said “ok, but I really think you two would do great chemistry together”. She didn’t really appreciate the pun but since she had tremendous respect for the professor she said “please let me get to know him first. Give us a small assignment together first and then let’s test our chemistry level”. The professor agreed.

Terrie had a smirk on her face. She thought there was no way she could have chemistry with Davis. He was a lazy, unprofessional student. She couldn’t stand him but she was willing to give it a little try so that people won’t accuse her of not trying. So at the end of the class she went to him and told him about the little assignment they had to work on and coldly asked him to meet the following day at the library at 9. Davis quietly nodded.

The next day, Terrie was at the library waiting for Davis. It was already 9:30 and Davis was still not there. Terrie was fuming and was ready to slaughter him when he comes. Then she saw him, he had been there the entire time in the archive room looking for all the books and articles they needed for their assignment. When she saw his initiative she couldn’t help but be impressed. They sat and started working. He was throwing in good ideas and to their surprise they found that they were absolutely on the same wavelength about most of the important issues. They completed the assignment within 3 hours and went to the next class together. When they got to class Terrie felt the need to distance herself from him and went to sit with another group of people. Davis thought that maybe she felt like he wasn’t good enough for her and that’s why she had distanced herself. But Terrie didn’t really care about what Davis was thinking. She just didn’t want to get too cozy with him. They submitted their paper and never talked again to each other. That night when Terrie got home she rushed to the phone to call Nate. She needed to hear his voice. Nate informed her he was coming back in two weeks. Terrie shouted of joy and was so happy. She needed Nate and was feeling lonely. From there on, she continued to avoid Davis even though they had an excellent grade on their piece but she still didn’t want to get close to him. That day he came to congratulate her for her great contribution but she was so uncomfortable being around him that she didn’t answer and left him standing there.

The University of Cordoba was organizing a big function for its students the following week-end. Terrie was so excited because Nate would be around and he’d be her date to the function. She went out to do some shopping. She needed a beautiful sexy dress; she needed to do her hair, pedicure/manicure/facial.

She needed to be perfect for Nate. She had missed him so much and was ready to receive him. But Nate called that Friday night to tell her that he couldn’t come because he had to meet with a great potential buyer that week-end. Terrie was really disappointed. She had dreamt of that moment when the two of them would be together again, gaze into each other’s eyes and not care about the people around them. She nearly decided to stay at home but as student body president she had to attend the function.

When she got there, she hung out with some of her classmates, professors but she felt that someone was missing and she thought it was just Nate. Then she saw Davis, he was there standing in a corner, looking sharp as always. When their eyes met they both naturally ran towards each other and embraced. They were both silent for a few seconds then Davis started talking and said “Terrie, I hope you’re doing well. I’m glad to see you”. When Terrie heard those words she then realized that she was still in his arms and she heard her heart racing fast and she was having butterflies in her stomach. She immediately pulled herself free from the embrace and ran to the ladies room. Her entire body was shaking; she couldn’t control the tears flowing down her cheeks. She had been dreading this. She had always unconsciously known that she was merely attracted to Davis but was not ready to acknowledge it. She immediately called Nate to hear his voice. Only he could help her snap out of this funk. Nate answered the phone that night but he was too tired to talk to her. She hung up frustrated. She tried to pull herself together and returned to the party. She needed to apologize to Davis for running away from him like that. But when she returned to the party she saw Davis talking with another lady which upset her. She still went to him, excused herself and left. He ran after her to make sure she was ok. She was surprised. She thought he’d be angry at her for walking away from their conversation earlier, but he seemed genuinely concerned. She smiled and nodded that she was fine then left.

Ever since that night, every time she’d see him she’d have butterflies in the stomach. They were now talking all the time before and after class. Every day when she’d go to class she would always look forward to seeing him, laughing with him and teasing him. She was amazed by his intelligence, general knowledge and good heart. He was very spiritual as well, and was totally different from the first opinion she had of him. He was simply perfect. The more they were getting to know each other the more she was growing fonder of him.

Then one day, the professors of the university decided to go on strike. Classes were being canceled for an indefinite time. Terrie then realized that she wasn’t going to see Davis for a while and she didn’t even have his phone number and he had never asked hers either. She couldn’t fathom the thought of not hearing his voice or being in touch with him so she decided to ask her professor for the number. That day she pretended that she had lost the list with all the students’ phone numbers and needed it. The professor gave her the list but she noticed that Davis name was not on the list and that was the only name she cared about. So she said “professor, Davis number is not here. I need the number of all the students of the class please”. The professor replied “ well, since he came after this list was printed I never really updated it, but I think I have his number in my files, but they are in the professor lounge so don’t worry I will email you the number during the week-end”. Terrie couldn’t afford waiting till the week-end to talk to Davis, she needed his number now. She offered to accompany her professor to the lounge and wait for him while he looks for the number. She said “professor, I know all the students are concerned about this strike, so it is my duty to call each one of them to reassure them and that includes Davis”. So the professor quickly went into his files and gave her the infamous phone number. When Terrie got home she couldn’t help but feel ashamed for the zeal she had displayed to get Davis number. She had never been that zealous to get any guy’s number before. So why was it so important for her to talk to Davis? She knew she was just not ready yet to answer that question.

When she called Davis, he answered so jovially. They had been chatting for hours when she heard a beep; it was an incoming call from Nate. She hadn’t spoken to him since the night of the function. She was torn. She was enjoying her conversation with Davis but at the same time she and Nate had something ongoing. She decided to call back Nate later after Davis. One hour later after talking with Davis, she knew it was time to admit it. She was falling head over heels for him. She liked him; in fact she had liked him from the very first day. He was everything she wanted in a man and it was not sexual, nor physical. It was deeper than that and she had never felt that way for anyone before. She slept that night forgetting to call back Nate. The next day Nate called her. He was arriving in the evening. He was going to stay at the hotel but was hoping she’d take him in.

That evening she went to pick him at the airport. She had really missed him. She hugged him but didn’t kiss him. When they were alone together he tried to kiss her but she coldly responded to his kiss. She pretended that she was a bit tired. They ate his favorite food she had cooked and cuddled a bit. Nate couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was, how he had missed her and how he wanted her. She realized that while he was talking to her she just couldn’t stop thinking about Davis. Terrie was confused. Davis had stolen her heart and she couldn’t be with Nate anymore. Nate gracefully went to sleep in a hotel that night and called her to ask her who he was. She didn’t understand the question, “who is who?”; “the one you can’t stop thinking of”? Nate said. Terrie was speechless. Then Nate continued, “Terrie, I have always known that you didn’t love me but I thought our mutual physical attraction would draw us closer”. Terrie remained silent. Nate then ended the conversation and the relationship and wished her to be happy.

He left the next day for Paris. Terrie took some time to think. She knew the feelings she had for Davis were genuine and sincere but she wasn’t sure they were mutual. Davis seemed receptive but did he feel the same way?

Two days later classes resumed, the strike was over. Before classes began she went to the professor and told him that she was willing to be paired up with Davis for the final project. But the professor informed her that Davis had already been paired with another female student from the other class. Terrie was terribly disappointed. Her heart almost failed when she heard some students joke about the fact that Davis was engaged. That day Terrie decided to skip classes.

She was feeling dizzy. She went home crying and heart broken. Why didn’t he mention that he was committed to someone already? Why did he let her fall for him? She didn’t regret breaking up with Nate but she was really feeling like a fool who had fallen for the wrong guy. That same day Davis received a letter from another university that was offering him a great position. So he was going to leave before the semester ends, in a couple of weeks. He called Terrie to check on her since he had not seen her in class and also to share the good news. Terrie felt relieved like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Davis was going to be out of her sight therefore out of her mind. She went to class the next day and decided to be just his friend and support him till he leaves. They continued to be friends and enjoy each other’s company. Two days before Davis departure, he suggested they stayed up late after class and go out for dinner. Terrie accepted. It was the first time they were alone together outside of school walls. They talked about their families, their background. They laughed a lot and really had a great time. Davis offered to call a cab and drop Terrie home, but she suggested they walk instead since her apartment was just a couple of blocks away. As they were walking and talking Terrie realized at that moment that she was going to miss him terribly. She was crying in her heart. When they got at the gate of her building they both became silent. It was goodbye time. They stood there staring each other. Terrie’s heart was racing so fast. She loved him and always had but never told him. Something was troubling her heart. Did she want him to close his arms around her and comfort her as she cries? No, not that. Did she want to kiss him passionately and shout I love you? No, not that. So what was it then? All this flow of emotions... So all of a sudden, she walked to him, gently stroked his face and kissed him on the forehead; then immediately walked away without looking back. YEAH, that’s it! She had finally expressed her love for him, in her own way.

Davis stood up there, not knowing what to do. He could not believe that Terrie had just kissed him on the forehead. It was such an endearing, sweet and pure kiss. Exactly like Terrie! He hesitated to call her back. As he was pondering it started snowing so he decided to leave.

Terrie was lying on her bed crying her eyes out. She was already missing him. She felt like her favorite bird had stopped singing. Davis was like a dream she could speak to, a thrill she could press her cheek to. She remembered the first time he smiled at her, at that very moment a spell was cast. He captured her heart. She needed her heart back. How could she live without him? She knew she had to let him go; after all he was not single. Tina Turner was right when she said in her song “who needs a heart when a heart can be broken”? Maybe it was a good thing he was leaving. What is that old saying again? “Out of sight, out of mind”! She cried herself to sleep hoping in her heart that she would get to see him again one day.

A year had passed, and Terry was now in her last year of Bachelor. She was still a very brilliant and passionate beautiful woman. She was also the professor’s assistant and was receiving lots of praise for her hard work. Davis was now living in Sidney, and was also doing very well. It had been weeks since she last spoke to him. She had stopped calling him and returning his messages. The truth was that, Terrie needed to put some distance with him.

He was her best friend and cared about him dearly. For many months they had managed to keep each other updated on their respective lives, school and projects but they never spoke about the kiss or the relationship Davis was in. They flowed well together and could talk just about anything. They had become even closer despite the long distance and time difference. At times Terrie was wondering if it was just a friendship or more. She could not tell the difference. She still had strong feelings for him but felt like it was forbidden for her to act on them. She respected the fact that he was already in a relationship. She said to herself, if it was not going to be a love story, it could instead be a beautiful friendship. But as much as she cherished every single second spent with him laughing and giggling on the phone and Skype, she just couldn’t stop wondering if it was love she was feeling for him and if he felt the same way. She didn’t want to be his part time lover. Their friendship was too complicated for her and was wearing her off. So, one day she decided to have a heart to heart conversation with him. She needed to empty her heart and know if there was a possibility they could be together. Unfortunately the timing was not good. Davis was away on a mission. Terrie thought maybe it was a sign that she should keep quiet. She decided then to cut him off and went on to change her number and block him from her Skype. She deleted his number from her phone. She needed to be “Davis free”. She needed to move on. But Davis was haunting all her thoughts. After a month, she was like a drug addict who was craving for her “drug” Davis. She was afraid to relapse and call him, but she knew it was compulsory to completely flush him out of her system so she decided to accept Julio’s dinner invitation.

Julio was a sexy and nice guy she had met at the gym and contrary to Davis, he was single. They were gym buddies and both shared the same passion for jazz. He was playing in a small club and had tried to get Terrie to come see him play. In an effort to overcome her consuming feelings for Davis, she accepted his offer. It was the first time since Davis that she was going out to dine with a man. Julio took her to a fancy French restaurant. He was such a gentleman throughout the evening and was such a great musician as well. Terrie was very impressed with him. When she got home, she decided to give Julio a chance to know him and maybe like him.

It had already been weeks since Terrie last spoke to Davis, and her birthday was just in a couple of days. She knew Julio would enlist the help of her friends Emma and Marisa to throw her a birthday party. That morning when she woke up she had a premonition, like something bad was going to happen. Her heart started beating wildly. She couldn’t banish that thought from her mind. She still went to class. At the end of the class on her way to the library she saw him. She couldn’t believe her eyes. He was there chatting with other classmates and there was a lady holding his hand. Terrie almost fainted. Davis was back in Cordoba and was not alone. When Emma and Marisa saw her they ran to her and hugged her. They knew seeing Davis would upset her but to their great surprise Terrie went to Davis and welcomed him with a great smile. She didn’t want to hug him. He tried to explain to her that he had been homesick and felt the need to return. As he was talking Terrie noticed he had lost a lot of weight but still looked sharp and neat. She had missed him crazily. She had so much to tell him but he was not alone, so she excused herself and headed to the library. Emma and Marisa ran after her to make sure she was ok. Terrie smiled and told them she was fine, in fact she never felt this great. They knew she was lying but pretended to believe her and left. Terrie couldn’t study anymore. She was totally agitated. She understood that her fears of the morning turned out to be real. Davis was here and he was the best present she had secretly desired for her birthday but something was bugging her. It was the first time she was actually seeing him with another woman. She had been told that he was not single, but he never confirmed it. At one point she had even hoped that maybe it was just rumors. Yes, she knew he was not available but actually witnessing it was just too violent for her. The truth was hitting her in the face and it was too painful. She was still in shock when she got home. For a weird reason she couldn’t cry, eat and hardly slept that night. The next day she went to class praying she wouldn’t see him there. Fortunately he didn’t come to school. That night she dreamt that he came to her house for the first time to wish her happy birthday. The next day she didn’t have classes. It was her birthday. Julio called her early in the morning to sing happy birthday to her. Julio! She had even forgotten about him. He came later on in the morning with some eggs, bacon, sausages and crispy yummy croissants. When she saw him heavy with all the food she smiled. He was such a sweetheart. They ate and chatted. He asked her “what is the one thing that would make you the happiest today”. That was easy…! “Davis”, but she couldn’t say it out loud. She told Julio to surprise her. He said “but what can I buy you?” Terrie had always wanted to have a golden necklace. She hadn’t own one since the last and only one her dad bought for her a long time and unfortunately she had lost it. She was hoping Julio would guess it right and buy her a necklace. When Julio left, Terrie decided to go to the aquarium for a research project she was working on but on her way out Emma called her. Davis didn’t know how to reach her since she had changed her phone number and didn’t have the new number. He wanted to come over to her place. Terrie told Emma to give her number to Davis and tell him she would wait for him. Terrie thought she could go to the aquarium the next day or so. She was so happy that her dream was going to come true and Davis was going to come visit her. She was so ecstatic to see him on her birthday that she didn’t even mind if he came with his girlfriend. She was ready to overcome that fear of seeing him with another woman. Therefore she went in the kitchen to cook something for her guest(s). She waited for Davis for over three hours, and he was still not there. As she was going to call Emma to know what was happening and also ask for Davis’ number, Emma called. She told Terrie that Davis said he had some errands to run but if she could wait for him downstairs to collect her present in half an hour. Terrie was fuming with anger. She had canceled her aquarium project for him and now he was not even going to spend some time with her on her birthday? What kind of best friend was he? Why was he treating her that way? She couldn’t care less about his present… He was more important than any present he bought. Terrie got annoyed and decided to go to the aquarium anyway. She told Emma to apologize to Davis but she also had some errands to run, and if he wanted Emma could collect her present with him.

Terrie was heading to the aquarium when Nate called her. She gushed, she had not heard from him in almost a year. She couldn’t believe he remembered her birthday and had her new number. He explained that her godmother gave him her number. Terrie decided to return home and enjoy her conversation with Nate. As they were talking she heard a beep, it was an incoming call from an unknown number. Terrie decided not to pick and chat with Nate instead. They had so much catching up to do. He tried to convince her to visit him in Seattle. She promised to think about it. After hanging up, she had a strange feeling that something was wrong. She saw she had a text message on her phone. It was from Davis. He was wishing her HBD! There was something in the message that was not right. She knew him too well; she could tell he was angry. Her instinct told her not to call him but to text back. He sent her this time a very angry message. Terrie was heartbroken. This was the first time he was expressing himself so forcefully. They had never quarreled before! She was angry as well but knew that if she called him she could say some things she would later regret. Terrie cried. She was devastated. All she wanted was to see Davis on her birthday not fight with him. As she was lamenting herself she heard a knock on her door. It was Emma and Marisa who came to get Terrie prepared for the party Julio was organizing for her. As soon as they came in they noticed Terrie had been crying and didn’t need to ask why. Emma had briefed Marisa in but Terrie didn’t want to talk about it, in fact she just wanted to stay home, eat some ice cream and go to bed. After half an hour of intensive pleading, Marisa and Emma finally convinced Terrie to get out. She owed it to Julio who had been frying his brain to make sure she would be the queen of the night. Terrie decided to forget about Davis and focus on herself, after all it was her day. An hour later Terrie was ready and looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing a beautiful laced red dress. Julio had rented a limousine to pick her up when he saw her he shouted “Wow what a vision! My lady in Red”. She smiled. They went to her favorite restaurant where many other friends were waiting, then went to Julio’s jazz club where he reprised Chris Deburg song “Lady in red” for her. “I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight, I’ve never seen you shine so bright…” Terrie was absolutely moved especially since she loves that song. She was really having a blast. Julio did a wonderful job. When he dropped her back home, he gave her a present beautifully wrapped. It was a record player of Miles Davis. When she saw the name Davis, it immediately reminded her of “her” Davis. How she would have wished he were there that night! She had managed to forget him for a couple of hours but now he was flooding her thoughts. She needed to go home and she didn’t want to invite Julio over so she gave him a kiss on the cheeks to thank him and left. She went straight to bed. She needed to talk with Davis and work things out the next day. When she called him she tried to patch things up but she felt that Davis was still angry and was not yet over what happened the day before. Terrie was angry as well but she was ready to move on and save their friendship. She had missed him so much however since Davis’ was giving her a cold shoulder she figured he needed some time to calm down. Two weeks later she heard from Emma that Davis had gone back to Sidney. Terrie knew it meant the end of their friendship. Julio was there for her, but she was not in love with him. She decided to break things up with him now before he became too addicted to her. She decided to burry herself in her school work. It was her last semester and she wanted to graduate and be valedictorian. Terrie worked really hard and finally aced all her courses.

On her graduation day after giving her valedictorian speech she got a strange phone call. It was Nate, telling her he had loved her speech. She understood that he had come to the ceremony. When she saw him she ran into his arms. She was extremely touched and happy to see him. He explained that he was in town and when he heard she was graduating he had to attend the ceremony. Unfortunately he also had to leave the same evening for Tokyo but had a present for her. He gave her an envelop with $15,000 in it. Why was he giving her that much money? She couldn’t accept it. He showed her pictures of his art: paintings, sculpture. They were all pictures of her. She realized that she had never even asked him before what he was painting. She couldn’t believe that all this time she had been his muse. She started tearing up but Nate didn’t want her to cry. He explained to her that from the first day she had inspired him. She was his muse. Her angelic baby-face, plump lips and her goddess curves were all he could dream about. Terrie didn’t know how to take it. Was Nate in love or in lust with her? She couldn’t take his money either way. But he insisted that he owed her a tithe of his earnings since she was his inspiration. He joked about how she had made him rich. Terrie had to leave him to take some pictures with her friends but when she came back he had already left without saying goodbye. Terrie was astonished by her conversation with Nate besides she needed that money. Her professor was being honored by the Academy of Science in Stockholm and had invited her to the ceremony in Sweden. Now with Nate’s money she could afford the trip and even go to Canada to pursue her master degree in Toronto. Everything was just great. She was almost happy…

Two weeks later Terrie was registering in a hotel in Stockholm. The ceremony venue was just 10min away from her hotel location and was not starting before 7pm so she decided to get some rest and take a long bubble bath. She then put on a beautiful evening gown and was ready to go. When she got there as she was heading to the reception hall, she heard her name being called. She knew that voice. When she turned she saw Davis. She couldn’t believe it. She ran to him and they both shouted at the same time “what are you doing here”? And burst out laughing. The professor had invited them both to the ceremony. Davis quickly explained that he was now living in Poland. The professor practically dragged him by force to Stockholm and now he didn’t regret coming. Terrie smiled. She had thought she would never see him again, and here they were in Stockholm, alone together. Could this be fate or did the professor try to play matchmaker. After the ceremony the professor chatted with them and introduced them to a group of eminent scientists. He told them “do you remember the piece I sent you last year well these two are the authors”. Apparently the project Davis and Terrie worked on together the previous year got published in a prestigious scientific magazine. The professor was proud to introduce his two protégées to his colleagues. Davis and Terrie could not believe their ears. The professor then turned to them and told them: “I always knew you two would do great chemistry together. You could rule the world if you wanted. You could become the Pierre and Marie Curie of your generation”! As they stood to take pictures with the professor and the other eminent scientists, Davis held Terrie’s hand. She looked at him and they both smiled. This was a night she would never forget. She knew with such references she could get a grant from any university of her choice. But most importantly she was there with Davis. As she was laughing and giggling the band started playing one of Terrie’s all time favorite songs “Love is all around”. Davis asked her to dance. It was their first time dancing together. Terrie’s heart was beating fast as all the times she’d be close to him. They were gazing into each other’s eyes while dancing. The lyrics of the song were exactly describing her feelings for him. She was fighting her urge to lean in for a kiss, and this time not on the forehead… But she couldn’t do it, at least not before they had the talk. She needed to know the nature of his feelings for her and most importantly his marital status. She had heard all kinds of stories but needed him to give her the actual version. She knew the truth could hurt her yet she needed to know. For over a year she has been wondering without knowing. When the music ended Davis noticed that Terrie was distracted. She told him they needed to talk. Davis agreed and they both went outside on the veranda. Terrie was nervous and shaking, the confrontation time had come.

She started speaking fast: “Davis all this is too much for me. You are here, I am here, and it is like a dream… the music, the professor, our piece and everything. Right now my heart is beating so fast… you are acting all nice, like Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet and I can’t even be angry at you. You are probably the person who has hurt me the most in my life and I can’t even hate you!” Terrie started choking… too many emotions. Davis tried to calm her down but she needed to speak she had bottled up too many things and needed to let it all out. She continued “why did you act like a jerk on my birthday and left without even calling me? You didn’t even send me a message of congratulations on my graduation. You cut me off just like that. Do you know how much I suffered… and now I am tired Davis of loving you, I am exhausted…” Davis immediately interrupted her surprised “you love me”? “What do you think silly!” she replied. “I liked you the very first day I saw you and became even fonder of you after we completed our chemistry project. I have tried to fight my attraction for you but the night of the function when you held me in your arms, you stole my heart and you never gave it back to me. I have always loved you Davis!” Davis was astonished. He knew she liked him but never realized how deeply she actually loved him. He had suspected that she had feelings for him but since he was already in a relationship then, he avoided discussing them. He didn’t expect her to pour out her heart to him this way! He was both surprised and flattered. “But you are Terrie!” he said “I never imagined a woman like you would be interested in a guy like me, least of all love me!! You are close to perfection. You are flawlessly beautiful, incredibly smart and brilliant with a golden heart. How could a man not fall madly in love with you? The truth is that I have loved you from the first second I laid my eyes on you. You took my breath away when I saw you and when you came to talk to us; I could not even speak because I was completely mesmerized by you.” As he was talking, Terrie’s heart was completely melting and tears started flowing down her cheeks. Oh My God He loved her!!! “Terrie, you are the reason why I took the job in Sidney. I wanted to become the best man you could imagine. I wanted to impress you, to be your knight in shining armor and buy you everything you’d wish for. I even went to Wellington for a consultancy job of 2 weeks because I wanted to buy you a beautiful necklace I saw in this luxury jewelry for your birthday. It was perfect and flawless just like you Terrie. But upon my return, I tried to call you but your line was no longer in service. For weeks I tried to contact you through email, nothing. You never replied. I decided to stop worrying and trying so hard to impress you…” Terrie was sobbing. All the nights she had spent agonizing, crying herself to sleep wondering if he would ever love her when in fact all along he loved her too. All the tears she had shed thinking he was in love with someone else. All the efforts she had put on to stay away from him. He was even going to offer her the present she had wanted the most on her birthday, a necklace! “Oh my God, so you’ve loved me all this time. Why didn’t you tell me! I’m old school Davis; in my culture men make the first step not women. C’mon you must have figured that I loved you it was so obvious. I loved you just the way you were and for who you were. I didn’t care whether you were rich or not… I merely loved you Davis and have never stopped loving you”. Davis pulled her towards him and closed his arms around her. Terrie was crying tears of joy. He wiped her tears. She couldn’t believe that two geniuses like themselves could have been so stupid and failed to recognize that they were both in love with each other. Then all of a sudden one thought crossed her mind. She quickly broke herself free from the embrace. “Davis, what is your marital status?” she blurted out. Davis bent his head and gasped. “I’m sorry Terrie I didn’t know you loved me initially. You have always acted so tough and strong like you didn’t need a man; I got intimidated and went out with someone else. When I started suspecting that you liked me, I had to play it safe because I was already engaged to someone else. Terrie. I’m sorry but I am getting married in 10 days” he said. Terrie almost lost her balance. No! She shouted. This is so unfair! They finally got to express their love for each other but it was too late! This was just too cruel. He knew she had feelings for him but preferred to play it safe! She felt so stupid! She needed to get away. She started running as fast as she could. Davis shouted her name asking her to stop, but she just couldn’t stop. She needed to run away from this, from him. She jumped into a taxi and asked the driver to just drive. She was losing her mind. It was too late! She was mad at herself, mad at him. All this time she had been madly in love with him, struggling to downplay her feelings for him, he actually knew all along and didn’t say anything to get her out of her misery! She cried bitterly the loss of the Love of her life, the one she thought was her soul mate. She should have told him she loved him much earlier or at least confronted him about his relationship status. All she ever did was to passively love him in silence. Her whole world was just crashing right before her. An hour ago she was living her sweetest dream and now she was living her worst nightmare. She remembered there was a late flight to Cordoba. Two hours later, Terrie was on her way back to Cordoba.

For three days, she stayed in her room refusing to pick her phone, answer any message or speak to anyone. She was seriously depressed. She prayed God to give her the strength to move on with her life and projects and help her forget once and for all Davis. On the fourth day she received a check of $2500 in the mail, it was from the Science Board Committee for the project she worked on with Davis. Oh Davis! Who knew that project she reluctantly worked with him on would turn out to be gratifying. It’s that day she realized she had the hots for him romantically. He was such a gentle and smart man. They were in total symbiosis. Maybe she should have opened her heart to him then! “Noooo!!! Stop reminiscing about him” she said to herself. “If he loved me, he would have done everything possible to be with me. Oh God please help me get this man out of my heart and mind”. She needed to delete him from her memory so she decided to take drastic measures. There were too many memories of Davis in Cordoba. She needed to move to another country for good. She had enough money to settle in a new country! Canada! Yes! O Canada. She had received her letter of admission to the University of Toronto. School was not starting before a month so she would take the time to get an apartment, and get acquainted with the country.

A week later it was time to go. She was leaving on the same day Davis was getting married. She tried as hard as she could not to let that affect her. She had released him from her heart. Someone once said “sometimes when you love someone, you have to let them go, and if they come back to you, then it was meant to be”…

Emma, Marisa, her godparents and many other friends were there at the airport. They were crying and laughing at the same time. Terrie was so touched by all the love she got from all of them all this time and told them how much she would miss them. They all wished her well and prophesied she would finally meet Mr. “Right” there in Canada. She laughed and said “Amen”. Terrie furtively looked around secretly hoping to see Davis. She then took a deep breath and boarded the plane. A new life was starting for her. She had the faith that, one day, she will finally have it all including L-O-V-E.

She had just arrived at the Toronto Airport in Canada and was waiting for her luggage when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see who touched her. When she saw the person she fainted. When Terrie opened her eyes, Davis was there holding her hand, smiling and said “welcome to Canada, sunshine”. Some people were asking if she was ok. She pinched herself wondering whether she was hallucinating or not. No, she was not. Davis was there in Canada. But what was he doing there?

A couple of days after the ceremony in Stockholm, Davis could still not stop replaying his recent encounter with Terrie in his mind. He didn’t expect to see her there. He remembered how his eyes lit up when he saw her. He was afraid at first that she would ignore him, but when she smiled at him and he saw how happy she seemed to see him, he knew their special bond had not been broken. He was so touched by the way she was looking at him that night, as if in her eyes, he was perfect despite all his flaws. She had never looked more beautiful.

Davis called Emma to enquire on Terrie. He was shocked to hear that Terrie had decided to move to Canada for good. He figured that she made that decision to move on with her life. He guessed that she had probably decided to write him out of her life as well, and he couldn’t blame her. Watching her run off in tears that night, broke his heart. Her only crime was loving him. Despite everything he had put her through she still loved him unconditionally. He knew that if Terrie went to Canada she would certainly meet a man who would make her forget him for good. She deserved to be happy but for some reason, the thought of her being with another man didn’t sit well with him. He had been playing safe for too long afraid to put at stake his integrity, his commitment. Terrie was his best friend, the best work partner he’s ever had, the kindest and funniest person to be around. He could spend hours with her and never feel bored. In order to keep his mind off Terrie, he grabbed a newspaper sitting on his desk. He then saw an article about the best countries to live in and Canada was topping the list. Davis wondered if it was a sign that he should go to Canada. He decided to sleep on it.

That night Davis could not sleep. Terrie was all he could think of, dream of. It was as if seeing her in Stockholm had revived deep feelings he thought he had buried. She was constantly present in his mind, in his heart. He loved her even more than ever especially since she poured her heart to confess her love for him. He needed to make a decision now. Follow his heart or follow his word. His entire life has always been one way, everything carefully planned in advance. He’s always preferred to be safe than sorry. He was not much of a gambler but Terrie’s love for him made him realize that sometimes one has to take risks for the people they love. Terrie was simply the woman he could see himself growing old with, the queen of his heart. No, he couldn’t be with anyone else but her.

Davis called again Emma to get more information on Terrie’s trip to Canada then immediately after went online to book the next flight to Toronto. He wanted to get there before her.

So when he saw her at the Toronto Airport, he didn’t know how to approach her.His heart was pounding very fast. He hesitated between jumping on her and carrying her up but he finally chose to gently tap her shoulder. He did not expect her to faint and literally fall in his arms. He picked her up and spanned her around. When he finally put her down he said “It’s always been you Terrie, It’s always been you”. Terrie was stunned she didn’t know what to believe. Davis put his hand in his pocket and brought out the gorgeous necklace she had desired for her birthday. He put it around her neck then tenderly kissed her on the forehead. At that very instant, Terrie knew he loved her too. They looked into each other’s eyes for little moment then slowly reached for each other’s lips and passionately kissed. They could hear the crowd cheering behind them but they didn’t care. They were in their own bubble and had both been waiting for this moment for too long.

Terrie mentally started reviewing the list of things she wanted: Get a university admission (check) Get safely to Canada (check)… Most importantly Davis (check) and LOVE (check)….

YES! She FINALLY had it ALL!

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